Thursday, June 16, 2011

What the fuck is this? Sidang Kemuncak Penulis Blog dan Media Sosial Sedunia 2011

Guys! Read about this.

Now, any other bloggers who knew about this fucking event and went to it? And how many of you guys out there who actually got the invitation to go to the Top Council of the so-called World Blog Writers and Social Media 2011 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) yesterday.

It was only reported in Utusan Malaysia today and I don't think that there is any promotion about it for the bloggers to go there. I tried to find out any reports about it in other English newspapers, but so far none had been written about it.

If the local English dallies are not even aware about it, so what's so special about that fucking event? Even Berita Harian does not mention anything about it.

So, who got invited? What was the event all about? Any why nobody tells us about it? What's so world or wow about it when we don't know about it?

So, come on! Tell us if you were invited and you went to the event. What is it all about? Why is it so hushed up?

Maybe because me and the others who are not invited to it are a nobody so we just have to grin at those who got invited!!!

By the way, who got invited to it? Raise your hands or just write in the comment box. What's so special about you that make you got the invitation?

Give us a tip or two so that we will get the invitation to the 2nd event next year.

Could it be only that insiders who are involved directly with the event will get first hand knowledge about the event but will keep it so secret that we might think, or is it one CIA conference for the local CIA agents?

Spies from all over the world gathered for the 1st ever spy gathering in Malaysia.

I like to give my conspiracy theory point of view since Al Juburi introduced the statement that he had been conspired against.


  1. maaf, saya salah seorang dari peserta.

    oleh kerana nature event ini adalah untuk bloggers dan juga social media, maka iklan adalah lebih tertumpu kepada portal - portal online. setahu saya this event is not the first time, tapi dah dua kali dibuat, yang pertama adalah tahun lepas di Berjaya Time Square.

    topik banyak tertumpu kepada social media, ROI, traffic, ethics, cybersecurity etc etc, can get more info here

    our government involve siap support makan tengahari lagi....

    its not a spy think, sebab dari gaya ucapan ceo MYEVENT (the organiser) nampak seperti pro-BN...

    jangan terlepas lagi pada tahun depan, ada dalam bulan 3...insyaAllah

  2. Bro Azam. I hope that next year you can remind me about it. I am interested to go and see what it is all about. Tapi Malaysiakini pun ada kat sana kan? So we can never know if it's really pro-BN or whatever.


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