Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ooops! The transvestite did it again.

The sincerity of Khairy Jamaluddin are now proven not to be with the Malays or Barisan Nasional but more towards the Chinese or Pakatan Rakyat and DAP.

His loyalty towards UMNO had never been proven ever since he became the UMNO Youth Chief. He is more likely to potray himself as the champion of other races rather than his own race which other races who are richer had never laid a finger to help.

He was quoted to be saying to The Star dated 1st July 2010 "Asking for Ka Siong to be detained under the ISA is deliberately instigating (hatred) and the ministry should look into it," he said, adding that it was wrong to instigate with inflammatory articles in an article titled "Khairy wants Suara Perkasa probed for inciting unrest (Update)".

This had been proven by his latest fucking antic of demanding the Home Ministry to investigate Suara Perkasa, the newsletter of the Malay Rights group Perkasa, for the so called inciting unrest.

The only person shouting out like a crazy monkey, inciting unrest amongst the Malays is Khairy Jamaluddin who should better be known as a Malay Liberal who are more suited to be in PKR.

Hey you monkey! You love Anwar Ibrahim. Even though you are acting as if you despise him, who can forget who had persuaded your father-in-law who loves to take a nap during any meeting even in overseas to release that homosexual earlier than his intended release date?

Moreover, we can never forget who acted as a courier boy, sending Anwar's passport by swaggering like a transvestite or a monkey on heat. Why did you became the courier boy who sent the passport to Anwar Ibrahim if actually deep in your heart, you adore that old homo?

That old homo who is now in a court case for raping the butt of Saiful Bukhari Azlan, are now using Karpal Singh to delay his case over and over again till we are sick of his stupid excuses. KJ.

We are sick of your behaviour of siding with the ultra kiasu more than defending your own race. You better fuck off to PKR where you can serve to work under your most beloved homosexual leader. The sooner the better.

Suara Perkasa, to be launched Thursday, carries a front-page headline, "Tahan Ka Siong Bawah ISA" (Arrest Ka Siong under ISA), an online news portal reported.

The news portal, quoting Perkasa vice-president Dr Zubir Harun at a press conference, said the movement wanted the Government to arrest Dr Wee for allegedly saying Mara (scholarships) had to be reduced.

This latest statement by this crazy monkey, once and for all remove any doubt that he is actually the agent of Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat to create chaos inside UMNO dan Barisan Nasional.

We have to remove any source of conflict that could be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Action speaks louder than words and all of that bitch's action (he is acting like a transvestite so a bitch is an accurate reference to him) have proven that he is a person not to be trusted.


  1. It's precisely the kind of attitude the author has that we need to get rid of. The delusion and paranoia that all other races are out to get the Malays.

  2. Khairy adalah duri dalam daging. Dia, saperti Anwar mengunakan platform UMNO untuk meresapkan ideologi dia dan kemudian meruntuhkannya. Kawan karib kepada Azmin dan Zahid. Dah sampai masa mereka bertiga duduk dalam gelanggang yang sama.

    Khairy dah tak kesah apa juga ahli UMNO nak cakap pasal dia. Mata dan telinga dia dah tutup rapat. Dia cuma nak sampaikan ideologi pembangkang dari dalam.

    agbr47: pemimpin yang di angkat bukan yang pemimpin yang terbentuk.

  3. Anon 11:50:00 PM. If the other races are not out to get the Malays, why can't they even agree to abolish their racist vernacular schools and be united in one school?

    If the other races are not out to get the Malays, why are some of them adamant on using their own language when they speak so that the Malays do not understand what the hell they are talking about.

    If the other races are not out to get the Malays, why are they being racist in advertising vacancies in companies owned by them by preferring a Chinese candidate or someone who can speak in Mandarin?

    You might think that we are stupid, but there are some of us more clever than you.

  4. Wake Up: You are not being reasonable. People have the freedom to speak whatever language they want. It is the sign of a developed nation when the people can speak English fluently as well as their mother tongue.

    You say they refuse to unite under one school. What school is that? Malay medium? That's bad, because making everyone speak in Malay will take the country backwards. The no. 1 language is English. So you think Malay grassroots will agree to everyone going to an English language school? I think not.

    Racism in advertising is bad. And it should be looked down upon. Only the uneducated do so, but this can only change with education. But kawan...Malays do the same. Not only Chinese.

  5. Anon 8:24 PM,

    Tell that to the USA, Australia and Indonesian government.

    If they can do it, Malaysia can do it.

    They will never entertain, or even aid any vernacular schools.

    Why should we? This is not India or China. This is MALAYsia. WAKE UP!


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