Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Who loves the sleeping prime minister?

Here ye! Here ye! I love sleeping on the job!

In Malaysiakini, there is a letter that praised Pak Lah and condemned Tun Dr Mahathir which has been titled as "Mahathir is wrong - Pak Lah saved us."

"Mahathir has totally missed it (when he blamed Abdullah Badawi for BN's problems). On the contrary, it was Abdullah Badawi who freed the rakyat from the shackles of modern colonialism. Looking back now, history has proven Abdullah to be the greatest reformer in the Malaysian psyche. Look back at the time prior to 2008. Recall our fears, deception and hesitation to say anything against the government. It was the Mahathir era which showed us the cruel and harsh side of government."

I find it funny that the opposition or an opposition supporter would go as far as praising Pak Lah when in reality they are condemning him. This is really an out of this world occurance since they are always known to be condemning the Prime Minister and UMNO President for every little thing that they do, even if it is for the good of the majority of the Malaysian citizens.

So, my thinking is that the opposition is only paying homage to Pak Lah so that he keeps blundering further and further until most Malaysian became so fed-up with the worst Prime Minister Malaysia had ever had and voted for Pakatan Rakyat out of disgust towards Pak Lah.

Let's face to the fact that Pak Lah is actually dim-witted, loves to sleep anywhere he went to, including to international conferences and is a puppet for the true PM at that time, his beloved son-in-law, Khairy Jamaluddin.

The true PM during the tenure of Pak Lah is actually KJ, who happily takes over from the sleeping father-in-law and he was the one pulling the strings during Pak Lah's reign of imbecility.

Since Anwar Ibrahim has his own shaman of whom he brought along with him in every court appearance of his latest sodomy trial, I am sure maybe this KJ character could have a shaman of his own which he hires to make his father-in-law fell asleep 99% of the time.

Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang had been understood as Cemerlang, Gemilang, Temberang by the opposition supporters. I'd heard people especially the opposition supporters uttering that for myself during Pak Lah's reign of terror.

It was because of his open-mindedness that shows his lack of concern towards the Malays that had made the opposition grew bolder to the extent of being uncontrollable.

The non-Bumis are allowed to utter whatever racist statement without any stern action taken against them, which made them so comfortable now to the point where they are now trying to incite another racial clash.

Just study what happened that led to 13th May 1969 and you can see the trend of it happening all over again. DAP are now being so insolent, where their attitude is being echoed by MCA and Gerakan.

Hence, the Malays must now unite to show that we can be just like the Chinese where even though they are from different parties, they can come together when it comes to defending their race.

I would rather live during the tenure of the Tun Dr Mahathir who was deemed as a dictator during his premiership because the rights of the Malays were upheld during his 22 years as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Malays felt safe during his premiership compared to during the administration of Pak Lah the sleeping beauty.