Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Anwar's at the end of his rope

Al Juburi is his name, suing people is his game.

New Straits Times dated 28th January 2006 had published an article titled "Dr M sued by Anwar for defamation".

Anwar alleged Dr Mahathir uttered defamatory statements at a Press conference in Suhakam's premises here last September, and it was reported in the Singapore Business Times, Straits Times, Singapore, The Age, Melbourne, Associated Press, Associated French Press, Harakah online and Malaysiakini.

He also claimed that the offending words were televised widely by ANN Singapore and several Japanese media and other television and radio stations worldwide.

He claimed the defamatory words meant he was a homosexual, he engaged in activities contrary to Islam, he was a pervert, unfit to hold political or any office, had criminal tendencies and was dangerous to Malaysian society.

Why don't you sue all of the above newspapers as well since they had been the ones who reported the statement?

On December 13th, 2010, The Star had published a report on "Anwar is on Wikileaks".

The Sydney Morning Herald reported yesterday that the cable, dated November 2008, revealed that Singaporean intelligence officials told their Australian counterparts that based on their “technical intelligence” Anwar had indeed been guilty of the conduct he was accused of.

The cable also stated that Australia’s Office of National Assessments had concluded, with the agreement of Singaporean officials, that “it was a set-up job and he (Anwar) probably knew that, but walked into it anyway.”

Anwar is also so thrilled to sue his prodigy, Khairy Jamaluddin on 20th February, 2008 in which the latter remarks at a ceramah in Lembah Pantai entitled "Anwar and kin no threat'.

The suit was filed at RM100 million.

We cannot be fooled by their disgusting acts as if they hated each other so much when in fact they admire each other like lovers in the phrase of a honeymoon.

Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong had also been sued by Anwar for RM10 million on April 18, 2008 for allegedly uttering defamatory words in Wee's campaign at a ceramah in the Machap by-election in 2007.

The latest is a RM10 million defamation suit against academician and Just World Movement president Dr Chandar Muzaffar where the High Court had set February 23rd for case management.

Anwar had sued Chandra on 6th March 2008 over his alleged defamatory remarks at a forum at Menara Star in Petaling Jaya on 3rd March 2008 which had been published in newspapers.

Go Anwar go. Sue everyone on this planet because all seems to be conspiring to bring you down.

Don't we forget the bigger issue here which is the SODOMY 2 case which is still ongoing.

He is just suing everyone so that people will forget the real issue which is he did sodomised Saiful Bukhari Azlan.


  1. Raja putar alam...Kaya la Karpal Singh semenjak berkawan dengan Anwar ni.. semua duit brooo

  2. Bro dzimba MMIM. Semuanya duit punya pasal. Money not love makes the world go round.


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