Friday, December 24, 2010

Who is Nik Aziz to absolve the sins of others?

It is not surprising since PAS leaders are all wolves in sheeps clothing.

They may look pious but underneath, they have intense desire towards any woman they laid their eyes on.

Remember about the close proximity case of Mat Sabu and Norma?

It is a bit perplexing that Nik Aziz can just forgive the sins of his followers as he pleases by using Allah's name.

Reminded me of the confession in Christianity.

The Wikipedia defined it as :

In Catholic teaching, the Sacrament of Penance is the method of the Church by which individual men and women may confess sins committed after baptism and have them absolved by a priest. Although it is not mandatory, the Catholic rite is traditionally conducted within a confessional box or booth.

This sacrament is known by many names, including penance, reconciliation and confession (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Sections 1423-1442). While official Church publications always refer to the sacrament as "Penance", "Reconciliation" or "Penance and Reconciliation", many laypeople continue to use the term "confession" in reference to the sacrament.

In Islam, sins are not absolved by any living person because only Allah can do that. I mean any other human beings are also Allah's creation. How could any living person exonerate other people's sins since all humankind also sinned?

Nik Aziz clearly wants to challenge the powers of Allah when he made that ridiculous statement. You are not God so don't act like one even though your followers might think of you as being so righteous.

The Wikipedia defined Islamic views on sin as :

Islamic views of sin see sin (dhanb, thanb ذنب) as anything that goes against the commands of Allah (God). Islam teaches that sin is an act and not a state of being. The Qur'an teaches that "the (human) soul is certainly prone to evil, unless the Lord does bestow His Mercy" and that even the prophets do not absolve themselves of the blame (Qur'an [Qur'an 12:53]). Muhammad advised:

"Do good deeds properly, sincerely and moderately, and rejoice, for no one's good deeds will put him in Paradise." The Companions asked, "Not even you O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "Not even me unless Allah bestows His pardon and mercy on me"
Reported by Aboo Hurayrah & 'Aa'ishah & collected by al-Bukhaaree (eng. trans. vol.8 p.315 no.474)


  1. well.....

    up sikit pangkat : now dah jadi Father Nik Aziz hehe

  2. Ms Pearl. Siapa menyokong PAS memanglah sudah tertipu bak Tipah tertipu.

  3. PAS selau berkata . .DAP semakin islamic bersama PAS . . .Terbukti jelas sekarang . .PAS tends towards christianity when in a coalition with DAP . . God 'blast' you father Nicky Aziz . .

  4. Well Mr Wake Up

    kes tipah tertipu I boleh terima lagi.

    Tapi kes Father Nik Aziz and PAS sanggup jadi keldai asalkan berkuasa.

    now question is: mana lagi nampak "kesian...." tipah tertipu or jadi keldai jadian????


  5. Bro Anon. You are absolutely right.

    Ms Pearl. Keldaian tu PKR. PAS ni lebih kepada babi jadian. hahaha

  6. Have to agree with you on this. Remember Elizabeth Wong? She went to see Nicky to blessed after her naked photo was exposed. The question is why go and see Nicky. Someone in PAS must have advised her to see Nicky and ask for forgiveness.


  7. Anon 11:46:00 AM. Good for you for being antipr.


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