Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harsher penalties towards foreign students involved in crimes

Nigerians in our country or better known as 'gagak hitam' is a pest to our beloved country security since most of them are involved in crimes involving various cases such as kidnapping, love scams, robbery and others.

Our government agencies such as the immigration deparment should not be too quick in giving in visas to foreign students because some of them are only using it just as a pretext to enter our country just as revealed by the police that some foreign students have negative influence that they are promoting JI to our local students in the universities.

These are the examples of the crimes committed by the Nigerians.

Bernama in their report titled "Police bust Nigerian kidnapping syndicate" dated 21st June 2010 revealed that the police had smashed a syndicate masterminded by Nigerians involved in the kidnapping of a 28-year-old student of a private university in Cyberjaya, believed to be the son of a Nigerian politician.

He was abducted by the roadside in that area at 8.30 pm on 23rd May and confined to the house.

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"The family transferred RM30,000 into the victim's bank account in Malaysia and he was released yesterday in Cyberjaya at 1.30am. He sustained minor injuries and underwent treatment at the Serdang Hospital.

"Following his release and public tip-offs, police conducted a raid on the house and detained the suspects aged in their 20s and 30s,"

"Further investigations also reveal that the suspects may have been involved in another kidnapping case, following the release of a female Nigerian student who said it could have been the same people who had abducted her.

"We urge other victims to come forward and lodge a police report to help us in the investigations. We believe there are kidnapping cases in other states involving the same suspects," Selangor acting CID chief ACP Omar Mamah said.

Another victim from the same university was kidnapped on Feb 18th on 4 pm and was held by suspects for a ransom of US$15,000 (RM45,000).

"The woman, in her 20s, was released on Feb 24 after a payment of RM10,000 was made to her bank account in Malaysia," he added.

On 22nd June 2010, New Straits Times reported an article titled "11 Nigerians and 3 local women held over love scam".

Another gang consisting of 11 Nigerians who had courted 111 single women through Internet social networking sites before cheating them of their money to retrieve "special gifts" from Britain.

If you have a working brain, you will think that a gift is something that we will not have to pay for. Why should we pay anything to get something that someone sends to us? Don't be a desperado that believes any crap from anyone you know from the internet when you had not even met them and cannot determine their honesty.

The suspects were studying in private colleges while some are unemployed with one Nigerian studying in University Sains Malaysia and has a Malaysian wife.

I can't believe that Malaysian women are so desperate to marry that they would grab any black crow and assist them in committing crimes. What kind of stupidity is that?

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Most women are now independant and don't need to complicate their lives by getting involved with crime prone men. Where is your self-respect if you have to stoop that low?


  1. Agree 100%. These black crowes from Niggeria, Ivory Coast, etc only come here do no good; black money, email cheat, smuggle drug, and sexing with women.

    my taxi driver nephew tell me there is condos in KL with a lot of black crows stay. if you go there night time and watch, you see black crow come in with a woman. Morning the woman will leave. Usualy the woman is Malay. Most of thse girl is young like from kolej but also have older married women. He know because he see when waiting outsde the gate for pasenger to come down.

    I dont know why thsi stupid women want to playing with fire and fooling around with this gagak hitam. Cannot be money this gagak hitam are from poor country and the women usualy is rich enough. Maybe they see too many hip hop video?

  2. Those negros deserve to be banned from entering any countries in the world.

  3. Why do some Malaysian women are stupid enough to be with African crooks?

    I see some of them with Indian women. They are more suited because their colour and behaviour are alike.

  4. Colour and behaviour? This is a racist article written by an inherent racist. Perhaps it would be best if the author of this looked at the Malay race first, the prime cause of crime in Malaysia.

  5. Look who's talking. Racists kiasus in DAP should be sent back to communist China country.

    The primer cause of crime is the Chinese who are the head of secret societies doing every crime under the sun such as illegal GAMBLING (being caught daily by the police), prostitution ring hiding behind massage parlours, pirated CDs and DVDs, drug dealer, etc, etc.

    The pot calling the kettle black.

  6. To quote Wake UP!: "I see some of them with Indian women. They are more suited because their colour and behaviour are alike."

    If that is not racist, then what is?

    And it's foolhardy of you to say I'm a pot calling the kettle black....what makes you think I'm a non-Malay =P

  7. I admitted in the beginning that I am racist. Everyone is racist. If they are not, their race will be extinct like the dinosaur.

    If everyone is not racist, why are the racist kiasu so angry about the Malay special rights when the majority of them are rich?


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