Thursday, May 20, 2010

The hooliganism of DAP supporters

Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar, the Deputy Chairman of SPR had this to say about the uncivilised behaviours of the DAP party agents and the candidate of that party.

"In Sibu the other day, one incident happened in the Officer Operation Room in Sibu when the handing over of the postal votes operation had been disturbed by the agents of the DAP party and the party's candidate himself. They spread rumours that we (SPR) delayed the counting when the disturbance was made by them (DAP).

"In Suarah Sibu civic centre on the 16th May, the DAP supporters shouted 'boo' at the SPR workers that was carrying in the polling box, then the supporters and their leaders at their whims and fancies trespassed a prohibited area and held a press conference.

"Why does the DAP leaders who was in the civic centre didn't control their supporters. This behaviour shown by DAP was the worst and so rude," he said.

Their hooliganism proves that they are not as democratic as they said they are. This country have rules and regulations and laws that must be followed by everyone. Nobody is above the law.

Meanwhile, the communist Chief Minister in Pulau Pinang is putting the blame of the flash flood that happened in a housing area in Balik Pulau yesterday on Perda (Penang Regional Development Authority).

Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, the Chairman of Perda said that Guan Eng should be giving help to the people in the affected area instead of putting the blame on someone else.

He also divulged that the state government's directive so that Perda stopped the project near that housing area until the drainage system is repaired will only affect the 216 low cost houses for the people and this shows that Guan Eng is not concerned about the poor people especially the Malays.

In Sarawak, William Ghani Bina, the joint-committee chairman of Teachers' Union Association of Sabah and Sarawak mentioned that special funding was needed to upgrade school facilities and resolve long-standing problems faced by rural teachers.

He who is also the President of Sarawak Teachers' Union (STU) was surprised that the minister was not aware of teh real situation and the problems faced by teachers in rural schools as STU had taken photos of the poor condition of the schools and the teachers quarters and sent them to the ministry 20 years ago.

Let's see now its 2010. If they had sent the report 20 years ago, it was in 1990. So this is the work or not doing the work by the one who had been appointed as the Minister of Education. Who was the Minister of Education then? Had he been so busy with his homosexual activities or being the foreign spy of the Jews that he had overlooked the report of the poor condition of the schools in Sarawak? Or did he just threw the report into the dustbin?

From 1985 to 1990, ANWAR IBRAHIM was the Minister of Education. Some of the stupid policies made by him is the bahasa BAKU, that is sounding a little bit like the Indonesian language. An honour to the most beloved lover perhaps? While serving as Minister of Education Anwar was elected President of the UNESCO General Conference (1991).

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