Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An underworld conspiracy

Somewhere in Malaysia, in a state called P and and a town called I, 50 illegal gambling machines had been used by DAP to make some $$$$.

Those 'taiko's are protected by the local authorities and the police there where each month pretty GRO bitches will entertain them with karoake and whatever their hearts desire.

The victims are still the Malays. Stupid Malay will be the hatchet man for big underworld bosses to do their biddings and other Malays will be the losing party.

I spit on those who receive bribes. Thuihhh!

DAP held more constituency so...

An imbecile like Hadi Awang cannot be the Prime Minister. That is why it is quite laughable when Nasruddin Hassan Tantawi, PAS Youth Chief said that Hadi will not refuse to be the Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat succeeds in winning the upcoming 13th General Election.

Have you gone senile? Where do you want to put the fag Anwar Ibrahim? In Sungai Buloh?

He is the person who will be put to be Prime Minister because PAS is only a pig ridden on by both DAP and PKR.

DAP is the true master in Pakatan Rakyat. So don't build castles in the air or day dream about becoming Prime Minister.

If Karpal Singh could just write you off by saying step over his dead body first before PAS establish an Islamic country, so know where you stand, oink, oink!

I know you are stupid, but I didn't think that you are that dumb.

Let's rewind to the previous "Amanat Haji Hadi" here.

Vote for change to get sexual freedom!

Malaysiakini seems to be bashing out at Western Digital for allegedly curbing a contract worker's sexual freedom.

However, Western Digital had denied he allegation of terminating the contract of a worker because she is sexually active, saying that it "respects (its) employees' righs to privacy and individual freedom".

Well, whatever the fuck an individual does in his/her own time is his/her damn business! You can go fuck donkey, why should I care?

And surely Malaysiakini will be angry when someone is fired because a woman is sexually active since Anwar Ibrahim, the leader for PKR is a sexually active pervert.

As long as one's sexual liaissons does not pose a threat to the national security like what Anwar Ibrahim had been doing overseas, fucking pretty boys and got caught for it that the CIA can threaten him to be their agent or else the video is exposed worldwide.

That is what I think, and it could be true or not. Conspiracy theory babe!

So let's vote for the opposition so that anyone can fuck anywhere, even sodomizing in the streets in full view of the public by voting for PKR.

DAP had also been irked by the fact that prostitutes are being caught by the authorities. All those whores can't make a living if Al Juburi can't be their client. And this will be a lost of income for DAP.

Vote for change to make Malaysia a homosexual haven. Let's fuck freely bastards and bitches!

Communist racists hates pariah!

It's a bit ironic to see the racist, chauvinist and ultra kiasu Hannah Yeoh is ashamed to register her child as an Indian but have registered as a Chinese.

What is this? Her husband and the father of the child is an Indian.

So surely this is blatant admittance that she is ashamed that her child is an Indian since the child should follow the father's race.

If you are ashamed to admit your child is an Indian, why did you go and married a pariah in the first place?

You should have married a Chinese or someone from the West.

Her husband is an Indian, Ramachandran Muniandy. She should have married Brian Teoh or Mr Adam Pearson from London if she wants to show off her child's race to others.