Friday, May 14, 2010

Power struggle in Pakatan Rakyat

DAP, PAS and PKR are embroiled in a power struggle in Kedah. It was reported that Kedah PAS had convened Kedah PKR and DAP assemblymen for an explanation about some rumours that they will be jumping ship and leaving Pakatan Rakyat Kedah in a speech organised by PAS in Kompleks PAS Kedah in Kota Sarang Semut.

This clearly shows that PAS had dominated the Pakatan Rakyat in Kedah and proves that DAP and PKR is being bullied by PAS in Kedah, said GERAKAN.

Now I am perplexed as to why Gerakan is commenting on this as if Gerakan is siding with DAP and PKR. Is there something fishy going on? Maybe a secret tryst to create another racial riot as done before by DAP, PAP and Gerakan in 1969?

Are you planning to create another racial riot that is much worst than the 13th May 1969? Is that why you feel so threatened when the Malays want to get together in "Melayu Bangkit" programme?

Nonetheless, in Selangor DAP had imposed a higher premium on the land in the traditional Malay village which is RM10 per square feet in Kampung Penerangan, in Sekinchan compared to RM1 for the Bagan Sekinchan.

This clearly proves that DAP whose assemblyman is Ng Suee Lim is favouring his own race and overseeing the Malays which is the majority race here in Malaysia. The racist Chinese had since from the beginning been so damn racist towards the Malays who had been the citizens of Malaysia even before the Malacca Sultanate era.

PAS for all is just a slogan just like a lure of a carrot to a donkey for the non-muslim to support PAS. However, PAS is not really an Islamic party as propogated by them. In fact, they are becoming more liberal now just to get the support and votes from the non-muslim that they are willing to be the donkey that is riden by DAP.

PAS is only using the Islamic country slogan to sugar coat and lie to their supporters since their non-muslim supporters are cleverer and know very well that it is not going to happen since PAS will not be in control of the Federal since the amount of seats won by them is not enough to make them the ruling power even if the Pakatan Rakyat win the majority.

Concurrently, in Sibu, Lim Kit Siang is selling the story that Malaysia is becoming the "sick man of South-East Asia" in addition to calling on the voters of Sibu to vote for the future, to write history and create miracle by sending Wong Ho Leng to Parliament as MP for Sibu to signify that the “fixed deposit” states of Sarawak and Sabah are ready with the rest of Malaysia to complete the March 8 “political tsunami” of the 2008 general elections to effect a change of government in Putrajaya in the 13th General Elections as well as to end the rule of “Peh Moh” in Sarawak in the forthcoming Sarawak state general election.

Sure, I totally agree with Lim Kit Siang that the university ranking in Malaysia is dropping down year after year. And what is the sole reason for that? It is due to the education system and the students that lacks knowledge and understanding plus incapable of mastering their chosen field due to their inabillity to understand what is being written in their reference books which are mostly in English.

Hence, our education system should continue with the policy of the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English as introduced during the tenure of our beloved ex Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the most brilliant Muslim leader in this century that any Muslim could ever have.

Do not blame Tun if the policy failed, but blamed the person in charge of administering the policy for not implementing it properly. If there are not enough teachers that is well-versed in English that can be found to teach the students, well think of other alternatives such as maybe teaching it using the internet and making it more interesting by subscribing to the online tuition that is easily available nowadays so that the students can study and revise at their own pace and time. Moreover the online education is concentrating more on the exam questions so that students will not be afraid of exams.

More on Sibu by election, Read more

PAS is the ally of the communist and a traitor of the Malays

What is Malaysia coming to? I am so shocked to read the news that a High Court here allowed a non-Muslim woman lawyer to seek a judicial review to practise at the Kuala Lumpur Syariah Court.

What is next? A Christian priest will be allowed to perform akad nikah of a Muslim couple? Surely there will be a public outcry from the various Muslim societies at large, with the exception of PAS that is.

Meanwhile Malaysian Insider that is owned by Kalimullah Hassan dan Brenden Perreira and is no different from Malaysia Today owned by Raja Petra Kamaruddin is trying to play their own racist card.

On May 11th, Malaysian Insider has this to write about.

The idea of commemorating May 13, 1969 with a gathering to rally Malays to “arise” or “Bangkit Melayu” is not only unproductive, it is a divisive act which flies in the face of Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s 1 Malaysia platform.

Malaysian Insider too question why Tun Dr Mahathir who had introduced the Bangsa Malaysia concept would attend such a rally that had been deemed racists by the Chinese racist party DAP and had been echoed by many other non Malay leaders.

Organisers of "Bangkit Melayu" scheduled on the May 13 said the rally was to raise the awareness of the Malays and to mark the race riots of 1969.

This event is not racist but just organised so that the Malays never forget what the racist Chinese in DAP had contributed towards the bloody 13th May.

Look whose talking? The racist pigs in DAP and even their cohorts in Malaysian Insider, PAS and PKR are objecting to this programme aimed to raise the awareness of the Malays to be careful of the racist pigs that still exist in Malaysia today.

This is what Salahuddin Ayub, the Vice President from PAS had to say about the programme organised by NGO Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (GERTAK).

He said that the programme is "DANGEROUS and UNHEALTHY" for the racial ties in Malaysia.

Why is the programme "DANGEROUS and UNHEALTHY" as you put it? PAS is the real DANGER in Malaysia for being the accomplice to the communist party.

PAS is not afraid to show their true colours by even going as far as threatening UMNO that they will be having the biggest speech if the "Melayu Bangkit" deemed as racist programme by PAS too of all things unveil the hypocrisy of UMNO towards the Malay.

Watch the youtube below to witness the hypocrisy of PAS which is the real traitor of its own race.

Lim Guan Eng do not have a say in UMNO internal matters

Lim Guan Eng, DAP secretary-general and also Penang Chief Minister (don't forget that he is Lim Kit Siang's son, the Chief Communist in Malaysia) is echoing what the bitchy woman with the cock is saying about the May 13th gathering in Terengganu.

"More worrying it will be the reason of the disunity amongst the people and contradicting with what had been told about the spirit of unity amongst the various races," she said that the 13th May incident was the bitter history that had caused many lives to be lost.

That was the excerpt of what the cock lady had to say to Sinar Harian yesterday.

Today, Lim Guan Eng, from the descendants of the Chief of Communist is saying this in The Star.

“It is ghastly,” Lim told reporters after opening a green building conference here yesterday.

Not satisfied with the ghastly statement, he went on to called for the sacking of Marang Umno deputy chief Razali Idris in the racist Chinese dominated paper.

The Melayu Bangkit (Malays Uprising) gathering organised by the Terengganu Integrity Institute and non-governmental organisation Gera­kan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak), was postponed following a directive from Najib on Wednesday.

Lim, who is DAP secretary-general, urged Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak to ensure that Gertak’s chairman Razali apologises to the public for trying to commemorate the May 13 racial riots.

I will keep on repeating my question to these racists pigs, why are you so afraid of the reminder of what had happened on May 13 racial riots? Just because you want to sweep things under the carpet and make the people forget that you are the main culprit behind it, in addition to the unruly gangster behaviour of the Chinese secret society members, things does not have to go your way.

This is because the Malays will not forget. We will never forget. We will never forget the provocation, the insults and gangsterism behaviour that you had shown towards the Malays leading to the May 13th bloodied racial riot.

We will never forget that now the signs are there, that you are trying to do it all over again in a more subtle way.

Meanwhile, PAS president Tuan Guru Abdul Hadi Awang had this to say as quoted in Pas confident of dap victory in Sibu

“If such a support reaches Sibu, we will win,” said the Marang member of parliament.

“Malaysia’s is unnatural democracy, there are just so many malpractices and so much misuse of power during a by-election,” said Hadi.

“They (BN) are using the entire government machinery. If they win with a small majority, it would be shameful,” he said. -Harakah

That was reported in

It is so mortifying and shameful that a party that claims itself as an Islamic party, is not proving themselves to be as Islamic as they claim to be. If you are a strong party, you should lead the Pakatan Rakyat, not letting the communists to take a lead in Pakatan Rakyat.

This is what will happen if you are weak. You will bullied endlessly. More so if DAP ever gets the chance to rule Malaysia in the Federal level.

Sassy she is not, BITCHY is more like it

Sassy MP is not so sassy. She thinks she is sassy but truthfully she is BITCHY.

If you really wanted to ask people for a penny of their thoughts, you should have made it easier for people to register on your stupid blog.

I have a penny of thoughts for you to ask in the parliament, if you don't mind at all? But I am sure you do, that is why I cannot find which button to register and blast you.

Why does the Home Minister is acting like he has no balls? Just allowing racists people like you run amok like a crazy homoerotic people.

I will continue to bombard you and your racists colleagues for behaving like crazy communists on a rampage after binging on alcohol.

Nobody have to go through nude squat if that somebody do not do anything wrong.

DAP should not be playing with fire on the ALLAH issue, unless you want to see another bloody riot which historically had been started by DAP with the denial syndrome.

Its so funny that now DAP is employing PAS's tactics in collecting donation. Maybe PAS had shown you what they have in their secret account whose money donated to them had been fraudulent.

Learn from history

The Melayu Bangkit (Malays Uprising) gathering is organised by the Terengganu Integrity Institute and a non-governmental organisation, Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat (Gertak).

However, it has been postponed indefinitely due to a directive from Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Surely this must be a good news to the Chinese racists especially those who had been the culprit behind the 13th May 1969 occurence.

“We have been trying to invite Dr Mahathir to attend the event since January. We wanted him to talk about Malay unity since he has vast experience,” said Razali, who had invited PAS politicians and other non-governmental organisations. “But, we did not invite the DAP or other parties,” he added.

In PETALING JAYA Umno Youth chief and Barisan Nasional Youth chairman Khairy Jamaluddin said it was inappropriate for anyone to hold a rally about the 1969 racial riots.

“Not only should such a public gathering be postponed, but any such rallies that could re-ignite old wounds of May 13, must never even be considered,” said MCA deputy publicity chief Loh Seng Kok, a member of MCA's central committee.

MIC secretary-general S. Murugessan said: “May 13, is a bitter chapter in Malaysian history. We have put it behind us and are now moving forward with the 1Malaysia concept and the new economic model.”

Those statements are given by the respective leaders to The Star, one of the racist newspaper owned by the Chinese. Only God knows what the Chinese are saying about this in the Chinese dailies. Surely nothing good but only racists comments from the communists leaders.

Yes. We have put it behind us. The "Melayu Bangkit" programme is only a reminder for the Malays to never forget what had happened in our beloved country due to the unreasonable and racist behaviour of some communist quarters. Is that wrong?

We are only organising this because lately the same racists who had been the culprit of 13th May 1969 are trying to repeat what had happened by uttering racists comments and showing racists behaviours that is undermining the law and order of the country by defying the police and thwarting the credibility of the police force.

At least now we are hearing that some quarters have the nerve to defend the police force. Read here.

Read more about racist label here. Oh! So it is okay for the Chinese racist and communist extremists to be racist, but it is not okay for the Malays to be racist? What kind of double-standard is that? Malaysia is a free country. And I have the right to speak about what is on my mind. I have the right to defend my race when it is attacked viciously by the racist Chinese extremist.

UMNO! Why in the world are you keeping quiet as if you are adhering to what the Chinese extremist are doing by questioning the provision of Malay special rights in the constitution, demanding an end to the NEP, and demanding the reduction of quotas for the Malay students. In addition to that, they have the gall to say that the Malays are also "kaum pendatang" or immigrants as they are.

One of the articles in a DAP leader blog had the nerve to criticise Tun Dr Mahathir by saying that "It is simply beyond belief that Dr Mahathir Mohamed has allowed his name to be associated with a gathering that might be misconstrued as reminding Malaysia that the senseless and brutal events of May 13, 1969 could possibly reoccur."

You can shut the fuck up, you damning racist pig. Nobody in their right mind would want to hear the gibberish rubbish that is coming out of your foul mouth.

Malaysians should learn the truth about what happened. And to learn about it, we should go back and researched who, why, what, where, when and how it happened. 5w's and 1h is enough to learn about what really happened. If you have a strong desire to learn about what truly happened.

History will not be history if we do not learn from it and keep repeating the same mistake. And the latest trend is indicating that the racists DAP are doing the same thing all over again.