Monday, August 16, 2010

Desperate people makes desperate stories

Before we believe anything, we should investigate both sides of the story and we should not be biased if some accusations are made without any solid proof.

Therefore, before we believe the fairy tale of the so-called romantic liaison between Saiful Bukhari and deputy public prosecutor Farah Azlina Latif, we should give it a benefit of a doubt.

Is there any CCTV recording, DNA swab or photos of the liaison as in Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case 2?

To the avid supporter of Anwar Ibrahim, how could you believe 100% what Anwar Ibrahim said without giving it the benefit of a doubt? You would rather believe some wild accusation that does not provide any proof rather than the proof in Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case 2?

Maybe even after you yourself are sodomised by Anwar Ibrahim, you will deny it and still thinks he is an angel sent to help the people when all the while whatever he had done was to save his own ass.

We know that human nature can never change. Therefore, if he had been charged once for sodomising someone else, he could do it again later since it is in his nature to do it.

For example, a drug addict that had been sent to a rehabilitation centre, after getting out of there, if he still mingle around his drug addict counterpart, he will become a drug addict again.

Even if Saiful Bukhari have a relationship with Farah Azlina Latif, what has that got to do with Anwar Ibrahim's sodomy case of sodomising Saiful Bukhari?

Those are two different things and are not related at all. This had just been made up to show the desperation of Anwar Ibrahim to get this case dismissed.

Shows how much he is scared since the real truth is that he did sodomise Saiful Bukhari.

If someone is so desperate to save Anwar Ibrahim, maybe Khairy Jamaluddin could make a statement that he was with Anwar Ibrahim at the time of the alleged sodomy.

African college boys should be banned from entering Malaysia!

The government should stop giving visas to Africans that entered the country on student visas.

The Star had divulged that at least 200 people in the city had been conned of nearly RM10 million since early last year by those Africans.

Not only their skin is black, their heart is as black as their skin too. The media had been over and over again exposed on their scams but it is so surprising that many still are so ignorant.

Among some of the modus-operandi of the scams include:

- using other people's photo (usually handsome guys without their knowledge) - to get to know the potential victim in the scam
- using sweet words to lure the victim into believing them so that they can be used as drug mules
- giving expensive gifts, money, airline ticket so that they can be used as drug mules
- paying for non-existent gifts
- black money
- buying coloured water as "vaccines" to keep cattle healthy and disease-free

These African conmen should be put in jailed and whipped so that they will not dare to do this again in this country.

One more thing. Stop giving visas to these black crows because they are jeopardising the safety of this country by their con.

A reminder to any would-be victims. Don't be stupid into paying for gifts that someone else send to us. If those were gifts, why should we pay for the gifts? The person sending it is the one supposed to be paying for it, not the one receiving it.

WAKE UP people! You got conned because you are GREEDY!