Friday, February 11, 2011

Leaders must help their followers

Leaders, regardless of their position whether in the branch or lower level have to be concerned about their followers or other UMNO members.

Don't be like an ungrateful person who will only be nice to the ordinary members when they need their help but will forget about them once they got their help.

But when the leaders had received the followers help, they will ignore them or forget to thank them for the help that they had given them.

I want to suggest to the UMNO leaders to follow PAS leaders in terms of taking care of their followers.

Why would PAS followers be so loyal to their leaders is because their leaders really take good care of them!

I even heard that the PAS leaders would buy the PAS followers group insurance to ensure of their health.

Is it so much to do that as well for the UMNO members/followers/supporters especially those in the villages who might not have to much income to help them if they are sick?

It might be a small gesture from a leader who might have more income to help those members/followers/supporters who might not be more stable in the term of income but it is a big gesture for those who receive the help.

Therefore, in conclusion, those branch leaders or others in lower position should think of ways on how to take care of their followers so that their followers will be loyal to them.

A small thing for the leaders who is rich might be a big thing for the followers who might not be as affluent.

Doing these things consistently and not just when the general election or by-election is near, will pay off big for those leaders if they want to garner the supports of the members/followers/supporters.

People will know if you are genuine or just doing it because the election is near.

If you want to be a leader, you have to be there for the people consistently. Don't forget your voters once the election is over. Instead, keep in touch with them to get to know what more can you do to help them.

Follow what Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak had been doing by mingling with the people without any protocol because the people wants to know that their leaders are down-to-earth and easy to get close to the people so that the people can tell the leaders of the problems that they are facing.