Monday, February 21, 2011

Reject DAP and Pakatan Rakyat

In an article titled "Ops Lalang was Dr M's Diversion tactic, says Kit Siang" in The Malaysian Insider, read the quote below.

“It all boiled down to the basic question: What kind of Malaysia was the government trying to build?” said Lim.

Well, I can say this crystal clear, NOT A COMMUNIST NATION as what your party is propogating.

DAP is the splinter party of PAP in Singapore.

Every country has its own Internal Security Act to defend and protect the country from traitors and those who is a threat to national security.

Therefore, it is up to the leader of the respective country to do whatever it takes to defend the country and its people from traitors, spies of foreign nation and those who are a threat to the national security.

I am sure, since we had witnessed the atrocities of what the communist had done in their time of rampage at one time, I am sure if ever DAP ruled Malaysia, they will do it once again to those who are against them, the communist who have now laid down their arms but still defending their propogation to turn this country into a communist nation.

Therefore, I am calling out to all rational and thinking Malaysians to reject DAP and Pakatan Rakyat who have until now, not proven themselves to be as just as they make out themselves to be as what we can see happening in Penang where the Malay traders are being oppressed and caged like a wild animal and the Chinese traders are let to reign as free as a bird.

And don't we forget who caused the 13th Mei 1969 race riots. The good for nothing DAP who thinks that they can just sweep the Malays from Kuala Lumpur.

This is MALAYsia for heaven's sake, not China or India. Get that through your thick skull.

The majority living in MALAYsia are still the MALAYs though there are stupid ones who can be conned to support and be leaders of DAP. Those are the MALAY communist who are traitors of their own race.