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A world wide conspiracy to promote Holocaust

The KKK: Nazi salute and Holocaust denial

Mahmoud Abbas, a co-founder of Fatah and president of the Palestinian National Authority, who earned his Ph.D. in history at the Moscow State Institute of Oriental Studies, with Yevgeny Primakov as thesis advisor, was "The Secret Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement". In his 1983 book The Other Face: The Secret Connection Between the Nazis and the Zionist Movement, based on the dissertation, Abbas wrote:

“ It seems that the interest of the Zionist movement, however, is to inflate this figure [of Holocaust deaths] so that their gains will be greater. This led them to emphasize this figure [six million] in order to gain the solidarity of international public opinion with Zionism. Many scholars have debated the figure of six million and reached stunning conclusions—fixing the number of Jewish victims at only a few hundred thousand."

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Here is an experience of some Malaysian citizens in an International Conference on 'Islam and the West'.

"I was very upset 2 weeks ago on Friday 15 June when Zariani and I attended the International Conference on `Islam and the West' with well known English author Karen Armstrong as the main speaker.

One of the other foreign speakers was the German lady, Dr. Beamte Winkler, who is currently Interim Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) based in Vienna. She was very gentle and polite in her speech.

So I approached her personally at the end of the afternoon session during the coffee break and asked her in her capacity with FRA can she do something about the case of the Holocaust deniers like Ernst Zundel - why is there no freedom of speech and why an elderly 67 year old had to face imprisonment. And I questioned her further why do the Jews get privileged treatment?

Instantly she became harsh and refused to talk further. She cut short and said there is no question on the Holocaust. You go to Auschwitz and see for yourself and she walked off. It left me horrified to discover the way she reacted on this issue as compared to her polite appearance on the stage.

This incident was made worse the next day during Karen Armstrong's talk which was open to the public, and after her speech and Q&A session I got a second shock when a German journalist from Berlin who was pleasant at first started creating a scene and shouted at me when I asked him about the holocaust and when I said he did not have an open mind but rather cramp in his views he pointed with his finger at me like a mad man calling me 'You are a fascist'

I was stunned but I answered in a civil manner. No. I am a muslim.

Then an elderly 80 year old Indian lady looking at both of us tried to calm him, she said forgive and forget. I left him alone and let him being attended by the elderly lady. Zariani said he complained to the lady like a child saying I accused him of having a cramp mind. Indeed he certainly has!

While we still lingered around talking to other friends and other people at the talk, Zariani approached Dr Winkler and gave her opinion. I tried to take her picture with Zariani from a distance and when she saw me she waved and walk off quickly.

With such bad incidents it put me off wanting to know any German or European. It is very upsetting.

I will send the pics of the rude german journalist and Dr Winkler when the pictures are scanned.

Best Regards


I am surprised that the person involved in propogating Holocaust felt attacked when they are being questioned about the authenticity of the Holocaust.

Read an open letter to Helen Thomas published in The Jerusalem Post here.

The demonisation of Perkasa by an underworld leader

The Star is owned by the MCA party. MCA party is a chinese based party. We know that the Chinese will be racists kiasus whatever name their party is; be it MCA, Gerakan or DAP although some of them are in the component party of the Barisan Nasional.

I have read stories published in The Star which demonised UMNO leaders when they are involved in personal or work problems that is aimed to degrade the image of the leaders. What is the motives behind all these revelations if it is not to belittle their image?

In The Star dated 11th June 2010 in an article titled "Liu: Attackers wore Perkasa T-shirts, made racist comments" is another one of the examples of a news that slurs the image of the Malays in the eyes of the people. Ronnie Liu, a person that is involved with the underworld will give any statement to demonise the Malays.

“The people who attacked them wore Perkasa T-shirts and made many racist statements when assaulting Lim. They should be duly dealt with,” Liu told a press conference yesterday.

“The police appeared to be afraid of the Perkasa members and did not act professionally. This cannot be accepted,” said Liu.

This article is one of the example of demeaning the Malays involved in the NGO Perkasa and belittling the credibility of the police force.

Isn't Ronnie Liu the person who had connection with the gangsters which before had tried to stop local law enforcement agencies from raiding an illegal massage parlour established at a hotel in Puchong? Can we believe the words coming out from someone trying to stop the law enforcement from doing their jobs?

Why had he tried to stop the law enforcement officers from doing their job? Does he have a share in that illegal business or is his cronies involved in it?

An article published in The Malay Mail dated 10th June 2010 titled "Perkasa denies members attacking councillor" rebutted what was reported in The Star.

The Chinese from a charity group called the Yee Lan Sheng Hui Association had been trying to bring down a billboard in front of a Malay reserve land.

Syed Hassan Syed Ali, Perkasa secretary-general had denied that Perkasa, a Malay based interest group had given orders to violate the law by beating up a Selayang councillor at Taman Industri Bolton, Batu Caves, Sri Gombak.

In various Chinese dramas, the opposing party will even hurt themselves in order to accuse the other party of hurting them so that they can sabotage others. So, we are not surprised if this thing happened in real life as well because most of what is potrayed in the dramas are taken from incidences from the real life.

Gangsters or the persons involved with the underworld will be sadistic to their own so that they can accuse others of doing it as in the case of Teoh Beng Hock who had agreed to be the witness for SPRM but later found sprawled and dead after falling from Plaza Massalam.

Who will benefit from his death when he is ready to expose the wrongdoing of the DAP leaders? Surely the one who will lose out from his disclosure of the wrongdoings!

Sack bumbling idiots which will cost us the next General Election

Nazri Aziz should be sacked for making a mindless statement that RM800 million will be allocated to build a new parliament building in Putrajaya.

Bravo Nazri. If you really do that, you will be contributing towards making BN lose in the next general election.

That RM800 million can be used for the betterment of the people, let's say maybe subsidising the daily goods which Idris Jala, who is another moronic person that will make people hate BN and UMNO more and more.

The subsidy can be reduced but please do it in stages so that the people can adjust to it appropriately without getting the shock of their lives.

Read more at gap, cucu tok selampit dan anak merdeka.


What should UMNO and BN component parties do to win the people's heart in order to win in the next General Election?

Please give me your feedback by commenting in the comment box.

Testimonies from flotilla survivors 31st May 2010

Here are some of the survivors testimonies taken from Free Gaza Movement.

Abroad Mavi Marmara

Inge Hoeger

German Parliamentarian

"We felt like we were in a war, like we were being kidnapped." "Nobody had a weapon."

Aboard the Free Mediterranean

Michalis Grigoropoulos (Greek)


“Commandos were already using teargas and firing live ammunition as they hit the deck.”"We did not resist at all, we couldn't even if we had wanted to.” "They then used electroshock weapons on some activists,"

While in custody in Israel, "two Greek activists were beaten up."

Aboard the Challenger I

Dr. Fintan Lane


“When they boarded our boat, we resisted entirely peacefully. I sat on the floor and tried to reason with them, but the Israeli commandos physically attacked us. Fiachra Ó Luain (see above) was dragged around the ground and I had a gun pointed in my face by a screaming commando. His mania was so intense that I genuinely feared for my life."

On treatment during custody: “I would not cooperate with my illegal detention (by handing over my passport) so I was then physically assaulted, my arms were painfully twisted behind my back for prolonged periods. Ken O’Keefe, the Irish-American passenger, suffered a severe beating at the hands of security officials at Tel Aviv airport before boarding, and his injuries were so bad that he had to be hospitalised in Tel Aviv.”

Aboard the Sophia

Henning Mankell

Best-Selling Swedish Novelist

“We saw these black rubber boats coming with masked commando soldiers … they climbed aboard. They were very aggressive … there was an older man in the crew, he was perhaps a little slow and they shot him in the arm with an electric gun which is very, very painful … they shot another man with rubber bullets."

The soldiers checked the boat and one soon returned saying they had found weapons. "I have 24 witnesses to this, he showed me my razor, a one-time use razor, and a box cutter he'd found in the kitchen," “All my possessions were taken. They stole my camera, my telephone … even my socks."

You can read more testimonies here.

PKR parti Freemason

PKR Parti Freemason

Wavin' Flag

Arms deal continue despite UN sanction

Al-Jazeera reports that the UN Security Council's sanctions against Iran's nuclear programme is just a move to convince Iran to start negotiations.

United Nations is just a tool of the Illuminati to control the world. Therefore, can we really believe in whatever USA and Israel have to say since they are the biggest terrorist of the world?

They can produce large amounts of weapons, and even have nuclear weapons so that they can bully others, but when other nations want to develop the nuclear power for peace, they forbid it.

There are 33 sections to the United Nations inner emblem logo.
11, 13 and 33: The Illuminati \ Freemason's Signature

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Nonetheless, Russia is still adamant that they had come out with a statement that the new UN sanctions do not forbid the delivery of S-300 air-defense missiles to Iran. Russia has not delivered the missiles they had agreed to sell in 2007.

Last Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council had passed as resolution banning Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, investing in nuclear-related activities and buying certain types of heavy weapons.

Interfax news agency reported that the S-300 contract would be frozen because of the new UN sanctions but Andrei Nesterenko, the spokeman for Russian Foreign Ministry that it does not apply to air-defense systems, with the exception of mobile missiles.

Russia had warned that they will retaliate if the new UN sanctions lead to separate sanctions against Russian companies or individuals.