Friday, March 11, 2011

Why the excuse not to give his DNA?

The PKR secretary-general, Saifuddin Nasution is looking after his own butt when he defended Anwar Ibrahim by stating that former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad never gave his then-deputy and now opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim a chance to defend himself.

What chance are you referring to when Anwar Ibrahim did indulge in sodomy when there had been ample proof of it provided for the eyes of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad only by the police and army intelligence?

My luck seems to be with me when I coincidently met with one army intelligence who happened to be the one doing the spying to confirm the case and he confirmed it.

Another relative of mine had also confirmed that he had seen the video tape of Anwar committing the sodomy. Don't ask me how he got it but he has connection to the Special Branch people too.

I think that when PAS accused of Tun Dr Mahathir had once watched a porno with his grandchildren was an exaggeration when the truth could be that our premier had been shown the video tape of Anwar's indulging in sodomy by the police or army intelligence.

That makes more sense because an intelligent person like Tun Dr Mahathir is far too busy to be wasting his time watching porno for fun because he is busy doing more important things than wasting his brain capacity like that.

Do you think that the police and army intelligence are that stupid to just accuse anyone without providing solid proof of Anwar's sodomy charge?

Some proof are just too confidential when it involved with our nation's international relationship with other countries in which Anwar is their tool.

“That (Saifuddin's allegations) is a total lie. Saifuddin was not at the Umno supreme council meeting on Sept 4, 1998, he was not a supreme council member. So he cannot have known what went on, let alone challenge Mahathir's version of the events.

“I was there, as I was a member of the Umno supreme council. And I can confirm events as Mahathir related them was the truth,” Ibrahim told reporters in Parliament today.

“Take him to court, if they dare. Let truth prevail!” concluded Ibrahim Ali.

Why is it that Anwar is so reluctant to give his DNA sample to the police? How could the police make a thorough investigation about this sodomy case when the accused are not cooperating with them and making it hard for them to finish the investigation?

Moreover, Anwar's lawyer had advised him not to take Tun Dr Mahathir to court. Why is that?

All of these events seems to indicate that Anwar Ibrahim is the real culprit who had raped the anus of Saiful Bukhari.

Anwar Ibrahim himself knew that he is guilty. That is the one and only reason he is not giving up his DNA for testing to confirm his guilt.