Thursday, December 23, 2010

Is Anwar an agent for the Jews?

My! My! I am so surprised by the relentless promotion of Anwar Ibrahim as Malaysia's future Prime Minister in The Jerusalem Post dated 20th March 2008.

The Jerusalem Post is the world's top English-language daily newspaper covering Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World.

How could someone from Malaysia, a Muslim for that matter get an astounding support from the Jews in Israel?

I thought I thow a puttsy cat. Wait a minute! The Israeli soldiers are on a daily basis firing arms towards the citizens of Gaza in Palestine, be it old folks, men, women or children.

Why should this one Muslim be of any importance to Israel?

Or is he just pretending to be a pious Muslim when he is in fact, indirectly promoting pluralism and gayism in Malaysia?

Is there something going on between Anwar Ibrahim and Israel? Perhaps a tryst by the meetings of the buttocks?

The most appropriate question that should be asked; is there a conspiracy between Anwar Ibrahim and Israel to promote Anwar Ibrahim as the puppet Prime Minister whose real masters are the Jews in Israel?

The last sentence from the article titled "Anwar Ibrahim: Malaysia's future Prime Minister?" is quoted to say,

Should they do so, analysts further predict that the opposition coalition may have a strong chance of defeating the ruling party in the 2013 elections, thus likely placing Anwar as the forerunner as Prime Minister.

Anwar Ibrahim is a hard core lier and sodomiser. He likes to cry wolf when he is the actual wolf in sheep's clothing.

Over and over again, he had proven himself not to be someone that should be trusted.

The latest proof to destroy any credibility of Anwar Ibrahim is a sworn statement by political consultant Robert M. Shrum, who claimed credit for the One Israel concept.

Shrum’s statement, had strengthened the statement dated Aug 19 by Apco’s Europe, Middle East and Africa chief executive, Brad Staples, which was addressed to De wan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia.

Staples’ letter read: “We were engaged in June last year 2009 to provide communications support to the government of Malaysia.

“We have been honoured to do so. We had nothing whatsoever to do with One Israel. We were not involved in the creation of 1Malaysia. Apco has not and is not involved in assisting the government of Malaysia with for mulating policies.”

If Anwar is indeed an agent for CIA/Mossad, then they should be regretting it by now because he surely is the most dumb agent they had ever recruited.

And in spy films if an agent failed to successfully finish his mission, he will be finished off by an assassin from the agency.


  1. Yo Yo YO BROOOO

    "If Anwar is indeed an agent for CIA/Mossad, then they should be regretting it by now because he surely is the most dumb agent they had ever recruited."

    he he he


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