Monday, June 13, 2011

Will the Chinese look after the Malays interest?

A re-branded PAS?

TAKEN collectively, three developments at PAS’s recent muktamar or general assembly have the potential to re-define Malaysian politics.

For the first time since 1983, an ulama (or religious leader) wasn’t retained or elected as deputy president, the second highest-ranked party official. The ulama also lost all three vice-presidential contests and reportedly won only six out of 18 central committee positions, which underscored the extent of the party’s makeover.

Equally notable, in his keynote speech at the muktamar, PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang Hadi announced that the party now aspired to create a welfare state while maintaining it wasn’t abandoning its quest for an Islamic state.

Additionally in the same speech, Hadi rejected in the strongest terms the prospect of unity talks with Umno – a call which he described as "narrow communalism" – while reaffirming the party’s commitment to the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat (PR). This suggests PAS is positioning itself for the possibility PR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may be found guilty of sodomy and his political activity curtailed.

That PAS’s newly-elected deputy president Mohamad Sabu forged a close relationship with DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng while both were detained under the Internal Security Act in 1987 will enable both parties to work together without the need for Anwar as an intermediary.

All three developments are part of PAS’s

on-going efforts to broaden its electoral appeal. To date, its charm offensive includes its view the word "Allah" can be used by Christians and that Christians shouldn’t be denied their right to use bibles printed in Bahasa Malaysia – a stance at variance with some militant Muslim groups.

One indicator that reflects PAS’s attempts to woo Malaysian Chinese voters is former Perak mentri besar Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin singing Teresa Teng’s iconic song The moon represents my heart at ceramah. Although his singing may be off-key, Nizar’s brilliant gesture makes it easier for Malaysian Chinese to connect with PAS while reminding listeners the moon is also the party’s symbol.

Furthermore, in soliciting Malaysian Chinese support, PAS enjoys a singular advantage, because it has no business interests to protect or promote. PAS could be especially appealing to a significant segment of the Malaysian Chinese community.

Moreover, religion rather than language is PAS’s preferred priority. This gives it the option of adopting a more relaxed stand on Chinese schools and the use of Mandarin – yet another heartland issue for the Malaysian Chinese.

To be sure, PAS’s attempts to solicit greater support from non-Muslims could backfire. The opposition party could alienate Muslims who are a bigger voting bloc and are the majority in a majority of parliamentary constituencies.

Cynics may claim PAS’s charm offensive is a public relations exercise and that it could revert to its restrictive Islam-centric persona after the next general election. Even if PAS’s attempt to re-brand itself as a moderate Muslim party is opportunistic, its shift to the middle ground has been facilitated by Umno’s apparent willingness to cede this space.

One example – last month, Utusan Malaysia published a blogger’s claim that DAP together with Christian leaders were plotting to make Christianity this country’s official religion. This in turn prompted Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali to announce a crusade against Christians if they continued to challenge Islam’s position in Malaysia.

PAS leader Datuk Husam Musa immediately rebuked Perkasa, pointing out that using racial and religious issues for political interest showed the pressure group wasn’t upholding the true teachings of Islam. By taking up cudgels against Perkasa, Husam prevented the issue from degenerating into a religious conflict while burnishing PAS’s credentials as a moderate Islamic party.

Another example – a pressure group, Gaps, recently suggested only Malays and bumiputra have the right to receive Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships, a right it asserts is enshrined in the Malaysian constitution. While Prof Abdul Aziz Bari challenged this claim, no one from Umno appeared to do so.

Some Umno politicians suggest responding to Gaps and Perkasa will give them undue publicity and boost their stature. Nevertheless, allowing these groups to speak with impunity and without being sanctioned reinforces the perception, possibly mistaken, that their views are shared by Umno.

PAS’s strategic shift at the muktamar could alter the political contest between the party and Umno. In the past, Umno responded to PAS’s call for an Islamic state by successfully establishing Islamic banks and insurance companies within the country while achieving dominance in the global sukuk (or Islamic bond) market.

How will Umno respond to PAS’s strategic shift? Will it try to outbid PAS for the non-Malay, non-Muslim vote? Or will Umno persist in believing that to retain its hold on Putrajaya, securing the Malay-Muslim vote must be an overriding priority?
Taken From The Sun

It's great to know that the communist hachetman in Perak, Datuk Nizar Jamaluddin had lost in the PAS party election. Congratulations for losing. Just denounce yourself as a PAS member and join DAP instead. Surely you can be a puppet menteri besar for DAP once again where DAP will be holding your strings.

The example given about Utusan publishing a blogger's claim that DAP together with Christian leaders were plotting to make Christianity this country's officail religion is true and nothing but the truth. In fact, it is an open secret though nobody wants to admit it openly.

Another thing is that PAS leaders are the hachetman for the communists as well. This can be proven when Datuk Husam Musa, PAS leader immediately rebuked Perkasa after Datuk Ibrahim Ali announced a crusade against the Christians if they continued to challenge Islam's position in Malaysia.

This proves that PAS are not championing Islam but merely using Islam as their stepping-stone to power. They will easily forget their previous stand to set up an Islamic state when they stood hand-in-hand with the satan in DAP and PKR.

PAS is not taking a strategic shift but instead are taking a thick-skulled move by now confirming its loyalty to DAP when the party election's had totally wiped out the 'ulama' in PAS.

Meanwhile, MCA's Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong had just proven that he is actually indirectly working with DAP when he brought up the issue of reviewing the Public Service Department (PSD) scholarship issue which he said should be solely based on merit.

Well, the economy of this country is totally controlled by the Chinese, which means that the Chinese are the richest race in Malaysia, so why are you being so greedy that you want to take up all of those supposed to be allocated to the other races.

Moreover, I bet it's not that hard for the 8 out of the 10 richest people in Malaysia, who are Chinese, to help their own race. So, the question is, does MCA, Gerakan and DAP have a secret alliance to bring BN down? That is the question and by the looks of it, the answer is in the positive.

I doubt it that if the Chinese are in total control of the government, they will help the Malays. This had been proven by their bullying the Malays and systematically trying to chase them out of Penang.

The coalition for clean and fair election who are actually communist thugs

Before the Home Minister advises The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) which are not so clean not to hold public demonstrations, the Home Minister should be stern and tough first instead of just issuing warning after warning.

People are not scared of warning. You warn and people will do worst things to test whether you will back up your soft warnings or not. If you just let them pass through with their provocative actions, then they will do it again. Because they know that you are actually a scaredy cat.

I am not even scared of you because you had shown yourself to be weak and soft and can be stepped all over. So, if you can't do the job that you're supposed to do because you are afraid of criticism or being unpopular, then you had no place being a minister in Home Ministry.

We need a leader like Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad who had been so vocal, stern and will take immediate action against those who jeopardize the national security.

Another question is that, is there someone else behind the proposed illegal demonstrations? Why won't Bersih hold the demonstrations in Bukit Bintang, a stronghold of DAP?

Is this an indirect way of DAP and the taico gangsters doing its dirty work by using imbeciles in PAS so that their own won't have to lift a finger to do it?

I suggest that Pekida and Perkasa hold a demonstration on the same day at the same venue. Then we'll see what will happen then. Whether Bersih which are actually dirty have the balls to go through with it?

Al Juburi doing the economic hitman job

The latest brouhaha brought about by the planned illegal demo by Bersih who are not so clean is one of the obvious way for the opposition to sabotage our economic stability.

The illegal demo planned by election watchdog or scabby dog who has flea will be held on 9th July 2011 will surely cause major jam in Kuala Lumpur, not to forget, will cause problems to taxi drivers and business operators.

Hence, those who will be affected by their illegal demo should held a demo too on the same venue and date to show that they do not appreciate stupid fools who will make them lose their income for that day.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Warning had issued another stern warning which I doubt will be heard by those who planned the illegal demo. I just laugh at you for being a clown that kept giving warning after warning. You should go join a circus instead of become the Home Minister.

Dirty politician and weak politician should resign and if they do not want to do so, should just be kicked out of the government so that the laymen can respect the government for having clean politician.

This is the workings of an unseen hand, doing an economic hitman at a smaller scale. Big or small, their aim is one, to create chaos and economic instability in the country.

The bigger scale of the economic hitman can be witnessed when Al Juburi raised the interest rates during the Asean economic depression in 1997 and 1998.

More about that can be read here.

Anwar Ibrahim had recently been in Hong Kong. It could be a meeting with the unseen hand or those who will give him instruction on how to destabilise Malaysia's economy. Maybe an economic hitman had given him a tutorage on exactly how to do that.

Read more about it here.

This fag who is also a CIA agent cum the slave of the economic hitman should be arrested under I.S.A. for treason. We should never forget how he conspired with IMF during the 1997/1998 economic crises to enslave Malaysia via economic control by the IMF on Malaysia.

When will this motherfucker die? We should be grateful if he died sooner than later.

Benevolence state my foot!

PAS is akin to NATO. No action talk only. And they like to talk bullshit that makes me want to vomit!

PAS now had left their aim to establish an Islamic country but are now gearing towards a so-called "negara kebajikan" or benevolence state.

Don't talk cock when you can't even look after the interest of the people in Kelantan and Kedah who had stupidly voted you in where in Kelantan it's been 2 decades.

Before talking big about being virtuous, have PAS leaders even been virtuous towards those who had voted for them so that they can now administer 2 states into total chaos.

PAS said that the benevolence state is the same as the Islamic state. But how can it be the same when PAS had given up on the setting of an Islamic state when they had been warned by Karpal Singh to step over his dead body first before doing just that?

The government had done everything for the people including giving the people a highway to make it easier for people to travel from North to South.

However, the motherfuckers in PAS said don't use the highway but just use the old road or use the East Coast road to go to the North from KL. That shows how brilliant they are!

PAS leaders even had the gall to admit that they had not build even one mosque in Kelantan. So where is their Islamic upholding and virtue to put Islam in the highest place?

However, they can allow the biggest Buddha statue to be build in Tumpat, Kelantan. Sleeping Buddha, sitting Buddha, and whatever kind of Buddha statue there is.

What the fuck? PAS are filled with leaders whose character and moral are questionable. The most obvious example is Mat Sabu 121.

So, don't talk about upholding the Islamic religion when you are selling out Islam to the highest bidder which is DAP communist and the sodomiser.

Since Nik Aziz had been too easy to give heaven and hell to anyone he wishes, well I tell him to go to hell okay since you are not God.

Pandikutty is rich let's donate to him out of pity

Anwar Ibrahim had been spending loads of money to track down Mohd Saiful Bukhari. The source that had revealed this is Darul Ehsan Today.

There had been news that had been leaked by a PKR AJK Cabang Shah Alam that Anwar had been paying a private investigator close to RM100,000 and to gangsters about RM50,000 without missing a month from the time Saiful had sworn an oath (bersumpah mubahalah).

The PI had been instructed to track down Saiful and kidnap him and bring him to meet Anwar so that he can bribe Saiful with a large sum of money so that Saiful can retract his accusation that Anwar sodomised him.

That is why Anwar had been making up excuses to postpone his case. This is because the PI he had hired told him to make up excuses to postpone the case until he can bring Saiful to meet him.

Anwar lawyer, Sivarasa and also Saifuddin Nasution are aware about the payments. Surely they might think it is better for Anwar to pay them that amount of money rather than paying that PI and the gangsters who had until now failed to bring Saiful to him.

Now, I wonder where did Anwar Ibrahim got his resources? Could it be that the Jews had been donating generously to him? Or is he making up sob-stories so that his supporters will donate their money to him? He had done this before during the 1st sodomy trial.