Saturday, July 24, 2010

Malaysians could work as part time maid

The standard of living in Malaysia is high. For instance, a newly working graduate will not be able to buy his/her own house or even a car.

But the conversion of Malaysian Ringgit 353.67, it can be converted to 1,000,000 Indonesian Rupiah, which will make any Indonesian maid a millionaire by the time they finishes their working permit.

If their permit is for 2 years, if their salary is RM400 per month, they can get more than 24 million Indonesian Rupiah when they get back to their country, but we are still ordinary working folks even though we work hard in Malaysia, we can never get RM24 million after working for 2 years.

This will surely enable them to live a better life there after working for 2 years in Malaysia. No wonder many Indonesians would be illegal maid or working in construction sites so that they can send back money to Indonesia.

Therefore, why should the Indonesia government be so over as to ask for a minimum wage for their maid? Even some of the people here, need to work two jobs to supplement their lives due to the high standard of living in Malaysia. Those working in the hotel or service industries do not even have a minimum wage.

So, why should our government follow what other government wants when we can get a more educated, efficient and professional English speaking maid from Filipino? If they are still stubborn, we could get maids from other Asean countries or proposed that single mothers who do not have any job to be part time maids.

Moreover, the cases of Indonesian maid being abused, tortured to death by their non-Muslim employers is a case for concern too.