Friday, September 17, 2010

The hypocrisy of DAP, Pakatan Rakyat and Bar Council Part 2

Since the perpetrators of this brutal crime is a DAP lifetime member, a Hindu (that is why he burnt the victims using a traditional method from India), a Hindraf member, a Bar Council member plus this case could be committed by organised crime and gangsters too, the government should now detain everyone from Hindraf, DAP, the Bar Council and anyone else who jeopardises the security of the people of Malaysia and the security of the country under Internal Security Act (I.S.A.) or Sedition Act.

Latest news is that the license of this lawyer had been suspended and he is not a real Datuk due to the checking by Utusan Malaysia, read here where an English newspaper reported he bought the title from a businessman for RM180,000.

Malaysians do want to feel secure living in Malaysia and with the revelation of this vicious crime, I doubt that any male or female will feel safe walking around here anymore, maybe in the depth of their minds wondering if they could be the next victim.

Therefore, I would like to advice everyone not to be too trusting especially if you feel that something is wrong somewhere. TRUST NO ONE is the best motto to be followed because no criminal wears a devil sign on their head or butt.

Some people looks so good but actually they are the devil, some people looks bad but actually they are the good people. Don't judge a book by its cover is appropriate to describe this.

Let us boycott the vote for Pakatan Rakyat who so loves to condemn the authorities and the police force for using force or beating criminals to get information pertaining to the crimes they had committed. Criminals will so respond to 5 star hotel treatment and coercion to confess their crimes to the authorities so bravo to the human rights champions of the criminals!

Only criminals will defend criminals, only homosexuals will defend homosexuals, only those who are traitors of the nation will be so overjoyed to be going to overseas to disgrace the nation with various accusations when in fact they are the agents of the foreign powers. Why would the foreign powers be so in favour of them to the extend of propogating their favourite to become the next prime minister in waiting?

Those condemning the police for doing their job excellently are actually afraid that they will get caught red-handed for betraying the country. They condemn the police, but they also have to make police reports if they are robbed or if a crime is committed against them. Why the double-standard?

This is an advice to the Home Minister who are now dubbed as the Warning Minister! Do your work by taking action against those non-Muslims and non-Malay who make statements or actions that hurt the feelings of the Malay Muslims. Don't just be too quick to act against the Malay Muslims.

If you like to give warning after warning without taking action which makes others think you are not serious about your warnings, maybe you should head a tranvestite Ministry which would be more suited to you.

I do not care about the fact that you are the cousin of our Prime Minister, I will say things as I see it without editing anything because they are many who will cover up things and praise your performance which is a non performer when in actuality things are not as it seems and BAD.

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  1. My are beyond saving, my friend. You are not only racist, but so deluded in your nation of paranoia.

    I'd like to think no one is beyond help, so you need to seriously change your outlook on to other people, make non-Malay friends.

  2. Ah Beng communist pretending to be Samad or could it be a liberal Samad who hates his own race?

    Is my paranoia as bad as that person who had announced he is the Prime Minister on 16th September 2 years back?

    Before you want to put me in a pyschiatric ward, you should ask Wan Azizah to put her beloved gay husband to be admitted there.

  3. Why do you say I hate my own race? I love my race, and my country even more. That is why I hate racists like you.

  4. Ah Beng pretending to be Samad. I know people like you. You pretend to be so good but actually you are the biggest racist of all.

    That is why you hate racists like me. Because you can be racists to people like me, but when others are racists to you, you hate them.

    Don't be a fucking liar. Just admit what you truly are.

  5. A liar? Look who's calling me a liar...a foulmouthed child who hides behind a pseudonym on a blog.

    "You pretend to be so good but actually you are the biggest racist of all.

    That is why you hate racists like me. Because you can be racists to people like me, but when others are racists to you, you hate them."

    You're not even making sense. You either need professional help, or an education.

  6. Samad. This is a free country. If you don't like what I'm writing. Start your own blog to write your own crap.

    Right back at you. You're senseless. You are the person who needs professional help.


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