Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Arab nations should have nuclear arms

The attack on Gaza aid flotilla by the Israeli's Commando towards the unarmed volunteers proves that they are worst than the animals or even the boo ha ha fairy tale of a holocaust propogated by them.

If the holocaust really happened, why are the Jews still around bullying others by the sole reason of them being killed mercilessly by the Nazis. They are much worst because they make up stories about the holocaust and doing exactly the same thing towards the Muslims now.

Tun Dr. Mahathir had these to say in a NST report:

"I feel very angry that the Israelis have used force against people totally unarmed. I am sure the Israelis will say that these people are carrying weapons. That is ridiculous," he told a media conference here.

"We have made certain that they are all non-combatant and they come from many parts of the world including America and Europe.

"Their intention is to travel in boats to deliver the supply to Gaza. They know that the Israelis may try to stop them, but we don’t expect the Israelis to resort to such violence as to shoot with live bullets.

"The Israelis claim these people have sharp objects. I don’t know what is meant by sharp objects," he said.

As I had exposed in my previous articles, the United Nations are one of the tools of the Illuminati created to rule the world. So, we cannot expect them to act against the Israeli regime or expect them to sanction the regime as it is one of the regime's tool.

The United States of America are ruled by the Jews as well since they are in control of every aspect of the country including the economy. So we cannot depend on the police of the world who are actually the police of the regime to act against the regime as well.

Tun Dr. Mahathir previously said that the Jews ruled the world by proxy and there are Jews proxies even in Malaysia.

Let us follow Iran's example of having nuclear arms in their country not to be used to attack others as the Israeli regime but for peace and to protect one's country from being attack under the pretence of having weapons of mass destruction like the Zionist did in Iraq.

The only way Muslims can help the Palestinians and Gaza is by the Arab countries in the Middle East to unite and strengthen their military. Tun Dr Mahathir should be the champion in order to unite the Muslim countries all around the world.

The Arab countries should also befriend China, South Korea and North Korea and learn their technology of nuclear arms in order to protect themselves against the attack from the Israeli regime and having nuclear power for peace.

It is not fair that the Israeli regime and the United States of America which is the proxy of the Isreali regime have nuclear power but prohibits other nation to have it as well because they want to control the world by establishing the New World Order.

Since we are already aware of their plan to control the world via New World Order, we have to do our best to ruin their plan. Knowledge is power and we can stop them if we use the knowledge that we have about them to defeat them.

Read more here, here, and here.

The nuclear arms in the Arab countries will only be used if they are under attack from the regime Zionist and to help other Muslims countries such as in Gaza if they are being attacked by the regime.

Let us all pray for the safety of other volunteers of the humanitarian aid and condemn the vicious act of the Israeli regime.

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