Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CIA could be behind the Bersih rally overseas

Just look at the above Youtube and you will see that most of the faces are the Malay Muslims who are being used as pawns by the hidden hand, Illuminati, CIA or whatever.

As a Muslim, I am ashamed that there are so many stupid students that can be used by those who have bad intention towards our beloved country.

Those students should be sacked from their respective universities or have their loans or scholarship revoked for going against the government.

Since they are so supportive of Bersih, ask from Anwar Ibrahim to support their studies. Besides, Al Juburi had loads of money which he received from overseas fund which is funded by CIA.

I am also surprised that those who illegally rallied in Bersih was given good treatment in Pulapol.

They are acting like hooligans and the government are treating them well in return.

This is not a good indication because they will think that what they did is right and will do it again soon.

Each action have their consequences and if their negative action receives positive feedback in which they were treated well by the government, they will be more pig-headed.

What should be done is that the FRU should spray them with water from the sewage.

Then they should be beaten senseless with the baton by the police so that they will be put in hospital.

Even though the police had not touched them, the international media still published bad news as if Malaysia is now in chaos.

So, just give them what they want and beat them until they end up in ICU for daring to go against the government.

Even though that is exactly what the Illuminati or the hidden hand wants, why should we be kind to those who had given a negative impression to the country to the world?

You BerSHIT bastards and bitches should be grateful that I am not the Home Minister because you will know your fate then.