Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim is an ACTIVE HOMOSEXUAL

Lawyer Karpal Singh suggested in the Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trial that Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan was a "passive homosexual".

That was the excerpt from The Star dated 22nd February 2011 titled "
Sodomy II: Saiful a 'passive homosexual', court hears (Updated)" which can be read at the link Sodomy II: Saiful a 'passive homosexual', court hears (Updated).

I find this so hillarious. This statement by Karpal Singh is not too clever.

It indicates that Anwar Ibrahim is an active homosexual since he is try to potray Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan as a "passive homosexual".

I bet the multiple DNA profiles found on Saiful's anus was transferred from Anwar Ibrahim since he is a hardcore homosexual and could have been satisfying himself with other homosexuals in an earlier appointment before meeting Saiful.

Anything is possible since Anwar so loves the male butt that he would go to any lengths to satisfy himself by fucking a male anus in which the shitty dung came out.

Can you imagine how smelly Anwar's dick would smell after that? Than he expects his partner to suck his dick. Ewwww!

Only crazy people and Anwar Ibrahim is one crazy dude (look at his crazy eyes) will fuck people of their own species in a hole where the smelly shits came out when there are delicious anus to fuck.

If God want a male to fuck another male, what's the use of creating a female, you faggot! Faggots should be checked in a mental ward and never be allowed in the real world because they are in a delusion.

By the way, have we ever witnessed a Tom Cat fucking another Tom Cat? Animals are more sane than this Anwar Al Juburi.

Don't mind my language because I don't mince my words here. You can swear at me all you want. I will swear back at you more!

So, is a gay boy someone that you would want to be your future Prime Minister? Is a crazy person who would do anything even to the extend of selling his own soul to the devil (Illuminati) and becoming a Jew agent someone you want to be your future Prime Minister?

I am sure that the gay community in Malaysia is loving the idea of having a gay boy as Malaysia's Prime Minister because then, homosexuality will be allowed to roam free where they can fuck butts anywhere and anytime they want to in public.

I hate faggots. Burn in hell all of you faggots out there! Aren't you faggots afraid of STDs? I hope HIV and AIDS will put you faggots on an endangered species list.

Fuck you to hell busybodies!

First of all, I don't like busibodies. I mean really busy people who are serious with their work, won't even have time to be busibodies and mind other people's business.

My time is precious. I have work to do. I have more important things to do, than snooping or minding other people's business.

Only STUPID FUCKERS who are unemployed people, drug addicts ( who want to rob people out of their money to buy drugs so that they can die out of their addiction towards drugs), petty minded people, mat rempits, bohsia, bohjan, and those 'kampung' minded people like to mind other people's business.

Do you think that scientists, researchers, businessmen, astronouts and others have TIME TO BE BUSIBODIES?

Hey! There are more important things in my life that I have to do than minding other people's business and I expect people to mind their own business as well.

I mean. Really. Do you like people minding your business? Do you like gossipers and other petty minded nothing better to do women or men for that matter to gossip about you or spy on you 24/7?

I want to say GO TO HELL and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, OKAY you bloodyfools.

Don't you have anything better to do than minding other people's business?

Go read a book and stop reading URTV and use your grey matter for once instead of making it rusting because you never use it.

My God! I could just .... these busibodies. I really can use my imagination like what Ally McBeal on what torture I can use to those busibodies so that they can die a real painful death.

Pun intended! I'm not a violent person anyway. Unless if you provoke or attack me first.

I think that someone who is attacked by someone else has a right in law to defend himself even to the extend of killing the attacker.

I mean it's either your life or theirs. We should not be so nice to criminals to the extend of us losing our lives.