Saturday, May 22, 2010

The name of God is Allah even in the Bible - Ahmad Deedat

The explanation about Allah as the name of God even in Christian are different from what had been debated by the Malay who proclaimed himself as a Muslim in PAS at BUM 2010.

Just because Khalid Samad uttered a few verses of Quran just to acknowledge that Christians can use the word Allah, his interpretation of it was very shallow and not as in-depth as the explanation by Ahmad Deedat.

Politicians using religion, like those in PAS, to further their own ends are the worst kind of scumbag on this Earth.

BUM 2010

Taken from Marahku, My Anger, It May be Yours Too....

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See what the traitors of Islam said about the non-Muslims using the Allah word.

DAP is the winner, PKR and PAS are the losers!

I felt nauseous after reading one article I stumble upon while Googling about PAS. The article was dated 22nd January 2010 with the title of " PAS "government in waiting" ". You are building castles in the air. How can that be achievable when right now PAS has only 23 seats compared to PKR 25 and DAP 29 after the recent Sibu by election?

Kunjungan hormat tersebut disambut oleh Mr Brian McFeeters, Pegawai Politik Kedutaan Amerika Syarikat di samping Mr Nicholas Papp (Pegawai Kebudayaan), Mr Ravindran Manickam (Pegawai Kanan Politik) dan Mr Riaz Urrahman Sadayan (Pegawai Public Afffair) .

Manakala bagi pihak Pemuda PAS yang diketuai sendiri oleh Pengerusi Lanjah Antarabangsa, Dr Raja Ahmad Alhiss , turut disertai oleh Sdra Afyan Mat Rawi (Setiausaha Lajnah Antarabangsa) dan Ustaz Fakhrulrazi Mokhtar (AJK Lajnah Antarabangsa).

DAP is now leading the Pakatan Rakyat. So, when is Anwar Ibrahim handing over the duty as the Parliamentary opposition leader to Lim Kit Siang? By the way, the majority rules and DAP is now the majority in the Pakatan Rakyat.

However, on the 2nd of March 2010, Lim Kit Siang had posted on his blog that "As far as the DAP is concerned, Anwar continues as Parliamentary Opposition Leader even if PKR Members of Parliament number less than DAP’s 28 MPs." in an article titled "Anwar Ibrahim will continue as Parliamentary Opposition Leader even if PKR MPs number less than DAP’s 28 MPs".

Anwar is just the black sheep that is being used by DAP as a stepping stone for them to win big in the election according to "Kit Siang: Pakatan to win big if Anwar is jailed" dated 7th March 2010.

Now there are rumours flying around that DAP and PKR is going to merge. So where will this leave PAS? PAS will be pipe down further because their seats will only be 23
compared to 54 of the merging of DAP and PKR. Serves them right for being the traitor of the Islamic religion and the Malay race.