Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reject politicians using religion

I found it so hysterical that last night Hadi Awang had given his speech that appealed the Muslims to vote for DAP candidate. He went as far as saying that voting for DAP will mean that the voters will not be burn in the fires of hell.

DAP is now following what PAS had been doing for decades and succeeding in decepting their fanatical followers. PAS had been using the Islamic religion as their stepping stone for power and privilege regardless of them being the traitors of Islam. Pity the fanatical followers that believed their lies to their graves.

Now DAP is using the Christian religion and the church to appeal to the Christians by deceiving them to vote for them by saying that voting for Barisan Nasional is equivalent to betraying the Christian faith. Politics is politics and religion is religion. Those are two very different things and should not be put together in one basket.

Religion is something pure, true and sacred. Politics is totally the opposite of religion. Therefore, religion and politics should be separated since there are unscrupulous politicians like those in PAS using the religion for their own greedy motives.

I hope that the voters are not that gullible to believe that voting for someone that feel we can trust to safeguard our future after weighing the pros and cons of our actions of voting them can lead us to heaven or hell.

We also have some news about the dissatisfaction that is lingering amongst the local DAP leaders in Sibu due to the irrational behaviour of the DAP leaders from Peninsula Malaysia. The leaders should be more respectful of the local DAP leaders there instead of acting high and mighty as if they are the Sibu ruler.

We should take heed of what is happening right now in our neighbouring country, Thailand. Thaksin had been paying the red shirt demonstrators to bring down the government using force by creating chaos in the country.

This had been going on for months. And it is causing Thailand to lose out in terms of tourists arrival and drop in businesses. Surely, we do not want the same thing to occur here.

If ever anyone here in Malaysia dared to try and repeat what is happening in Thailand and bring it here, the police and soldiers must do whatever they should do to ensure peace and harmony here remain intact.

We don't want someone in exile for instance in Turkey, Australia, London or the US to do the same thing from overseas.


  1. I totally have the same wavelength with you.Could not agree more.Politicians are devils in the first place.How can they call themselves the righteous ones?. I was 5 years old when PAS took Kelantan in 1990. Now am 25. Never voted before but i know who is going to get my vote.Vote for Change!

  2. The problem with Kelantanese voters are that most of them are working outside of Kelantan. They are prosperous in other states under the rule of BN.

    Their voting in PAS will only results in difficulties to the Kelantanese living in that state. That is so irresponsible of them to do that.

  3. Those kelantanese are selfish.They taste prosperity outside but they stifling progress in their own state.All in the name of ISLAM. Islam in Kelantan is just a showcase. The islamic sentiment is very clear. Anything to do with Islamic brand in Kelantan will gain significant advantage. Dont be surprise when there is a chain supermarket in Kelantan called BILAL oddly enough owned by 100% chinese.Chinese shops putting up billboard Membangun Bersama Islam is not rare occurrence.It is all sentiment without rational thinking. Hope pakatan malays realise how they are fooled by DAP. . Good luck with your blogging.I hope more people like you,educated and rational malay to be in the blogsphere.

  4. If you want to know about the Chinese culture of double-crossing others, even their own family members, watch Chinese drama. You will know how they operate. They will lie, cheat and steal to get rich by all means.

    Illuminati intelligence group.


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