Saturday, March 5, 2011

Keling or snake, which one would you hit first?

Housewife found bludgeoned to death, man detained

SUNGAI PETANI: A man who reported to police that his wife died in a fall at their house in Taman Sejati Indah this morning, has been detained to facilitate investigations into her murder.

When a police team arrived at the couple's home in Jalan Indah 6 to investigate the report, it found the body of housewife K. Magapugie, 33, in the living room and covered with a cloth.

Initial investigations revealed she was bludgeoned to death.

Magapugie had sustained blows to the head, consistent to having been struck with a heavy object during a quarrel with a man about 5am.

State criminal investigation department chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Zakaria Ahmad believed the 23-year-old suspect could shed light on the murder.

He said the police had earlier received a report about 9am, that Magapugie died after she had lost her balance and fallen at the house.

"Following investigations, we found injuries to the woman's head and several bruises on the body," he said when met by reporters at the house.

He said the body was sent to the Sultan Abdul Halim Hospital in Sungai Petani.

This is what I mean when I say Indians of the pariah caste loves to beat up their wives or even to the extend of killing their wives.

In India, Indians still burn their wives if they do not get the dowry they asked for.

This mother fucker should be sent to the gallow for beating up his wife and tried to cover it up by lying that his wife died in a fall.

Maybe a fall resulted after she was beaten up so bad by this crazy pariah.

Ladies. I advice you to avoid marrying a pariah at all cost. This is because one of my relatives married a pariah too, and he is that crazy too.

Even after converting to Islam. It's because they think that they are the greatest in the world and women are their slaves. Fuck you!

I hate pariahs. Especially the ones in Human Rights Party and Hindraf who are the agents of the foreign country to blacken our nation's good name.

We cannot allow pariahs to reign terror in this country because this is not India.

If they rampage in an illegal demonstration, just haul them up in the I.S.A. That is what I will do if I am the Minister of Home Affairs.

The Minister of Home Affairs should be tough and not be a chicken! It's because the lives of the majority is at stake here, not the minority who are so bent on creating havoc in our country.

Have some balls okay? Don't leave your balls at home.

Oh yeah! Another reminded. Remember that the keling are the ones who put poison in the wells in Malacca that caused Malacca to be lost to the Portuguese long time ago.

So beware of them! They are pretentious and dangerous. Better safe than sorry.

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