Monday, July 26, 2010

Whose behind the feeding of false info to the public?

The Star is so excited about publishing any crap about the great Ketua Pemudi.

Today, they did it again. KJ's not so good acting of criticising the Opposition chief Anwar Ibrahim looked so fake.

This is only done to uplift his popularity which is day by day, is plunging more and more.

“I am not afraid to be sued for my comments as long as my message is heard by the public,” Khairy said after officiating at a gotong royong programme in Taman Desa Ria.

He is currently being sued by Anwar Ibrahim too but this is just a pure acting on both sides to make the public feel sorry for KJ.

There are lots of poor families all around Malaysia but this Ketua Pemudi is satisfied to just promote his goodness of donating foodstuff to 10 families in Kelana Jaya area.

This is total crap.

UMNO will crumble with the existence of traitors within it

UMNO should keep imbeciles like Khairy Jamaluddin if they want to lose in the next general election.

Just keep him and our lost will be secured. And what is wrong with The Star when they keep on promoting Khairy Jamaluddin in their news?

Oh yes. They are racist kiasus who will do anything to ensure UMNO will drop dead in the 13th general election.

KJ is at it again when he is acting to be all nice and good.

"We should show that Umno is always close to the people. That is why I've reminded the Youth movement that if I come to a gotong-royong, there is no need for a large group of people to throng around (me) ... it shows as if we just want to be 'in the frame.'

"The Youth movement should cast away this 'entering the frame' culture. I will know those who have been working," he told reporters after attending a gotong-royong organised by the Kelana Jaya Umno Youth at Taman Desa Ria here Sunday.

Oh yes. Big talk from a non performer in Pemudi UMNO. Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla! Bla!

I felt like vomitting every time I see, read or hear this Head of Pemudi UMNO opens his filthy mouth.

I will surely destroy my vote and write in my vote for UMNO to chuck this gay out since he is only destroying UMNO from within.