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PKR is a freemasonry

The story had been taken from Minda Intelek Melayu.

so ,ape kene-mengene freemason dgn parti keadilan rakyat(pkr) nih ?klu korang sume perasan ,lambangny saje sudah menyerupai 'the all-seeing eye' yang terdapat pada note $1 Amerika .

biar aku terangkan ape maksud "novus ordo seclorum" dan "annuet aceptis" .ini adalah bermaksud untuk pembulatan dunia atau pun dunia akan dikawal 100% oleh freemason .mereka melakukan satu agenda iaitu "New World Order" dan kebanyakkan pemimpin-pemimpin dunia skrg adalah di bawah agenda ni .termasuk atuk bush sndr ,Prescott Bush .dan simbol pkr juga boleh disamakan dengan One-eyed God Horus ataupun dikenali "Tuhan Matahari" yang disembah sejak zaman Predynastic hingga Zaman Greece-Roman .

kenapa ade gambar george washington boleh disamakan dengan imej baphomet nih .ini sbnrnya adalah patung george washington yang ditempah khas dari Italy .semasa patung ini dituunkan dari kapal ,sume yg berada di situ sgt2 terkejut .patung ini diukir dengan persamaan rupa dan gaya baphomet seperti disebelah adalah kerana george washington adalah presiden amerika yang pertama menjadi ahli freemason ini .x heran la klu patung dia diukir sebegini sbb anda sume da tau latarbelakang beliau .

Illuminati yang ada sekarang ini diasaskan oleh Jesuits/Vatican. Ignatius Loyolaasalnya adalah dari kumpulan alumbrados(the illuminated). Perkataan ini sebenarnya berasal daripada illumination atau enlightment.

Sebenarnya, Jesuits yang menulis the protocols of zion, dan mereka jual nama Yahudi untuk agenda jahat mereka dan menuding jari ke arah Yahudi!zion ini adalah kearah penubuhan negara untuk zionist .dan perlu diingatkan .zionist tidak sama dgn yahudi yang lain kerana untuk menjadi zionist ,tak perlu nk jadi yahudi .mcm korang tau isu sekarang nih ,banyak rabbi yahudi yang membantah sekeras-kerasnya kapal bantuan ke gaza yang diserang israel kerana bknny yahudi yang buat ,tp adalah kerajaan zionist yang sedang memerintah israel skrg .rabbi yahudi juga membantah penubuhan negara israel kerana mereka ditegah untuk menubuhkan negara sendiri oleh tuhan .

ok ,berbalik pada di atas ,nape saya terangkan tentang jesuits ?ini lah ringkasan tentang jesuits .
Kumpulan Jesuits telah diharamkan oleh Roman Catholic Church melalui Papal Bull pada tahun 1773 oleh Pope Clement XIV. Selepas itu Jesuits beroperasi secara undergound, dan Jesuits itulah yang telah mewujudkan illuminati moden tang menjadi kepala kepada kegiatan freemasonry di seluruh dunia .

tau x ape yang dibulatkn kt gambar di atas nih ?simbol IHS ini lah lambang Jesuits yang diterangkan td .Jesuits ini telah diwujudkan semula selepas membuat kacau di Eropah pada tahun 1814 oleh Pope Pius VII.gambar ini diambil di Common Word, Universiti Georgetown : Dari kiri Tony Blair(bekas Perdana Menteri Britain), John Esposito, Mustafa Ceric (Mufti Bosnia/IIIT), Kjell Magne Bondevik (Bekas Perdana Menteri Norway) dan Anwar Ibrahim (IIIT).ade juga yang mengatakan yang anwar ibrahim ni adalah ejen Nasrani(Jesuits/Vatican) .

dan ini adalah Lodge Officers untuk tahun 2010-2011 .ini adalah jawatan untuk Grand Lodge of Canada di Ontario .organisasi ini adalah organisasi freemason di sana .Anwar Ibrahim adalah salah seorang ahli bagi pertubuhan ini .Anwar Ibrahim juga pernah memegang jawatan ini pada tahun 2008-2009 .

terdapat juga bangunan-bangunan freemason yang menjadi tempat persidangan dan pemujaan di Malaysia .(dlm bulatan-Logo Masonic Lodge.)

bangunan freemason di Johor Bharu,Johor .

Masonic Temple di Penang .

adakah ini satu kebetulan atau trick semata-mata ?logo mata sebijik mcm logo freemason iaitu 'all-seeing eye' digunakan pada logo PKR ini ?terpulang pada anda untuk menilai .terdapat juga simbol2 lain pada logo parti2 lain di Malaysia .contohnya di bawah ini .logo gabungan parti keadilan nasional dan parti rakyat malaysia SETERUSNYA

Illuminati Exposed

The Illuminati Exposed

Mysterious Beginnings

(1) Islamic Parallels

"Sufi historian Indries Shah traces the name of the Illuminati back to a verse in the Koran which mentions a shining star..."
- Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

See Patar and the Judean Illuminator for ancient Egyptian and Judean connections to the "Illuminati".

"The term 'Illuminati' was used by one early writer, Menendez Pelayo, as early as 1492 and is attributable to a group known as the 'Alumbrados' of Spain. The Alumbrados were said to receive secret knowledge from an unknown higher source, resulting in superior human intelligence. This group was condemned by an edict of the Grand Inquisition in 1623..."

"Some writers claim that a group know as the 'Illuminated Ones' was founded by Joachim of Floris in the eleventh century and taught a primitive, supposedly Christian doctrine of 'poverty and equality'."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"The sixteenth century saw the rise of a powerful society based upon a secret cult, in the mountains of Afghanistan - the Roshaniya, Illuminated ones." "The earliest figure named in the history of the cult is one Bayezid Ansari, of Afghanistan, whose family claimed descent from the Ansar - the 'Helpers', who assisted Mohammed after his flight from Mecca nearly fourteen hundred years ago. As a reward for this service, he stated, his ancestors had been granted initiation into the mysteries of the Ishmaelite religion: the secret, inner training which dated from Abraham's rebuilding of the Temple at Mecca, the mystical Hiram." "Not far from Peshawar, which is now in the north-west of Pakistan, Bayezid set up a small school, where he carefully coached those who had been initiated by him in the knowledge of the supernatural that he claimed. A period of probation was expected from each candidate, during which he would to into periods of concealment or meditation, known as khilwat - silence. During this time he was to receive the illumination which was emanated from the supreme being, who desired a class of perfect men- and women- to carry out the organization and direction of the world."

Merchants and soldiers "contributed lavishly to the chief's upkeep and his most expensive military, political and espionage system." At this stage of success, Bayezid now preached that there was "no after-life of the kind currently believed in: no reward or punishment, only a spirit state which was completely different from earthly life. The spirits, if they belonged to the Order, could continue to enjoy themselves and be earthly powers, acting through living members....Eat, drink and be merry. Gain power, look after yourself. You have no allegiance except to the Order, he told them: and all humanity which cannot identify itself by our secret sign is our lawful prey."

"Forty years after the last religio-military leader of the Afghan Illuminate Ones died, a society of the same name (the Illuminati) came into being in Germany, formed, it is said, by Adam Weishaupt, the young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University. Coincidences of date and beliefs connect these Bavarian Illuminati with the Afghan ones, and also with other cults which called themselves 'Illuminated'."
- Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies

(2) Adam Weishaupt

"Rather than obey the dictates of the real, and adjust himself to his reduced limits, late eighteenth-century man took refuge among phantoms; satisfying his nostalgia with the marvels offered by impostors and necromancers, he fled matter and denied its existence....A whole culture was collapsing."
- A. Viatte, Les Sources occultes du Romantisme:

Illuminisme-Theosophie 1770-1820

Adam Weishaupt "adopted the teachings of radical French philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1778) and the anti-Christian doctrines of the Manicheans. He was indoctrinated in Egyptian occultism in 1771 by a merchant of unknown origin named Kolmer, who was said to have traveled Europe in search of converts."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"Brilliant and well trained by the Jesuits in the conspiratorial methods of access to power, young Weishaupt decided to organize a body of conspirators, determined to free the world from the Jesuitical rule of Rome and help humanity back to the pristine Christian faith of the hermetic martyrs. He is reputed to have been initiated by a German merchant named Kolmer, he had spent many years in Egypt, into a secret doctrine based on Manichaeism. Mayday of 1776, Weishaupt founded his own sect of the Very Perfectibles - better known as the Illuminati - with five original members, self-described as reformist libertarians, partisans of absolute equality."
- Peter Tompkins, The Magic of Obelisks

"Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt, conceived the idea of founding an order which, by mutual helpfulness, counsel, and philosophic discussions, would increase morality and virtue, lay the foundation for the reformation of the world, and oppose the progress of evil, all of which objectives were expressed in the name, 'Order of Perfectibilists' or 'Perfectionists', which was soon changed to 'Illuminati', which is best translated as 'intellectually inspired'. Modesty and humility seems to have been no trait of Weishaupt, for he was one of the first to attempt to fly with little knowledge of human aerodynamics. His ambition outweighed his judgement; his ideals were too refined for a rude world. Like many other promoters, Weishaupt sought the aid of Freemasonry to give his machine both propulsion and ballast. But it dragged Freemasonry down without helping Illuminism very much. He was too shrewd and subtle for his own good, though such qualities gave him headway for a time. Although he formerly belonged to the Jesuits, he secured admission to a lodge of Freemasons in 1777. Ironically, that was named 'Lodge of Caution'."

"We are not informed as to just how Weishaupt became associated with Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von Knigge, for the latter lived in North Germany, was of the nobility, and, after his initiation in 1773, showed little interest in Freemasonry. But noblemen were found in abundance in the most fraudulent orders in Germany claiming some Masonic connections. Weishaupt, in 1780, dispatched the Marquis de Costanzo to propagate Illuminism in the north and Knigge probably then first showed interest in the society. He became more and more enthusiastic as the plan was revealed to him, and, in 1781, accepted the invitation to visit Bavaria and receive full access to all of Weishaupt's materials. Knigge not only completed the scale of degrees but became a proponent of them, bringing to his aid the assistance of Johann J. C. Bode, a prominent German Mason. The order was at first very popular and attracted, it is said, some of the best men in Germany and some of the worst. It had 2000 names on its rolls and spread to France, Belgium, Holland, Denamrk, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Italy."
- Henry Wilson Coil, Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961

"Unable in Catholic Bavaria to achieve this utopian goal by direct means, Weishaupt determined to work from within an existing organization: the Masonic order....By 1779, there were 54 members of the Illuminati, mostly young noblemen and clergymen, established in four Bavarian cities. Thereafter, with the help of a Masonic bookseller, Johann Bode, the order branched out through Southern Germany and Austria, and down into France and Northern Italy, intellectuals, such as Goethe, Schiller, Mozart, and Herder were attracted."
- Peter Tompkins, The Magic of Obelisks

"Knigge, especially, was a highly religious and intellectual man and would have had nothing to do with that or any other order which was anti-Christian, yet, the vicious attacks and accusations by Baruel and Robison had great influence, and it was even charged that the Illuminati were themselves agents of the Jesuits, though the latter were opposing it in their usual secret manner. The Illuminati were extremely secretive, even identifying themselves and their chapters by assumed classical names; for examples, Weishaupt was Spartacus, Knigge was Philo, Ingolstadt, the headquarters, was Eleusis, Austria was Egypt, etc. Dates were given in a sort of cryptography."
- Henry Wilson Coil, Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961

Thomas Jefferson "strenuously defended the Illuminati, and described Weishaupt as 'an enthusiastic philanthropist'."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"As Weishaupt lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, and the principles of pure morality. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment....If Weishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavors to render men wise and virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose."
- Thomas Jefferson

"The Illuminati were finally beset by both internal and external disorders, for Weishaupt found fault with some of Knigge's ritualistic work and peremptorily ordered it changed, whereupon, Knigge became disgusted and resigned in 1784. The Jesuits had fought it from the first and eventually all priests became its active enemies and raised so much opposition that the Elector of Bavaria supressed the Order by edict, June 22, 1784, many Illuminati being imprisoned and some, including Weishaupt, being forced to flee the country. Though the first edict had been obeyed, it was repeated in March and August, 1785. Not only Illuminism, but Freemasonry was exterminated in Bavaria and neither ever recovered its former position. The Illuminati seem to have completely disappeared everywhere by the end of the 18th century."
- Henry Wilson Coil, Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961

"The suppression of the Illuminati of Bavaria in 1785 created a tremendous furor whose echoes reached as far as New England, drawing George Washington out in support of the suspect American Freemasons. In fact the Illuminati proved to be the unwilling occasion for the birth of modern conspiracy theory. Wildly exaggerated accounts of their supposed wickedness and of the imminent peril which they represented for society were published in a great epidemic of pamphlets. Their secrecy, their insistence on recruitment of important civil servants, their concealment of the true aims of the society from all but a few highly placed initiates, combined to make them into the bogeymen not only of the German conservatives but of a wider European public. Four years later, when the French Revolution broke out, the mythical beliefs about the Illuminati of Bavaria were incorporated in a vaster and wilder conspiracy theory, which found room also for the Templars."
- Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians

"What is today called the conspiracy theory was born in the flood tide of books, pamphlets, and articles denouncing the Illuminati and linking them to an ever-lengthening list of other supposed plotters. The scope of the accusations is reflected in the title of one anti-Illuminati book, published in 1797: Proofs of a Conspiracy against All the Religions and Governments of Europe, Carried On in the Secret Meetings of Free Masons, Illuminati, and reading Societies, Collected from Good Authorities....The 170-year-old Proofs of a Conspiracy was reissued in 1967 by the John Birch Society, which apparently considered the Illuminati a clear and present danger."
- Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects

(3) Rites of the Illuminati

"The aristocratic mumbo-jumbo of the Templar lodges pandered to the confused conservatism of the German nobles and ad a great deal in common with the mumbo-jumbo of the Rosicrucians, to whose ideas the Illuminati were absolutely opposed. The Bavarian Illuminati were an austere emanation of the spirit of the German Professorate, inspired by a consciously bourgeois program, irreligious and radical."
- Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians

"The ceremonies were divided into three principal classes and those into degrees as follows:

I- The Nursery
1. Preparatory Literary Essay
2. Novitiate
3. Minerval
4. Minor Illuminatus
5. Magistratus

II- Symbolic Freemasonry
1. Apprentice
2. Fellow Craft
3. Master
4.(a) Scots Major Illuminatus
..(b) Scots Illuminatus Dirigens (Directory)

III- Mysteries
1. Lesser
(a) Presbyter, Priest, or Epopt
(b) Prince or Regent
2. Greater
(a) Magus
(b) Rex or King (some of these latter degrees were never completed)"
- Henry Wilson Coil, Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia, 1961

"Status as a Mason was not required for initiation into the Order of Illuminati since the fourth, fifth and sixth degrees of Weishaupt and Baron Von Knogge's system practically duplicated the three degrees of symbolic Freemasonry. Although Knigge claimed to have a system of ten degrees, the last two appear never to have been fully worked up."

"Openly political and antimonarchial, Weishaupt's 'Illuminati' formed another channel of 'higher degrees' for Freemasons to graduate into after completing the Blue Degrees. Weishaupt's 'Illuminati' had its own 'hidden master' known as the 'Ancient Scot Superior'.
- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"In the lower ranks - the 'nursery' - the member was very much in the dark as to the way in which the Order was run, and how it should accomplish its design of freeing the world. As he progressed, however, he found that a part of his service to the Society was to gain financial and social power, and to place them at the disposal of the group. He was expected to be a diligent Mason, and to try to gain control over Masonic funds. It was not until the tenth rite of promotion had been completed that the member was given - with the grade of Priest - certain definite knowledge. This included the fact that the Illuminati were proposing to destroy princes and prelates throughout the world, and were to remove forever the feeling of local nationality from the minds of men. The ways in which this was to be done involved infiltrating high positions in education, administration and the Press.

"The very highest degrees showed that the rationalism and materialism of the thinkers who developed it were determined to stamp out belief in religion. God and any faith in a deity, the initiate was told, were human inventions, and had no real meaning. Subsequently this was developed further, and the member who arrived at the highest position (that of Rex, King) learned that he was now equal to a king, and that all men were capable of equal advancement; hence the need for kings over ordinary mortals was an illusion."
- Arkon Daraul, Secret Societies

Revenge of the Templars?

(1) Threads of Conspiracy

"After their recent exposures in Bavaria, The Illuminati had been driven even further underground, taking on a variety of names, such as The French Revolutionary Club. As radicals flocked into these new varieties of Illuminism, a larger meeting hall was needed. The Hall of the Jacobins Convent was leased, and it was from this hall that they eventually derived their new name, the Jacobin Club. "The Jacobin Club met in secret and eventually boasted of having some of the best-educated and most influential men in France among its 1,300 members. The Jacobins vowed to destroy the monarchy, as well as other existing institutions, and sought to establish what they called a 'New World Order', or 'Universal Republic'."

"The famous magician and occultist, Cagliostro, was initiated into the Illuminati in 1783. Many years later, he told Catholic priests about his initiation. The initiation took place in an underground room near Frankfort, Germany."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"An iron box filled with papers was opened. The introducers took from it a manuscript book [which] on the first 'We, Grand Masters of the Templars...'then followed a form of oath, traced in blood. The book stated that Illuminism was a conspiracy directed against thrones and altars, and that the first blows were to attain France, that after the fall of the French Monarchy, Rome must be attacked."

"By March, 1789, the 266 lodges controlled by the [French] Grand Orient were all 'illuminized' without knowing it, for the Freemasons in general, were not told the name of the sect that brought them these mysteries, and only a very small number were really initiated into the secret....In the following month the Revolution broke out."
- Cagliostro (Nesta H. Wesbster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements}

"Cagliostro was the Agent of the Templars, and therefore wrote to the Freemasons of London that the time had come to begin the work of re-building the Temple of the Eternal. He had introduced into Masonry a new Rite called the Egyptian, and endeavored to resuscitate the mysterious worship of Isis. The three letters 'l. P. D.' on his seal, were the initials of the words 'Lilia pedibus destrue', 'tread under foot the Lilies [of France]', and a Masonic medal of the sixteenth or seventeenth century has upon it a sword cutting off the stalk of a lily, and the words 'talem dabit ultio messem', 'such harvest revenge will give'."
- General Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

"In his Mémoires pour servir æ l'histoire du Jacobinisme published in three volumes from 1797 to 1798, Barruel [a Jesuit scholar] derived all evils from Mani and the Manicheans and demonstrated the existence of a continuous historical conspiracy."
- Edward Burman, The Assassins - Holy Killers of Islam

"In the minds of Barruel and Cadet de Gassicourt [Le Tombeau de Jacques de Molay] there was in invincible belief in a continuous historical conspiracy, through which anarchist beliefs had passed from the medieval heretics in the west and the Assassins in the east to the Templars and thence through the four Templar lodges which were set up after the death of Jacques de Molay in 1314."
- Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians - The Templars and their Myth

"All revolutionaries and murderers since then had been part of a single 'Templar' society - including Cromwell, the murderer of Henry IV of France, conspirators in Portugal, Brazil and Sweden, and of course Robespierre and Danton."
- Edward Burman, The Assassins - Holy Killers of Islam

Eliphas Levi claimed that the French Revolution represented the Templars' revenge for the persecution they had suffered in the thirteenth century."
- David Conway, Ritual Magic

"A Lodge inaugurated under the auspices of Rousseau, the fanatic of Geneva became the center of the revolutionary movement in France, and a Prince of the blood-royal went thither to swear the destruction of the successors of Phillipe le Bel on the tomb Jacques de Molai. The registers of the Order of Templars attest that the Regent, the Duc d'Orleans, was Grand Master of that formidable Secret Society, and that his successors were the Duc de Maine, the Prince of Bourbon-Condé and the Duc de Crossé-Brissace."

"It was impossible to unfold to the people the conspiracy of the Templars against the Thrones and the Tiara...[To do so] would have been to initiate the multitude into the secrets of the Masters, and to have uplifted the veil of Isis."

"When Louis XVI was executed, half the work was done; and thenceforth the Army of the Temple was to direct all its efforts against the Pope."
- General Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

(2) The Reign of Terror

"In the spring and summer of 1789, an artificial shortage of grain was created by Illuminist manipulations of the grain market. This produced a famine so intense that it brought the nation to the edge of revolt. One of the leading figures in this scheme was the Duc d'Orleans, the grand Master of the grand Orient lodges. The Illuminatists claimed that their revolution would be 'for the benefit of the bourgeoisie with the people as instruments...' but in reality the conspirators held up the food supplies and blocked all reforms in the National Assembly to exacerbate the situation, and the populace starved.

"By July 14, the Bastille was stormed, from which a grand total of only seven prisoners were 'liberated'. Even French historians now acknowledge that the purpose of the revolutionaries was not to destroy the Bastille or liberate the prisoners, but to steal arms and gunpowder. Thus armed, on July 22, 1789, the Jacobins set into motion one of the most elaborately timed revolutionary exercises ever attempted. It would later be known as 'The great Fear'.

"A panic was created simultaneously around the nation. Horsemen rode from town to town telling the citizens that 'brigands' were approaching and that everyone should take up arms. Citizens were instructed that the conspirators were being harbored in the larger estates, the chateaux, and that by edict of the King all should be torched. The people, obedient to their monarch, complied. Soon, the flames of destruction were soon burning out of control. Anarchy continued to grow as citizens began raiding and pillaging - and not only for food."
- William T. Still, New World Order

With the overthrow of the monarchy in 1792, "from the 10th of August onwards, we find the tricolor replaced by the red flag of the social revolution, whilst the cry of 'Vive notre roi d'Orleans!' gives way to the masonic watchword 'Liberty, Equality, Fraternity."
- Nesta H. Wesbster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

"Terror was rampant in the streets of Paris....In November 1793 a campaign against religion was inaugurated by a massacre of the priests all over France. In the cemeteries the cherished motto of the Illuminati, 'Death is an eternal sleep', was posted by the order of the Illuminatus 'Anaxagoras' Chaumette. In the churches of Paris, Feasts of Reason were celebrated where women of easy morals were enthroned as goddesses. These were also known as 'Exoterion', and were modeled on Weishaupt's plan to honor the god of Love."

"In 1791, after returning to the United States from a three-year stint as minister to France, he [Thomas Jefferson] described the carnage as 'so beautiful a revolution' and stated that he hoped it would sweep the world. He claimed to believe that 'most Frenchmen were Jacobins. Their excesses, if one called them such, reflected that national will."

"By 1793, much of France lay in ruin. Industries were decimated, libraries burned, the bourgeoisie all but wiped out. Even the great chemist Lavoisier had been guillotined on the excuse that 'the Republic has no need of chemists'."

"Toward the end of 1793, the new revolutionary Republic found itself faced with hundreds of thousands of working men for whom it could not find employment. The revolutionary leaders embarked upon a fearful new project that was to be copied by tyrants ever after, called 'depopulation'.

"The idea was to reduce France's population of twenty-five million down to either eight or sixteen million, depending on which source you believe. Maximilien Robespierre believed depopulation to be 'indispensable'."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"The system of the Terror was thus the answer to the problem of unemployment - unemployment brought about on a vast scale by the destruction of the luxury trades."
- Nesta H. Wesbster, Secret Societies and Subversive Movements

"In France members of the revolutionary committees in charge of the extermination toiled day and night over maps, calculating just how many heads must be sacrificed in each town. Fearful Revolutionary Tribunals tried to determine who would be killed, and a never-ending stream of victims marched to a variety of deaths. In Nantes, 500 children were killed in one butchery, and 144 poor women who sewed shirts for the army were thrown into the river." "...Estimates of the final death toll at the time ran around 300,000."
- William T. Still, New World Order

"I have seen half the earth desolated. Were there but an Adam & Eve left in every country, & left free, it would be better than it now is...The liberty of the whole earth was depending on the issue of the contest."
- Thomas Jefferson

Read about Illuminati.

Fenomena Azan - Kebesaran Allah

Saturday, February 26, 2011

E mail cops directly

The public can now e mail the Selangor police directly in a people friendly effort by the police force.

Among them are the Selangor CID chief (, Selangor Commercial Crime chief ( and Selangor Narcotics chief (

Other police in other states should follow suit in order to make it easier for people to contact them if criminals intimidate them or if they want to report a crime or be a whistleblower on any crime they witnessed.

Tun Dr M blasts Anwar, Nik Aziz

Anwar, Nik Aziz pengkhianat bangsa Melayu: Dr. M
26/02/2011 9:39pm

KAMPUNG GAJAH 26 Feb. - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini mengulangi kecaman terhadap penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Mursyidul Am Pas Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat yang disifatkan sebagai pengkhianat bangsa Melayu kerana sanggup memecahbelah perpaduan ummah hanya semata-mata untuk kepentingan politik.

Beliau berkata, Anwar sanggup memecah belahkan orang Melayu untuk meraih sokongan semata-mata membolehkan beliau ke Putrajaya untuk menjadi Perdana Menteri, Nik Abdul Aziz pula menjadikan isu agama untuk mengkafirkan orang lain dengan membuat andaian orang yang berjuang untuk bangsa adalah orang kafir.

"Saya tidak tahu Nik Aziz dapat dari mana-mana hadis atau Al-Quran yang mengatakan sedemikian,” katanya berucap pada Perhimpunan Melayu anjuran Perkasa Perak di sini.

Bekas Perdana Menteri itu berkata, mengikut kenyataan Menteri Besar Kelantan itu, mereka yang menjadi nasionalis dianggap telah menolak agama.

"Bagi Nik Aziz kalau hendak menjadi Islam bukan saja mengucap dua kali syahadah tetapi menjadi tiga kalimah termasuk menjadi ahli dalam parti Pas, baru dianggap sah sebagai orang Islam,” katanya. - Bernama

Friday, February 25, 2011

Shouting at witness proves the defence lawyer are a desperado

"Please do not shout," Chemistry Department Paternity DNA Unit head Nor Aidora Saedon told lawyer Ram Karpal Singh during cross-examination in the High Court.

The excerpt above was taken from The Malay Mail dated 25th February 2011 titled "Anwar's Sodomy Trial: Please don't shout, witness tells lawyer can be read at Anwar's Sodomy Trial.

This proves that the defence council is out of ideas on how to defend Anwar Al Juburi since he must resort to being so unprofessional as it is obvious he is trying to intimidate the witness.

Even though you are clearly dumbfounded on how to defend your client and you still had to defend him since you already receive tonnes of money from him, don't make it that obvious that you are a DESPERADO!

We all know that criminals have to tell everything to their defence attorney so that their attorney can think of ways to get their clients of the hook maybe by the reason of technical glitch.

Therefore, I assume that the band of lawyers hired by Anwar Al Juburi knew the truth, nothing but the truth about him sodomising Saiful Bukhari.

So, being a criminal lawyer that defended the criminals also makes the lawyers the biggest loser or low life and have no honour because he is in cohort to free the criminal from the punishment.

Leaders in Hindraf should be put in the I.S.A.

DPM wants firm action against Hindraf

CHANGLUN Feb 24 — Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin wants firm police action against a group calling itself Hindraf which is reported to be trying to hold a mass rally this Sunday.

He said that Hindraf, the Hindu Rights Action Force, had been banned and using or championing its name was in itself an offence.

"They (planners) know that they would need permission from the police (for such a rally),” he told reporters here.

Muhyiddin said it was up to police to “shape” the action to be taken, but they have to be firm against such activity as a rally by a banned organisation.

"If they act outside the law and disregard regulations, holding rallies and the like ... stern action should be taken,” Muhyiddin said.

He added that any attempt to revive a banned organisation must be viewed seriously.

In KUALA LUMPUR, Police said the planned gathering did not have a permit.

Kuala Lumpur police in statement said an application for the permit filed at the Dang Wangi police station was turned down on security grounds.

The gathering could affect public order and cause traffic congestion, the statement said, adding that the organisers had been notified the the planned assembly was not approved.


This Hindraf is not really looking after the welfare of the Indians but are more towards racism and trying to provoke something akin to the 13th May 1969 which had previously occured when DAP leaders and supporters provoked the Malays to get out from Kuala Lumpur.

This could be an indication that they want to provoke the Malays to the extend of setting off another racial clash, which this time could be between the Indians and the Malays with the communists in DAP, just smiling from behind because they are the real agent provocateurs who do not have to lift a finger to do their dirty job.

Hello! Just remember that this is MALAYsia not India okay, you fuckers!

Since India does not seem to care if their government killed the Muslims in their country, we should follow suit and care more about the majority in this country, which are the Malay Muslims.

The minorities in this country should be thankful towards the Malays who had willingly given the citizenship to their ancestors so that they could be Malaysian citizens.

If they are so keen on demolishing the constitution to set up a communist constitution which will then be oppressive towards the Malays, the government should seriously consider revoking their citizenship.

Everyone on the face of this Earth are looking out for their own kind, therefore we the Malays, should not turn back on our own race to care for other races because have we ever seen the Chinese or the Indians taking care of the Malays???

Please! Just give me an example of when the racists kiasus in DAP had ever cared about the Malays more than they cared about one of their own?

Hence, the Malays who are leaders in DAP are traitors of the Malay race because they are only minorities in a communist party controlled by the majority Chinese communist.

And being a minority who have no real power or position, they are just puppets on strings which can be controlled by the communists.

In conclusion, leaders of the opposition or NGOs that are more inclined towards the opposition which their sole purpose is to put Malaysia in the state of chaos, should be put under the I.S.A.

We should do whatever it takes to ensure the harmony of our country because surely we don't want Malaysia to be in a state of disarray like Egypt or other Middle East countries which are now in chaos. This are truly the doing of the agent provocateurs who are doing this by provocating the people to revolt.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Datuk Illani Isahak dies of breast cancer

KUALA LUMPUR: The Chairman of the Committee to Promote Inter-Religious Understanding and Harmony, Datuk Illani Isahak, died today after struggling with breast cancer for the past five years.

Illani, 58, breathed her last at about 6am at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM), here.

Her remains had been brought back to her residence in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

Born in Kelantan, Illani is survived by husband Adam Camille Rustum Mohd Ibrahim and three sons and a daughter.

She was active in Umno at the state and federal level and had held the post of Chairman of the International Bureau of Wanita Umno Malaysia in 2004. She was also elected as the Member of Parliament for Kota Baharu in 1990.

Meanwhile, Malaysia Hindu Council president Datuk R.Nadarajah described the sudden demise of Illani as a great loss to the people who love peace and harmony in a multi-racial and multi-religious country.

Offering condelence to Illani's family over her demise, Nadarajah in a statement said: "We in return shall fulfill her wish to make interfaith panel a success." -- BERNAMA

Al-fatihah for the deceased.

Anwar is looking after his own butt

Here are the excepts from Awang Selamat in the English version of Utusan Malaysia in an article titled "Hosni, Anwar and Batik" dated 13th February 2011.

More than that, Awang is sympathetic to the

fate of Saiful. Anwar’s strategy is to deny the right of the complainant.

Awang has written several times that justice is not merely the right of

prominent people or VIP like Anwar but also the right of the people on the

street like Saiful. Awang just cannot accept the fact that Anwar who depicted

himself as a great leader and so-called fighter for justice and democracy, acted

the other way round in his sodomy case.

It is for this reason that many see Anwar’s action as deprecating justice. He

should understand the pressure which Saiful have to bear. Imagine if such case

happens to us, our children or our family members. It is Awang’s prayer that

Saiful and his family continue to be patient in facing the trying moment. It is

nature’s law that truth will prevail while lies will fall by the wayside.

Whatever it is, Awang really salute Saiful’s determination. It is strange that

while the small people have the strength to appear before the judge, a VIP is

looking for an escape route.

Anwar Ibrahim is a hard core homosexual who is known by all Malaysians especially the gay community here including by his so loyal wife and children.

I look down on Wan Azizah and her children for siding with her husband and father when they know well that he is what he had been accused of.

We can see that by the delay tactics being used by the defence attorney which are finding petty excuses after petty excuses to delay the case.

We had even been exposed that Anwar is thinking of running of to Washington if he is found guilty in this sodomy trial.

I want to enquire JAIS why they had not charged Anwar Ibrahim in the Syariah Court for committing unnatural sex?

Anwar Ibrahim had loads of money which is given by his true boss, the Jew or Illuminati (for those who are into conspiracy theories since Anwar had been using the conspiracy excuse again and again) so that he can wreck havoc in Malaysia even before he is the first gay Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Conspiracy. Now we have to think of all angles. Why would Anwar Ibrahim accuse the Government of conspiring to bring him down?

The question that should be asked is that; isn't it possible that Anwar Ibrahim is the mole in the Government when he was in Government before and he is the actual one CONSPIRING TO BRING THE GOVERNMENT DOWN?

Isn't it possible that fucking homo is the foreign agent of another country which wants to control the top leader in Malaysia, by appointing Anwar Ibrahim who coincidently is their agent so that he can be controlled by them when he becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Why would all the well-known gay communities be so concerned about this case if Anwar Ibrahim is not a gay?

Ever heard of birds of a feather flock together? A gay will defend another gay in time of need. A gay will know another gay when they see each other.

Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor of this nation who is a threat to the national security. His known or hidden friends or supporters are just as dangerous and we know who you are.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer is the right way to bring Anwar Ibrahim, the hardcore homo down.

Since Anwar Ibrahim had before potrayed himself to be so pious in ABIM, why is it now he is not so, when he had been accused of sodomising Saiful Bukhari this time, by doing whatever thing necessary in Islam to clear his name?

For instance, he can go to Mecca and make an oath in front of the Kaabah that he had not done what he had been accused of???

His reluctance to do that when it is crystal clear that he has loads of money to travel back and forth to Washington to report to his true masters had proven by itself that he is indeed a traitor of this nation.

And traitors should be shot to death by the firing squad for spying for the foreign power, just like they do it in China.

It is so unfair for the victim to wait for justice being serves for years now after he first lodged a police report about the sodomy.

The accused had done nothing to prove himself as being wrongly accused but had been acting weird as if he had really done the act of sodomising Saiful without his consent which in another word is rape.

Now I understand why Anwar asked "Siapa rogol siapa?", since he really did rape Saiful Bukhari's anus.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim is an ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL

Lawyer Karpal Singh suggested in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was a "passive homosexual".

That was the excerpt from The Star dated 22nd February 2011 titled "
Sodomy II: Saiful a 'passive homosexual', court hears (Updated)" which can be read at the link Sodomy II: Saiful a 'passive homosexual', court hears (Updated).

I find this so hillarious. This statement by Karpal Singh is not too clever.

It indicates that Anwar Ibrahim is an active homosexual since he is try to potray Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan as a "passive homosexual".

I bet the multiple DNA profiles found on Saiful's anus was transferred from Anwar Ibrahim since he is a hardcore homosexual and could have been satisfying himself with other homosexuals in an earlier appointment before meeting Saiful.

Anything is possible since Anwar so loves the male butt that he would go to any lengths to satisfy himself by fucking a male anus in which the shitty dung came out.

Can you imagine how smelly Anwar's dick would smell after that? Than he expects his partner to suck his dick. Ewwww!

Only crazy people and Anwar Ibrahim is one crazy dude (look at his crazy eyes) will fuck people of their own species in a hole where the smelly shits came out when there are delicious anus to fuck.

If God want a male to fuck another male, what's the use of creating a female, you faggot! Faggots should be checked in a mental ward and never be allowed in the real world because they are in a delusion.

By the way, have we ever witnessed a Tom Cat fucking another Tom Cat? Animals are more sane than this Anwar Al Juburi.

Don't mind my language because I don't mince my words here. You can swear at me all you want. I will swear back at you more!

So, is a gay boy someone that you would want to be your future Prime Minister? Is a crazy person who would do anything even to the extend of selling his own soul to the devil (Illuminati) and becoming a Jew agent someone you want to be your future Prime Minister?

I am sure that the gay community in Malaysia is loving the idea of having a gay boy as Malaysia's Prime Minister because then, homosexuality will be allowed to roam free where they can fuck butts anywhere and anytime they want to in public.

I hate faggots. Burn in hell all of you faggots out there! Aren't you faggots afraid of STDs? I hope HIV and AIDS will put you faggots on an endangered species list.

Fuck you to hell busybodies!

First of all, I don't like busibodies. I mean really busy people who are serious with their work, won't even have time to be busibodies and mind other people's business.

My time is precious. I have work to do. I have more important things to do, than snooping or minding other people's business.

Only STUPID FUCKERS who are unemployed people, drug addicts ( who want to rob people out of their money to buy drugs so that they can die out of their addiction towards drugs), petty minded people, mat rempits, bohsia, bohjan, and those 'kampung' minded people like to mind other people's business.

Do you think that scientists, researchers, businessmen, astronouts and others have TIME TO BE BUSIBODIES?

Hey! There are more important things in my life that I have to do than minding other people's business and I expect people to mind their own business as well.

I mean. Really. Do you like people minding your business? Do you like gossipers and other petty minded nothing better to do women or men for that matter to gossip about you or spy on you 24/7?

I want to say GO TO HELL and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, OKAY you bloodyfools.

Don't you have anything better to do than minding other people's business?

Go read a book and stop reading URTV and use your grey matter for once instead of making it rusting because you never use it.

My God! I could just .... these busibodies. I really can use my imagination like what Ally McBeal on what torture I can use to those busibodies so that they can die a real painful death.

Pun intended! I'm not a violent person anyway. Unless if you provoke or attack me first.

I think that someone who is attacked by someone else has a right in law to defend himself even to the extend of killing the attacker.

I mean it's either your life or theirs. We should not be so nice to criminals to the extend of us losing our lives.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reject DAP and Pakatan Rakyat

In an article titled "Ops Lalang was Dr M's Diversion tactic, says Kit Siang" in The Malaysian Insider, read the quote below.

“It all boiled down to the basic question: What kind of Malaysia was the government trying to build?” said Lim.

Well, I can say this crystal clear, NOT A COMMUNIST NATION as what your party is propogating.

DAP is the splinter party of PAP in Singapore.

Every country has its own Internal Security Act to defend and protect the country from traitors and those who is a threat to national security.

Therefore, it is up to the leader of the respective country to do whatever it takes to defend the country and its people from traitors, spies of foreign nation and those who are a threat to the national security.

I am sure, since we had witnessed the atrocities of what the communist had done in their time of rampage at one time, I am sure if ever DAP ruled Malaysia, they will do it once again to those who are against them, the communist who have now laid down their arms but still defending their propogation to turn this country into a communist nation.

Therefore, I am calling out to all rational and thinking Malaysians to reject DAP and Pakatan Rakyat who have until now, not proven themselves to be as just as they make out themselves to be as what we can see happening in Penang where the Malay traders are being oppressed and caged like a wild animal and the Chinese traders are let to reign as free as a bird.

And don't we forget who caused the 13th Mei 1969 race riots. The good for nothing DAP who thinks that they can just sweep the Malays from Kuala Lumpur.

This is MALAYsia for heaven's sake, not China or India. Get that through your thick skull.

The majority living in MALAYsia are still the MALAYs though there are stupid ones who can be conned to support and be leaders of DAP. Those are the MALAY communist who are traitors of their own race.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Letter from a reader in Utusan Malaysia

Read this letter for Forum Utusan Malaysia.

Jika Melayu hilang kuasa

SEMEMANGNYA terdapat banyak perbezaan antara masyarakat Melayu atau bumiputera di Malaysia jika hendak dibandingkan dengan masyarakat itu yang tinggal di Singapura.

Perbezaan jelas adalah orang Melayu di negara ini bebas dan boleh menubuhkan parti politiknya sendiri berbanding rakan-rakan mereka di seberang yang tidak mendapat peluang seperti itu.

Dari segi peluang pekerjaan bertaraf pegawai atau eksekutif di sektor kerajaan atau swasta pula, selalunya peluang masyarakat Melayu di Singapura agak kecil tetapi di Malaysia, keadaannya agak seimbang dengan bangsa-bangsa lain.

Di Singapura, mereka yang berbangsa Melayu hanya memegang jawatan yang rendah dan tidak penting walaupun mempunyai kelulusan yang baik.

Sepanjang pengetahuan saya, kebanyakan daripada mereka bekerja dengan jawatan yang rendah seperti hanya menjawat kerani atau guru sekolah sahaja.

Di dalam sektor beruniform juga mereka hanya diberikan pangkat rendah dan tidak diberikan peranan penting di dalam pasukan tentera atau polis.

Pernah juga saya terdengar keluhan orang Melayu Singapura bahawa mereka ini seolah-olah tinggal di dalam sangkar emas.

Benar sekali kenyataan bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad supaya kita belajar dari kesilapan yang lalu kerana jangan sampai bangsa Melayu hilang segala-galanya, baru hendak sedar.

Itulah lebih kurang nasib orang Melayu Singapura dan kita kena ambil iktibar bahawa jika sekiranya orang Melayu di Malaysia ini tidak bersatu dan bercakar sesama sendiri, ditakuti kita pula akan kehilangan kuasa.

Apabila hilang segala-galanya, jangan salahkan orang lain tetapi salahkan diri sendiri.

Pada ketika itu, jika kita menangis air mata darah sekalipun, ia tidak dapat mengembalikan kuasa itu nanti.

Sejarah telah mengajar kita betapa jatuhnya empayar Melaka pada tahun 1511 ke tangan Portugis disebabkan kekeliruan dan perpecahan berpuak-puak kumpulan orang Melayu ketika itu.

Ketika itu, anasir luar dengan mudah masuk menyusup untuk mengeruhkan keadaan yang akhirnya hanya dengan kekuatan beberapa ratus askar Portugis dengan dua buah kapal perang sahaja, mereka dapat mengalahkan panglima-panglima dan beribu-ribu perwira yang handal Melaka.

Sejak kejatuhan Melaka itulah, negeri-negeri lain di Tanah Melayu menyusur tunduk kepada penjajah dan dibuat seperti bola apabila penjajah bertukar-tukar tangan antara Portugis, Belanda, Inggeris dan Jepun.

Ketika itulah, orang-orang Melayu ditindas dan tidak dipedulikan tentang mengenai kebajikan mereka, sehinggakan ada yang sanggup dijadikan seperti hamba.

Kini kita sudah merdeka dan saya berharap orang Melayu perlu sedar bahawa sekiranya negara ini terjajah sekali lagi, berkemungkinan segala kuasa kita akan lenyap dam tidak mustahil bangsa Melayu juga akan hilang di dunia seperti yang pernah dikatakan oleh Hang Tuah.

Saya seru dan merayu kepada mereka berbangsa Melayu di negara ini agar terus bersatupadu dan lupakan apa juga sengketa atau perbalahan yang boleh menjuruskan perpecahan dan padahnya nanti negara akan tergadai kepada tangan orang lain.


YDP Persatuan Keluarga Jamalullail Perak

Taman Zaiton Indah,

Ampangan, Seremban

Malays have to unite and reject parties such as PAS and PKR which had been established to disunite the Malays.

What is the use of having PAS and PKR when the Malay are having more squabbles with one another more and more?

Therefore, let us ensure that PAS and PKR does not exist any more to make chaos in our beloved country in the next General Election.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No documentation for 4,000 Malaysian Indians

Read the article taken from Utusan Malaysia below.

4,000 masyarakat India tiada dokumen pengenalan diri

15/02/2011 3:42pm

PUTRAJAYA 15 Feb. - Anggaran 4,000 masyarakat India tempatan dikenal pasti tidak mempunyai dokumen pengenalan diri, kata Menteri Sumber Manusia Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam.

Beliau berkata, keadaan itu berlaku disebabkan beberapa faktor antaranya kurang pengetahuan serta beberapa masalah lain.

Sehubungan itu katanya, Kempen Mydaftar peringkat kebangsaan mulai 19 hingga 26 Februari ini mensasarkan untuk mendaftarkan sebanyak mungkin masyarakat India tempatan yang tidak mempunyai dokumen diri yang sewajarnya.

"Kempen ini merupakan platform untuk masyarakat yang mempunyai masalah tampil ke depan dan berusaha menyelesaikan masalah itu,” katanya pada sidang akhbar selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat persediaan Kempen Mydaftar peringkat kebangsaan di sini hari ini. - Bernama

I am puzzled why many Indians in Malaysia did not register with the National Registration Department (NRD)?

This is one of the requirements for Malaysians to do so that their children will be registered as Malaysians too and they can go to school.

I am quite skeptical about this because how can we be certain this won't be abused?

I still remember that thousands of Indian nationals who came to work in Malaysia had gone MIA.

What is the guarantee that this is not a ploy to increase the Indian population by stating that those missing Indian nationals are also the 'Malaysians' without a birth certificate???

These Indians have been in Malaysia for decades. It is so irresponsible of them not to register the births of their children here in Malaysia.

If this is so, this proves that these Pariahs are so uneducated and the Indian leaders here have not done their job well.

Or maybe they have a yearning to go back to India? If they do, just send them back if that is what they want.

So, what do you readers think about solving this problem because I am not satisfied with this because it is open to abuse?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Maulidur Rasul

I would like to wish all my Muslim readers a very happy Maulidur Rasul and happy holidays to readers of other religion.

Monday, February 14, 2011

What the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan said about Valentine's Day

Here's what the Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan had to say about Valentine's Day celebration.

Hormati fatwa tak sambut Hari Kekasih


KUALA LUMPUR: Sebarang cara sambutan Hari Kekasih termasuk hanya bertujuan untuk 'suka-suka' seperti memberi hadiah dan bunga kepada pasangan wajar dielakkan masyarakat Islam kerana perbuatan itu meniru budaya penganut agama lain yang menyambut hari berkenaan.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom, berkata masyarakat Islam negara ini perlu mematuhi dan menghormati fatwa yang dikeluarkan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dan nasihat daripada mufti yang melarang mereka membabitkan diri dalam sambutan perayaan itu.

“Kita tidak boleh ukur sambutan ini kecil-kecilan atau besar-besaran atau untuk suka-suka kerana semuanya mampu mengundang kepada gejala maksiat.
“Jika ada yang kata nak berikan bunga atau hadiah kepada pasangan sekali pun pada hari berkenaan, itu juga adalah tanda mereka menyambutnya. Mengapa tidak diberikan saja pada hari lain?, ” katanya kepada Berita Harian, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika diminta mengulas tanggapan sesetengah masyarakat Islam di negara ini bahawa perayaan Hari Kekasih boleh disambut secara ‘suka-suka’ dengan hanya memberikan bunga atau hadiah tanpa membabitkan sebarang keraian lain.

Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan pada 2005 memutuskan umat Islam dilarang daripada membabitkan diri dalam meraikan Hari Kekasih kerana amalan itu tidak pernah dianjurkan Islam.

Selain itu, roh perayaan itu mempunyai unsur agama Kristian dan amalannya yang bercampur dengan perbuatan maksiat adalah dilarang oleh Islam yang jelas bercanggah dengan aqidah, syariah dan akhlak Islamiah.

INFO: Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan

  • Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan pada 2005 memutuskan umat Islam dilarang membabitkan diri dalam meraikan Hari Kekasih.
  • Sambutan Hari Kekasih tidak pernah dianjurkan Islam.
  • Roh perayaan Hari Kekasih mempunyai unsur agama Kristian.
  • Amalannya yang bercampur dengan perbuatan maksiat bercanggah dengan aqidah, syariah dan akhlak Islamiah.
  • Happy Valentine's Day to all you suckers out there!

    Valentine's Day are for stupidos who will spent tonnes of money on their loved ones by buying chocolates, roses and lavish dinners that will be priced exorbitantly than usual.

    Don't you feel better if you donate the money to the needy who would really appreciated your donation than wasting it on Valentine's Day?

    Hey! We don't need one day to show our beloved that we love them.

    In fact, we can do that everyday since chocolates, roses and dinner don't cost an airplane on normal days.

    So, to hell with Valentine's Day and you suckers who fall for the trick by sneeky traders who are all out to make tonnes of money by fooling you suckers today.

    Happy Valentine's Day suckers!

    BTW. I hate Valentine's Day because it's for stupidos who will fall for lies that it's the only day where you should show your love to your loved ones.

    Register yourself as a voter

    Register yourself as a voter. Do your part as a responsible citizen of Malaysia by casting your vote in the 13th General Election.

    Oh! By the way. Don't forget to vote for the weighing-scale (DACING).

    Just do it like PAS promotes. When PAS offers you heaven, just accept. But remember to vote for BN.

    Because PAS has no power to give you heaven or hell. Since their leaders are just normal human beings like you and me and not God or Allah!

    So, let us leave the judgement day for Allah to judge. The PAS leaders who said they can give you heaven or hell are not even sure if they are going to heaven, so how can they give us heaven?

    Use your brain for once and think logically.

    So, who will you vote for? Barisan Nasional or Pakatan Rakyat which is illegal and until now have not been registered with the ROS?

    Think and vote carefully for we don't want other Malays to be oppressed as what the Malays had been oppressed by the communist regime in Penang.

    But, it's up to you if you want to be oppressed or killed by the communist. The choice is in your hands if you want to be stupid.

    Remember Leftenan Adnan

    Read a letter to Forum in Utusan Malaysia by one reader.

    14 Februari: Ingatlah gugurnya Leftenan Adnan

    TANGGAL 14 Februari. Terserahlah, sama ada untuk bergembira dengan Saint Valentine (Valentine's Day) yang tiada dalam sejarah tempatan, atau terharu dengan The Last Man Standing dalam sejarah keberanian dan kepahlawanan Melayu, sehinggakan ke tahap pertempuran menggunakan benet dan akhirnya gugur sebagai bunga bangsa.

    Mari baca riwayatnya melalui Wikipedia: Kompeni 'C' menerima perintah untuk bergerak ke tapak pertahanan baharu - Pt. 226, Bukit Candu. Lebih ramai askar tambahan ditempatkan ke pasukan di bawah pimpinan Leftenan (Lt.) Adnan Saidi, menjadikan jumlah keseluruhannya 42 orang. Selepas meninjau persekitaran dengan cermat, Lt. Adnan memerintahkan orang-orangnya untuk memperkukuhkan benteng pertahanan mereka dengan beg pasir. Kawasan bukit tersebut dikelilingi dengan benteng beg pasir.

    Pada awal petang 14 Februari 1942, pihak Jepun melancarkan serangan berhelah. Daripada Jalan Pepys Road mendaki Pt.226, Adnan Saidi yang ketika itu berusia 27 tahun, memantau kontinjen tentera Sikh daripada Tentera British India (British-Indian Army) mara.

    Penglihatannya yang tajam dan kecerdasan fikirannya membolehkan Lt. Adnan perasan sesuatu tidak kena apabila menyedari tentera berturban yang mara itu bergerak dalam kumpulan berempat dan bukannya bertiga seperti Tentera British. Menyedari helah tersebut, Lt. Adnan Saidi dan anak buahnya melepaskan tembakan dan berjaya membunuh sekitar 20 orang musuh pada jarak dekat, dengan itu memaksa tentera Jepun berundur.

    Dua jam kemudian, tentera Jepun telah melancarkan serangan besar-besaran dalam bilangan yang besar. Serangan tersebut menumpaskan Lt. Adnan Saidi dan tenteranya. Dengan bilangan yang jauh lebih kecil dan kekurangan peluru, Rejimen Askar Melayu bertempur dengan gagah berani sehingga gugur. Walaupun Lt. Adnan terkorban, lebih daripada 800 askar yang telah dibunuh oleh Lt. Adnan dan regimennya. (Wikipedia)

    Maka, apabila tiba 14 Februari, ingatlah Lt. Adnan dan Kompeni C nya yang pernah memalukan tentera Jepun yang kononnya hebat dengan kamikazinya. Yang kononnya hebat dengan Shogun dan Ninjanya.

    Semoga Allah Taala Yang Maha Pengasih menempatkan wira-wira ini ditempat orang-orang yang mati syahid. Amin.

    Al-Fatihah buat bunga-bunga bangsaku.

    Zony Said

    Kajang, Selangor

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Waiting for another Operasi Lalang

    OPERATION Lalang was a black day in Malaysian history. On Oct 27, 1987, 106 people were detained under the ISA in one fell swoop. Most of them were from opposition parties and NGOs. A few newspapers were suspended. It traumatised Malaysians and made them submit to the culture of fear. Some have yet to recover from it.

    That is an article from Free Malaysia Today written by Kee Thuan Chye.

    Operation Lalang should be revived again soon so that Malaysia will be free from communism in DAP and also gayism in PKR.

    Nowadays, the communist in DAP are rampant in abolishing the Malay stalls in Penang.

    Serves you right for voting in Pakatan Rakyat and also DAP.

    Now you know that DAP is communists, so why did you vote in communist so that they can administer Penang?

    Now you can see the results of your clever action where the Chinese stalls are scout free to set up anywhere they like, but when it comes to the Malay stalls, all are being demolished.

    I suggest that you riot against the communist who are now showing their true communist colours.

    Think carefully before you vote in DAP or Pakatan Rakyat again in the next general election.

    We want another Operasi Lalang as soon as possible because the communists, the deviationists and the homos are becoming more brutal now.

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Leaders must help their followers

    Leaders, regardless of their position whether in the branch or lower level have to be concerned about their followers or other UMNO members.

    Don't be like an ungrateful person who will only be nice to the ordinary members when they need their help but will forget about them once they got their help.

    But when the leaders had received the followers help, they will ignore them or forget to thank them for the help that they had given them.

    I want to suggest to the UMNO leaders to follow PAS leaders in terms of taking care of their followers.

    Why would PAS followers be so loyal to their leaders is because their leaders really take good care of them!

    I even heard that the PAS leaders would buy the PAS followers group insurance to ensure of their health.

    Is it so much to do that as well for the UMNO members/followers/supporters especially those in the villages who might not have to much income to help them if they are sick?

    It might be a small gesture from a leader who might have more income to help those members/followers/supporters who might not be more stable in the term of income but it is a big gesture for those who receive the help.

    Therefore, in conclusion, those branch leaders or others in lower position should think of ways on how to take care of their followers so that their followers will be loyal to them.

    A small thing for the leaders who is rich might be a big thing for the followers who might not be as affluent.

    Doing these things consistently and not just when the general election or by-election is near, will pay off big for those leaders if they want to garner the supports of the members/followers/supporters.

    People will know if you are genuine or just doing it because the election is near.

    If you want to be a leader, you have to be there for the people consistently. Don't forget your voters once the election is over. Instead, keep in touch with them to get to know what more can you do to help them.

    Follow what Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had been doing by mingling with the people without any protocol because the people wants to know that their leaders are down-to-earth and easy to get close to the people so that the people can tell the leaders of the problems that they are facing.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Think and investigate before believing instigation by hateful people

    Tonight, RTM2 aired Hang Tuah.

    Before listening to any blatant lies by people that instigate others to fight you, you have to investigate the lies.

    Listen to both sides of the story before taking any action.

    Don't just easily believe any lies because it might not be true and just spread so that the innocent party that had been defamed be punished by the boss/person in power.

    You have a brain given by Allah to think of what is right or wrong.

    Don't just believe any news without hearing both sides of the story.

    And don't be so stupid like Hang Tuah to blindly be loyal to a person without thinking of others.

    You have to be clever like Hang Jebat because he is the most loyal friend who defended Hang Tuah's unfair execution.

    Loyal friends are hard to find. Acquaintances are many, but true friends are few.

    Therefore, don't kill a true and loyal friend like Hang Jebat if you ever have one because he is the one who defended you against the unfair treatment of you.

    We have brains to think so think. Don't be like PAS followers who put their brains in their buttocks.

    "Siapakah benar? Jebatkah benar atau akukah benar?" was the question asked by Hang Tuah in the end.

    You judge for yourself.

    Friday, February 4, 2011

    Anwar Ibrahim the sodomiser continues to sodomise even in Ramadan

    ‘Dalam Bulan Ramadhan Pun Anwar Ketagih Meliwat’ – Bekas Mangsa

    Bekas Imam Besar Masjid Negara, Ustaz Taib Azamuddin Mohd Taib terkejut dengan pendedahan bekas mangsa liwat, Hairani Hj Nahfis yang juga bekas penulis pidato Anwar yang mendapat bayaran RM14,000 sebulan itu menceritakan bahawa dalam bulan Ramadhan pun Anwar masih ketagih untuk melakukan aktiviti homoseksual.

    Hairani : Ada kadang kala bulan puasa siangnya puasa, malamnya terawih saya balik terawih, malam kan, dia (Anwar) telefon jugak suruh saya datang,(ke rumah Anwar di Bukit Damansara) kita dah terawih kita puasa.

    Taib : Allah. Hah..ha..

    Hairani : ..dah bersihkan diri, kemudian dah.., malam cuba tambahkan ibadat lagi, terawih.., balik dia ajak lagi, kan. Saya tau kalau tiba rumah dia tu, mesti akan jadi benda tu (liwat)..

    Taib : Hem..hem..

    Hairani : kita bulan puasa kan, jadi, saya bagi macam-macam alasan lagilah. Saya kata mak saya ada kat rumah lah, mak saya tak sihat, saya nak jaga. Sampai dia feduplah. Itulah keadaannya kan,.. beberapa insiden yang berlaku antara saya dengan dia.

    Taib : Jadi berapa kali yang..?

    Hairani : Lebih daripada tiga kali..

    Taib : Lebih daripada tiga kali..?

    Hairani : Saya tak dapat menolaknyalah, tiap-tiap kali memang saya tak rela, saya tak pernah keluarkan air mani saya. Tak pernah naik pun, apa namanya ni..

    Taib : Ya..

    Dalam pengakuan bekas mangsa liwat itu, Ustaz Taib Azamuddin masih lagi bertugas sebagai Imam Besar Masjid Negara. Pengakuan itu dibuat di pejabat Ustaz Taib di Masjid Negara selepas pemecatan Anwar pada tahun 1998.

    Menurut mangsa itu, dia diliwat lebih daripada tiga kali bermula dari tahun 1994 di rumah kediaman Anwar, yang dianggap ofis peribadi yang terletak bersebelahan dengan bilik perpustakaan.

    Menurutnya, dia mengenali Anwar sejak masih belajar lagi, tetapi tiada apa-apa kejadian homoseksual kerana hubungan secara profesional. Mangsa liwat yang juga bekas pensyarah salah sebuah universiti tempatan itu juga turut mengenali adik angkat Anwar, Sukma Darmawan Sasmitaat Madja.

    Pada satu hari dalam tahun 1994, Sukma menelefon Hairani untuk berjumpa di kedai karpetnya di Bangsar. Dalam perbualan itu Sukma memberitahu abangnya, Anwar mahu berjumpa.

    “Kemudian saya tanya pasal apa? Dia (Sukma) kata memang dia dah lama nak jumpa. Mesti ada sebab nak jumpa, kan? Lepas tu dia kata, datang aje laa dia kata, datang nak bagi kerja ke, apa ke.

    “Sebab masa tu memang saya ada, bagitau dia (Sukma) sebelum tu yang saya nak cari kerja baru. Kemudian dia kata datang aje. Saya tak tahu macam mana, hati saya berat nak pergi, berat nak jumpa..” kata Hairani.

    Dalam pertemuan itu, Hairani menyatakan persetujuan untuk berjumpa dengan Anwar. Sukma memberitahu dia akan menelefonnya untuk mengesahkan tempat pertemuan dengan Anwar itu.

    Pada sebelah malamnya, Sukma sekali lagi menelefon Hairani. Dia meminta Hairani berjumpanya pada keesokan harinya, sebelah petang, di Medan Damansara, Pusat Bandar Damansara. Dia meminta Hairani meninggalkan keretanya di situ dan dia akan datang mengambil menaiki keretanya untuk berjumpa dengan Anwar.

    Dalam perbualan itu, Sukma memberikan telefonnya kepada Anwar untuk bercakap sendiri dengan Anwar.

    “Dalam telefon tu dia (Anwar) kata kenapa susah sangat nak jumpa dia? Dia melawak-lawaklah. Tak de.. saya kata saya seganlah nak jumpa dengan orang-orang besar, kan. Dia kata, tak de nak segan-segan apa-apanya. Saya pun macam dia jugak, dia kata. Dia kata, oklah, esok Insyaallah kita jumpalah”, katanya.

    Menurutnya pada keesokannya, dia menunggu Sukma di tempat yang dijanjikan dan Sukma datang mengambilnya serta membawa ke rumah kediaman Anwar di Bukit Damansara, No 8, Jalan Setiamurni 1, Bukit Damansara.

    Sukma membawa Hairani masuk ke rumah itu melalui pintu dapur dan dibawa ke bilik khasnya. Di rumah kediaman Anwar di Bukit Damansara, Sukma telah diberi keistimewaan mendapat satu bilik khas di tingkat atas rumah tersebut.

    Tidak lama selepas itu, Anwar turut memasuki bilik Sukma itu, berjabat tangan dengan Hairani dan memeluknya dalam jangka masa yang lama.

    Ketika itu Ustaz Taib Azamuddin tertarik dengan kenyataan ‘pelukan yang lama’ dan bertanyakan adakah tiada sesiapa ahli keluarga Anwar, selain Sukma pada masa itu.

    Taib : Makna pelukan tu lama?

    Hairani : Ha’ah lama.. Dia kata, “..punya lama saya dok tunggu nih, bertahun-tahun sejak I kenal you lagi”.. Saya rasa tak sedap laa bila dia kata macam tu.. kemudian, dia terus peluk saya.

    Taib : Keluarga yang lain tak de?

    Hairani : Tak de.

    Taib : Di rumah tu?

    Hairani : Di bawah tu ada, pembantu dia.

    Taib : Maknanya isteri ke, anak dia semua tak de?

    Hairani : Tak de. Mungkin diaorang ada kat dalam rumah, tapi tak jumpalah.

    Taib : Hem..hem..

    Sekali lagi Ustaz Taib Azamuddin mencelah apabila Hairani memceritakan Sukma turut berada di dalam bilik itu, semasa Anwar memeluknya.

    Taib : Maknanya 3 oranglah waktu tu?

    Hairani : 3 orang.

    Taib : Hem..hem..

    Hairani : Kemudian, dia ajak saya duduk atas katil, dia pegang macam tu (menunjukkan tangan sebelah kanan Anwar memaut bahu).. dan berbual-bual sikit, dia dok ulang-ulang.. dia kata “lama tunggu, juai mahal, susah nak jumpalah.” Dia tanya khabar semua. Tangan mula berjalan, tangan tu.. teruslah terjadi benda tu dia tindih saya.., emm.. berlakulah hubungan homoseks ini. Saya nak tolak tak boleh.

    Taib : Waktu tu Sukma masih ada?

    Hairani : (mengangguk..)

    Taib : Oo.. dia tak keluar?

    Hairani : Selepas tu, masa tengah tu dia ada laa, cuma dia masuk bilik air, kemudian dia masuk balik, memang sepanjang tu memang dia ada. Sebab dia duduk di tepi bilik tempat kejadian tu. Kira macam dia tunggu di situ lah. Saya pun tak tau apa-apa, tak membantah apa-apa, tak de lah macam memekik “jangan”.. dia siapa, kan? Lepas tu.., tapi memang saya tak ada nafsu langsung untuk melakukannya.

    Taib : Ya lah.. (mengangguk-angguk)

    Menurutnya sepanjang aktiviti homoseksual itu, Anwar turut komplen kepadanya kerana ‘bendanya’ tidak keras. Hairani mengakui bendanya tidak keras kerana dia tidak bernafsu dan terkejut. Selepas selesai aktiviti homoseksual itu, Anwar mengajaknya mandi bersama untuk membersihkan badan.

    Hairani : Benda ni lepas selang dua tiga hari tu, dia telefon suruh datang sekali lagi. Saya tak tahu nak buat apa. Nak datang takut jadi lagi. Tak datang takut apa jadi pulak, kan. Sampai benda ni berlaku dua tiga kalilah.., sampai kadang-kadang sampai saya bagi macam-macam alasanlah, sampai dia muak dengan macam-macam yang dibagi.. dia selalu telefon sayalah.

    Sampai dua tiga kali cerita pasal benda tu, saya tak boleh terima lagi.. benda tu. Terutama bercakap dengan orang macam tu tentang perkara berkaitan dengan hubungan seks. Tapi itulah hakikatnya, itulah realitinya yang betul-betul berlaku. Saya cuba keluar daripada.. emm.. ada satu masa tu saya dah takut sangat. Nak lari daripada dia. Satu malam dia telefon suruh saya datang ke rumah dia, kan.

    Saya malam tu saya tak mahu langsung kan.., saya rasa diri saya kotor kan. Takut nak pergi.. takut, tak pergi takut, sampai saya, saya pergi jugak ke rumah dia, tapi on the way saya telefon dia. Saya kata ada orang ikut saya.

    Taib : Ya.. ya..

    Hairani : Saya menipu sebab saya tak mahu pergi ke rumah dia kan. Jadi saya create.

    Taib : Di Damansara tu lah..?

    Hairani : Di Damansara.. (mengangguk), kata ada orang ikut saya sebab saya takut. Dia kata apa ni, bawak terus kereta..dia kata nanti dia suruh polis tembak siapa orang ikut.

    Taib : Oo..

    Ustaz Taib Azamuddin juga sekali lagi mahu mendapat pengesahan Hairani adakah aktiviti homoseksual itu dilakukan di antara Hairani dengan Anwar atau bergilir-gilir tiga orang, termasuk Sukma.

    Taib : Dak, minta maaf cakap ni, minta maaflah cakap kalau saya mencelah . Ni secara analyticalnya. Cara ni.. dia nak mintak bergilir ke atau dia sorang je?

    Hairani : Dia sorang.

    Taib : Oo.. dia sorang je la. Maknanya dialah yang ada keghairahan, aktif, apa semua tu dialah maknanya?

    Hairani : Tapi dia ada suruh saya buat jugak, tapi saya tak boleh sebab benda tu tak de.

    Taib : Ya lah, memanglah kita tak.., ye lah benda tu, benda tu bukan boleh buat-buat..

    Menurut Hairani, kejadian liwat itu berlaku tanpa kerelaannya tetapi sukar untuk menyakinkan orang lain mempercayainya termasuk isterinya.

    Hairani : Dia ni pada saya, saya anggap dia macam hero saya. Isteri saya pun puji dia, dan dia pun orang pemimpin sayalah, pemimpin masa depan, anak cucu saya, saya ingatlah. Tiba-tiba ini berlaku pada saya. Apa yang dia buat pada saya jadi, rasa segan tu ada laa, takut ada.., macam-macam perasaan.

    Saya cuba bersihkan diri beberapa kali tak tahulah adakah, nak mintak pandangan Ustaz, adakah perbuatan saya tu, Tuhan.. Tuhan masih terima keampunan orang macam saya ni.. masih mengampunkan orang macam saya ni lah, boleh tak saya bertaubat, dan taubat saya diterima dalam keadaan apa yang telah saya lakukan.

    Taib : Dia, dalam hal yang begini, ialah, yang saya setakat apa yang boleh saya faham daripada cerita tu setakat ini. Berlakunya benda ni di luar kerelaan kita, dan apa tu. Hampir-hampir seolah macam memaksalah.
    Cuma, bentuk paksaan tu secara yang tu, bawak kita menjadi tersepit, serba salah. Yang akhir, sudahnya kita terpaksa menurut.. dari apa yang, yang kemahuan itu. Jadi dari segi, wallahu’alam lah..

    Hairani : Memang.. memang saya.., hidup saya runsing, sebab itulah kan sampai dia sedikit sebanyak meninggalkan kesan hubungan saya dengan isteri saya lepas dua tiga tahun, setahun selepas saya apa namanya ni.. berkahwin, kemudian baru enam bulan saya berkahwin benda ni berlaku, jadi isteri saya tak..,

    Bila saya cerita bagitau betul-betul, dia susah nak terima hakikat macam mana seorang lelaki boleh memaksa lelaki lain melakukan hubungan seks tanpa gunakan pisau ke, apa ke, tapi kita rasa macam kita terpaksa melakukannya. Jadi dia tidak boleh menerima hakikat. Tapi hakikatnya benda tu berlaku, memang dia tak gunakan pisau ke, apa ke. Dato’ Seri tak gunakan pisau ke apa, tapi, dia control saya dari segi mental, saya tak boleh nak buat apa..

    Taib : Ya.. ya.. kita tau

    Hairani : ..tak boleh nak elak, tak boleh nak tolak.

    Taib : Tu kuasa minda boleh.

    Hairani : Yang itu yang susah saya nak terangkan pada isteri saya, dan dia tak boleh terima tu, dan dia tak.. dia masih kesal kenapa saya tak cerita pada dia sebelum kami kahwin. Walaupun benda ni berlaku empat lima tahun sebelum kami berjumpa pun, kan.

    Taken from