Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Keshvinder Singh is the latest jumper

Muahahaha. Looks like 16 September 2008 is just a bull shit from the biggest shitter of all, Anwar Ibrahim.

Let's rewind to one article that was published in anwaribrahimblog dated 7th September 2008 titled "Anwar Ibrahim "Gulingkan" Badawi Tanggal 16 September".

“Saya tetap pada target saya, 16 September menjadi waktu untuk mengistirahatkan Badawi. Untuk itu, saya rileks sebentar sehari lompat ke Jakarta, berdiskusi dan bertemu dengan sahabat-sahabat saya di Indonesia,” kata Anwar mengawali pidatonya dalam silaturahmi dengan ICMI di Menara Bank Mega, Jakarta, Sabtu (6/9).
- A report by reporteer, Inggried Dwi Wedhaswary 6 September 2008

Anwar Ibrahim: "16 September" Still On Track
Satan talking

Murshidul Am PAS also supports the 16th September that was brainwashed by Anwar Ibrahim.

"Mengulas kenyataan menteri besar Kelantan Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat bahawa kegiatan lompat parti sebagai tidak bermoral, Anwar menjawab perkara itu bergantung kepada keadaan." (Anwar's statement to Malaysiakini, 12th May 2008 in an article titled "PKR main teka-teki isu lompat parti")

The latest happening is Keshvinder Singh (Malim Nawar assemblyman) from Democratic Action Party (DAP) had resigned from the party and declared his support for Barisan Nasional, particularly Datuk Seri Dr Zambri Kadir after his formal resignation to party secretary-general, Lim Guan Eng this morning.

Nizar, the DAP lap dog called this jumping of ships as a political prostitution. Thus, it's okay to say that Anwar Ibrahim is the first promoter of political prostitution by propogating 16th September in 2008.

You can read more here, here, and here.

Israel violates Geneva Conventions

On June 13th 2010, Reuters reports that the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said that the Israel's blockade of the Gaza Strip violates the Geneva Conventions and called for its lifting.

"The whole of Gaza's civilian population is being punished for acts for which they bear no responsibility. The closure therefore constitutes a collective punishment imposed in clear violation of Israel's obligations under international humanitarian law," the ICRC said in a five-page statement.

It was the first time the ICRC has said explicitly that Israel's blockade constitutes a violation of international humanitarian law embodied in the Geneva Conventions, an ICRC spokeswoman said. The Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, ratified by Israel, bans collective punishment of a civilian population.

"We are urging Israel to put an end to this closure and call upon all those who have an influence on the situation, including Hamas, to do their utmost to help Gaza's civilian population," said Beatrice Megevand-Roggo, head of ICRC operations for the Middle East.

"Under international humanitarian law, Israel must ensure that the basic needs of Gazans, including adequate health care, are met," the ICRC said.

The blockade, about to enter its fourth year, was "choking off any real possibility of economic development," it said.

"The Palestinian authorities ... must do everything within their power to provide proper health care, supply electricity and maintain infrastructure for Gaza's people," it added.

"The state of the health care system in Gaza has never been worse," said ICRC health coordinator Eileen Daly. "Health is being politicized: that is the main reason the system is failing."

Israel will not care about any voice which criticises them because they know that they will get away with anything since they are getting the support from America. Even in the United Nations, America will veto any decision or the voices that wants to boycott Israel or take Israel to the International Criminal Court. That is for sure.

Even the flotilla that was on its way to deliver humanitarian aids was attacked by the Israeli commandos which costs the lives of 9 Turkish volunteers whom they accuse to be terrorists.

Anyone else sees red over NEGARAKUKU?

I am flabbergasted that a certain someone who had used the National Anthem and made fun of it by making a new song he renamed as Negarakuku was not held under the ISA or at least charged in the court of law.

I mean, come on, that asshole put that song in the Youtube which can be seen by anyone from all over the world and we let him scout free. That is so dumb. I want to see if a Malay can get away with it if he did what Nameweeasshole did.

There is such a thing called the National Anthem Act, 1968 which states that the National Anthem consists of 3 versions; the full version or the Royal Version of the National Anthem, the Abridged Version of the National Anthem comprising the first eight lines and the last eight lines and the Short Version which comprises of the last eight lines.


* When any version of the National Anthem is played or sung, all present must stand up as a sign of respect.
* If the National Anthem is broadcast, such show of respect for the anthem is not expected.
* Anybody who deliberately does not show respect for the National Anthem at any public place may be fined not more than one hundred ringgit or imprisoned for not more than one month.
* Any act which appears to belittle the National Anthem in the eyes of the public, is considered as not respecting the National Anthem. The Police officers are empowered to arrest without warrant anybody found to be disrespectful towards the National Anthem.

The sleeping Prime Minister's voice does not represent the majority

Readers should give their feedback if they want this asshole who had clearly been disrespectful of our national anthem should be charged in the court of law or not? Why is it that when a Chinese did something like this, he can get away with it? But when a Malay did anything to irk the Chinese, he will pay for it dearly?

Luke warm response towards the Melayu Bangkit programme

The Melayu Bangkit programme organised by Gerakan Kebangkitan Rakyat on 14th June 2010 at the Stadium Negeri Kuala Terengganu had a low turnout.

This low turnout could be due to several reasons; FIFA World Cup, it is on a working day, or the promotion for the programme is not enough.

The rally organising chairman, Razali Idris said that many of the employed probably could not get leave to attend the event and tired after watching the World Cup telecasts.

"Although Malays consists of 60% of the population, our votes are divided, eventually triggering feuds among the community. They (PAS and PKR) are only interested in power and not race or religion.

"They are willing to go to any extent to become prime minister," he added.

Delivering his keynote speech, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad warned the Malays of becoming marginalised like "Singaporean Malays" if they continued to be entangled in political diversion and were unable to tacke any crisis effectively.

Insinuating that the opposition leaders were responsible for Malays' predicament, the agendas of political parties could be the cause of the disunity of the community which will lead to the Malaysa ending up as a minority in their own country.

Din Turtle wrote about his experience at the Melayu Bangkit which can be read here.

Tun Dr Mahathir held a press conference after delivering the keynote speech.

"Probably my opinion is different from the others. Whether the gambling licence is issued or not, gambling will still go on in the country because the Chinese generally like to gamble.

"So if they gamble without a licence, there is no way that we can ensure that gambling is not rampant. This is because gambling is permissible to the Chinese, but prohibited or 'haram' to the Muslims. So, the Muslims should not gamble. If they are found gambling, catch them," he said.

"Even the DAP is protesting, as if the DAP too is supporting Islamic teachings. This is the politics of the opposition parties which are looking at issues.

"We have to separate politics from religion because for PAS, religion is a political tool for them," he said.

We should not be surprised to see the opposition of DAP in the move by the government to issue the gambling license because we know that certain leaders in DAP are involved in the underworld. (Remember the involvement of one particular DAP leader in stopping the law enforcement officers in a hotel in Puchong?)

They could be the ones reaping the profits if the gambling license are not given because the Chinese people will still gamble illegally and they could be the ones behind it.