Friday, October 28, 2011

RM1 Financial Advisor Should Shut It

There is this person who had more than a decade ago in 1997 nearly caused Malaysia to be bankrupt and thus makes it easier for IMF to come and take over the economic control of our country who are now talking big as if he is a God send gift to Malaysia and will make Malaysia better than our current administration.

He was the same person that had been dismissed from his job as the Deputy Prime Minister for indulging in sodomy and also being corrupt.

His name is Anwar Ibrahim and his wife proclaimed that he is God sent.

A God sent person is someone who is patriotic and will defend his country from whatever external or internal forces who tries to jeopardise the national security of his beloved country.

Unlike this Anwar dude who had in every chance, did whatever thing possible to create internal chaos in Malaysia by instigating PR supporters to go to the countless illegal street demonstrations which could have easily been turned rowdy just like what happened in London a couple of months ago.

In the book by John Perkins titled "The Confessions of The Economic Hitman", he wrote the book based on his experience as a real life economic hitman who had been assigned to take over the countries in which he had divulged in the book.

Surely, Malaysia which had survived the take over by IMF by rejecting the loan from IMF to help the recovery of Malaysia's economy had come as a surprise to those who had been so sure of controlling Malaysia by using a puppet Prime Minister named Anwar Ibrahim.

Let's flashback to the empty promises made by PKR and PAS for the 2008 general election. I am sure to all those people who had been promised those things and had not received them, they are so pissed-off.

So, the above are the empty promises which had been given to sweeten the deal in order to take over Selangor from BN by PR. So, how much of those promised had been kept?

The Prime Minister had declined honourably to a debate with the most esteemed Anwar Ibrahim due to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim is a loser, someone who knows nothing about managing the economy of the states in which PR had won over, moreover about the economic condition of our country.

Shabery is someone who is out to make himself popular because no one in their right mind will ever debate with such a clever person who nearly sold Malaysia to the IMF due to his cleverness which made Malaysia plunged into the worst economic state in our history since our independance in 1957.

Therefore, Anwar Ibrahim should just be ignored because he had definitely proven himself to be a no brainer because surely someone with a brain will not lower his standard by accepting RM1 to be the financial advisor of Selangor. Congratulations Khalid because you got what you paid for.

I am sure that those who had been spending the government's money without getting the authorized permission by the government are actually the government servants who are actually Anwar's supporters who are out to blacken the name of the government by sabotaging the government on behalf of Anwar Ibrahim the traitor of Malaysia.

When this had been exposed, surely the government's name had been seriously damaged in the eyes of the people.

Therefore, I seriously urge Barisan Nasional to take stern action by calling in SPRM to investigate the person responsible in spending the money without getting the appropriate and authorized permission.

Barisan Nasional seriously have to clean up and fire them from their jobs for being a corrupt person just like Anwar had been corrupt. And that includes corrupt politicians and their cohorts.