Thursday, February 24, 2011

Anwar is looking after his own butt

Here are the excepts from Awang Selamat in the English version of Utusan Malaysia in an article titled "Hosni, Anwar and Batik" dated 13th February 2011.

More than that, Awang is sympathetic to the

fate of Saiful. Anwar’s strategy is to deny the right of the complainant.

Awang has written several times that justice is not merely the right of

prominent people or VIP like Anwar but also the right of the people on the

street like Saiful. Awang just cannot accept the fact that Anwar who depicted

himself as a great leader and so-called fighter for justice and democracy, acted

the other way round in his sodomy case.

It is for this reason that many see Anwar’s action as deprecating justice. He

should understand the pressure which Saiful have to bear. Imagine if such case

happens to us, our children or our family members. It is Awang’s prayer that

Saiful and his family continue to be patient in facing the trying moment. It is

nature’s law that truth will prevail while lies will fall by the wayside.

Whatever it is, Awang really salute Saiful’s determination. It is strange that

while the small people have the strength to appear before the judge, a VIP is

looking for an escape route.

Anwar Ibrahim is a hard core homosexual who is known by all Malaysians especially the gay community here including by his so loyal wife and children.

I look down on Wan Azizah and her children for siding with her husband and father when they know well that he is what he had been accused of.

We can see that by the delay tactics being used by the defence attorney which are finding petty excuses after petty excuses to delay the case.

We had even been exposed that Anwar is thinking of running of to Washington if he is found guilty in this sodomy trial.

I want to enquire JAIS why they had not charged Anwar Ibrahim in the Syariah Court for committing unnatural sex?

Anwar Ibrahim had loads of money which is given by his true boss, the Jew or Illuminati (for those who are into conspiracy theories since Anwar had been using the conspiracy excuse again and again) so that he can wreck havoc in Malaysia even before he is the first gay Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Conspiracy. Now we have to think of all angles. Why would Anwar Ibrahim accuse the Government of conspiring to bring him down?

The question that should be asked is that; isn't it possible that Anwar Ibrahim is the mole in the Government when he was in Government before and he is the actual one CONSPIRING TO BRING THE GOVERNMENT DOWN?

Isn't it possible that fucking homo is the foreign agent of another country which wants to control the top leader in Malaysia, by appointing Anwar Ibrahim who coincidently is their agent so that he can be controlled by them when he becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia?

Why would all the well-known gay communities be so concerned about this case if Anwar Ibrahim is not a gay?

Ever heard of birds of a feather flock together? A gay will defend another gay in time of need. A gay will know another gay when they see each other.

Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor of this nation who is a threat to the national security. His known or hidden friends or supporters are just as dangerous and we know who you are.

Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer is the right way to bring Anwar Ibrahim, the hardcore homo down.

Since Anwar Ibrahim had before potrayed himself to be so pious in ABIM, why is it now he is not so, when he had been accused of sodomising Saiful Bukhari this time, by doing whatever thing necessary in Islam to clear his name?

For instance, he can go to Mecca and make an oath in front of the Kaabah that he had not done what he had been accused of???

His reluctance to do that when it is crystal clear that he has loads of money to travel back and forth to Washington to report to his true masters had proven by itself that he is indeed a traitor of this nation.

And traitors should be shot to death by the firing squad for spying for the foreign power, just like they do it in China.

It is so unfair for the victim to wait for justice being serves for years now after he first lodged a police report about the sodomy.

The accused had done nothing to prove himself as being wrongly accused but had been acting weird as if he had really done the act of sodomising Saiful without his consent which in another word is rape.

Now I understand why Anwar asked "Siapa rogol siapa?", since he really did rape Saiful Bukhari's anus.

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