Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Apostate and tithe

I am not sure whether this is true or not but according to one exposure here, 50,000 youths in Klang Valley had applied for apostate.

Although this can be a very sensitive issue, but it had to be dealt with because this is a serious issue. Don't just sweep this under the carpet or act as if this problem does not exist.

According to a study on the 27th of May 1998, the amount of Muslim who apostate from 30th April 1990 until 30th April 1997 was 698 people.

In the records kept by JAKIM showed the statistic where there is a substantial increase where 1064 cases of application for name and religion changes around Malaysia from the year 2000 until 2006.

In 2008 there was 42 cases, in 2009 about 40 cases and since January 2010 there had been 3 cases.

Read more in Case study isu murtad.

I have a thing or two to say about this matter.

1. What are the Muslim Religious Experts (mufti-mufti negeri), Jabatan Agama Islam and JAKIM doing to abolish this problem? Surely they can see that this is a very serious problem. Therefore, some serious actions have to be taken to eradicate it. They should be missionaries to promote Islam and also to stop the youths from becoming apostate. They should be doing the work by meeting people and trying to persuade those who wants to leave the Islamic religion not to do so. Not just sitting in the office doing nothing and waiting for the pay check at the end of each month without doing anything constructive for the betterment of the ummah.

I don't see PAS who claimed to be more Muslim than others doing that. They are more busy promoting Allah to be used by the Christians. Christian missionaries are clever in making themselves being helpful to those poor Muslims in need. They would give out money and donation through the churches to help out the poor, the underprivilege and approach problematic teenagers and youths by showing how understanding and not being judgemental to other people's fault. They show that they are compassionate and make people feel that Christianity is a better religion than Islam. That is why Muslims turn their back on Islam and become apostate.

The Muslim Religious people are showing how stringent they are by judging people's fault and punishment that humiliates people for sinning. Hello! We are human and as humans, we have our faults and sins. Nobody in this world is as pure and sinless like our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. Even the religious people have their own faults and sins, so don't make Islam to be such a difficult religion, a religion that concentrated on punishing sinners. How can you attract non-Muslims to be Muslims by using fear by concentrating on punishing sinners instead of advising them not to do the bad deeds instead?

2. The ustaz and ustazah that are well-verse in Islam should be Muslim missionaries to promote the goodness of Islam, not just preach to the Muslims. We must follow the example shown by the Christian missionaries. Surely they must be doing something right if they could attract the Muslims to leave their religion and became a Christian. Even our prophet Muhammad s.a.w. attracted many to become Muslims by showing good example.

Anwar sokong Lina Joy Murtad-BBC

Another problem is the usage of Allah's name by the Christians.

1. What are the Muslim Religious Experts doing about this issue? They should be on the road to explain this to the public who are confused by the different statements by the so-called PAS who claimed to be so religious but allowing non-Muslims to misuse Allah's name.

For example, a few weeks ago, a Muslim convert had applied to become a Buddha again. Don't forget the Lina Joy case.

2. Christian missionaries are creative in attracting Muslims to become apostate. They lend an ear to listen to their problems and help them by giving them money. What are the Muslim Religious Experts, Jabatan Agama Islam, JAKIM and Pusat Zakat doing in order to help poor Muslims in Malaysia?

The money in the Pusat Pungutan Zakat every year keeps increasing to the hundreds of millions, but what are the workers in Pusat Pungutan Zakat doing in order to help poor Muslims? Because of the enormous amount of tithe collected but not distributed to the poor Muslims, no wonder some of the workers there had been caught stealing the money. I am disheartened to see so many poor Muslims especially in the rural areas which is shown on the television either on RTM or TV3.

See the amount of the tithe here from 2004 to 2009 and you wonder why the amount isn't being used to help the poor Muslims in rural areas?

Kalimah Allah Hak Kristian - Anwar

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  1. waw...semakin banyak saje penemuan perihal ni.

  2. 1. What are the Muslim Religious Experts (mufti-mufti negeri), Jabatan Agama Islam and JAKIM doing to abolish this problem?

    You can't "abolish" this problem, any more than you can impose religion on people

    Like your blog says, life is not a fairy tale. As much as you believe your religion to be dominant and superior, don't expect everyone to conform to your way of thinking.

  3. Dear AlphaBet SixSevenEight. I am not imposing Islam on anyone. You are free to practice your religion. But the same occurs here too. Don't try to make Muslims to be Christians because you can't conform anyone to be infidels that you are.


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