Friday, July 23, 2010

Malay unity is good for the Malay race in our country

Malay is synonym with Islam. Even though we cannot deny the fact that there are some who have converted to other religion.

Therefore, the unity of PAS and UMNO is crucial for the survival of the Malays here since we can witness the cruel treatment of the DAP government towards the Malay food stall owners in Penang.

They are racists and will just allow their own race to conquer the stall, but will demolish anything that is owned by the Malays.

To tell you the truth, that is just a little that we had seen. Imagine what will happen if DAP does rule the Federal level.

Come on! Let your imagination go wild! What will happen if DAP governs Malaysia? I am sure you have your own ideas of what will happen if they do govern our country.


  1. LGE of DAP is now a Dictator in Penang. He will used all sorts of the Penang State Authorities to get rid of the Malays' position in Penang. He is implementing a silent strategy and secret agenda to belittle the Malays of Penang. PAS realized this but could not do anything since they have only one seat in the state assembly. PKR is silent due to position they are holding now as Deputy CM post. In order to rectify the situation now is for the Malays in PKR to leave PKR and join UMNO together with PAS (1 seat).From here we can chase out LGE ;who is an outsider, from Penang. He can go back to Malacca and stay there for good. ALLHUAKHBAR.

  2. Do whatever it takes to reduce the Chinese population in Penang. We certainly do not want Penang to be a second Singapore.


Say whatever that is on your mind. Heck! This is a free country after all. If the racists Chinese can swear at the Malays as much as they want, we can do that as well.

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