Friday, May 14, 2010

Sassy she is not, BITCHY is more like it

Sassy MP is not so sassy. She thinks she is sassy but truthfully she is BITCHY.

If you really wanted to ask people for a penny of their thoughts, you should have made it easier for people to register on your stupid blog.

I have a penny of thoughts for you to ask in the parliament, if you don't mind at all? But I am sure you do, that is why I cannot find which button to register and blast you.

Why does the Home Minister is acting like he has no balls? Just allowing racists people like you run amok like a crazy homoerotic people.

I will continue to bombard you and your racists colleagues for behaving like crazy communists on a rampage after binging on alcohol.

Nobody have to go through nude squat if that somebody do not do anything wrong.

DAP should not be playing with fire on the ALLAH issue, unless you want to see another bloody riot which historically had been started by DAP with the denial syndrome.

Its so funny that now DAP is employing PAS's tactics in collecting donation. Maybe PAS had shown you what they have in their secret account whose money donated to them had been fraudulent.

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