Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 2

Bukit Kepong (1981) Part 1

Starting today, I will put out a youtube that shows the film "Bukit Kepong" until the end of the movie. I am sure some communists will feel the chilli.

Stop the problems of unwed mothers having babies out of wedlock in the beginning

It is a joke that Selangor government had formed Generasi Idaman Selangor (GEMS) to help educate young mum.

Educating young mums are too late. We should educate them before they become young mum out of wedlock.

Dr Halimah Ali who is a Selangor executive councillor said that GEMS will provide protection to mothers and babies.

Abandoned babies happened because unwed Malay Muslim mums are ashamed that they became pregnant before marriage. It is just as simple as that.

Why does this problem never occur to the other races? It's because they do not really follow their religion and their family do not care if they have babies out of wedlock.

Moreover, youngsters of the other races are more knowledgeable about sex and ways to prevent them from becoming pregnant.

This is what happens when the Malays are so ignorant about sex, STDs and ways to control birth. Plus maybe their knowledge about Islam could be so little.

Therefore, sex education in school should be implemented. This is not to encourage teenagers to indulge in free sex but to give them ample education to save themselves for marriage.

We do not want our Malay civilization to be destroyed just because we follow the Western ways of free sex and having babies when they are teenagers.

PAS should not condemn the government for this problem, instead should be hand in hand with the government to eradicate this problem caused by the Malay Muslims which tarnishes the goodname of Islam.

The latest data from the police reveals that 65 babies have been dumped this year alone, 26 of them boys, 25 girls and the other 14 being foetuses.

This brings the total to 472 cases since 2005, in more than half of which, or 258, the babies were found dead.

Last year, a total of 79 cases were reported.

Doesn't the offenders felt some guilt for abandoning their babies to die? For Muslims, they have committed 2 biggest sins; first having sex before marriage, second murdering innocent babies because of their sex out of wedlock.

Why can't you stop after making the first mistake instead of committing mistake after mistake?