Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kitol the Pakatan Rakyat sleeper agent

“I think the policy speeches this year, starting from the deputy president, then me, and then the president, are on the same path,” he said at a press conference after the official opening of the central Umno annual general meeting this morning.

“We need to ensure that even if we fight for the Malays, we also take care of all Malaysians, and we also challenge the Malays to become successful on their own strengths.”

That was the conclusion KJ or better known as si kitol in some other blogs, the most hated person in Malaysia today said to the reporters.

He is so delusional that he thinks he is on the same wave length as the PM and the TPM when actually he is on the same wave length with Anwar Ibrahim and the likes.

Some of the excerpts from articles from Malaysiakini:

"Khairy also appears at times to be emulating his apparent economic-ideology buddy and fellow Oxford alumnus, DAP parliamentarian and party upstart Tony Pua."

"And by now going head-to-head with Malay rights' group Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali, Khairy is emerging as a more 'palatable' defender of Malay rights."

Personally, from what I can see, this traitor of the Malay race are actually doing things for the Pakatan Rakyat when most of his statements are echoing the statements from the Pakatan Rakyat leaders.

He is actually a Pakatan Rakyat sleeper agent, a Singapore agent, a Jew lover (just like Anwar Ibrahim) and a Malay liberal who is willing to give up the Malay rights and sell his soul to the devil just so that he can be seen as a more open-minded leader.

We can be an open-minded leader but when it comes to the rights of the Malays which is stated clearly in the constitution, we have to fight tooth and nail to uphold it because no other party who are defending their own race as well, will do it for us.

MCA are fighting for the rights of the Chinese, MIC are fighting for the rights of the Indians, therefore, each party for their own race. If UMNO does not fight for the rights of the Malays, who can we depend on?

Surely, we cannot trust and depend on Kitol who are actually in secret, siding with Pakatan Rakyat and doing whatever he can to destroy UMNO from within, just as what Anwar Ibrahim had done before.