Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Criminals should be treated as criminal

A suspected member of a car theft syndicate, Soo Wai Keong, 38, was reported by The Star today to be shot dead by the police after a 5 km high speed car chase at 6.10am this morning.

Datuk Tun Hisan Tun Hamzah, Penang deputy police chief SAC 1 explained that the police had fired a warning hot in the air, but the CRIMINAL who was armed with a pistol instead aimed to shoot at the police.

Meanwhile in Temerloh, Pahang, four unidentified men, believed to foreigners were shot dead by the police after a high-speed chase about 5km from the 32-year-old victims house.

The police managed to corner the suspect's car at Songsang Industrial park but the four suspects after alighting fromt he car, attacked the police with parangs.

The suspects used a stolen car that belonged to a woman from Kedah, who had reported it stolen on 23rd April, 2008. Found in the car were the loot from the robbery; three laptops, 10 hand phones, jewellery, seven watches and two digital camera believed to have been stolen from the victim's house, a fish monger and from other robberies.

Meanwhile, 55 drug mules or smugglers that was nabbed by the police at KLIA this year consists of 45 Iranians including a woman. One from Philippines and another from China.

The remaining suspects were four from India and two each from Singapore and Pakistan. Malaysians caught overseas for being drug mules should not be helped by the government because they are becoming drug mules because they are greedy and want some quick money.

All criminals, no matter what sob-stories or pathetic excuses they gave to the authorities after getting caught, the gist of it is that they are greedy and out to get quick money.

Even those people getting scam in the get rich quick scam or gettting cheated from a new internet boyfriend from Britain that they just get to know and had never even met before by paying the so-called customs duty to get the presents sent from their 'new boyfriend'.

Do you have a brain? Since when did we have to pay to get presents? If we have to pay to get them, we might as well buy our own presents because we will be more satisfied since we can choose what we like.

Money is hard to get, but due to greed, it can be lost just as quick. We work hard to get that hard-earned salary, therefore think before believing too good to be true stories because they are just that. Too good to be true.

One more thing is that, congratulations and bravo to the police force. I applaude your hard work and for shooting to death criminals because they are the pest to the society and when they get caught, they will get the service of a crooked lawyer who will know about the crime spree made by their clients who will do whatever it takes to get them off the hook. Yeah. Even in the movies they showed that. And what happened in the movie are actually taken from what happened in real life.

That is a waste of the taxpayers money and detrimental to the safety of other people as they could fall victim to their crimes if they get away with it. So aye to shooting those crime suckers to death.

And Pakatan Rakyat, good for you for supporting the criminals. You will defend the criminals till their grave but when you or your family are robbed, you will go and report it to the police, the same person that you had been belittling. Third finger to you.