Sunday, May 23, 2010

Understand what is majority rules

Democracy is a political form of government carried out either directly by the people (direct democracy) or by means of elected representatives of the people, as if the people and the elected person were one, linear line of decisions. The "majority rule" is often described as a characteristic feature of democracy. explains democracy as majority rule. So, what about this boo ha ha crap propogated by the Pakatan Rakyat in their BUM ass 2010 yesterday about having to follow what the minority wants? Come on man. Just because your leader is a homosexual, surely you can find another word as the title for your biased programme? Or are you sabotaging Anwar so that Lim Kit Siang can become the leader of Pakatan Rakyat?

Bum have many definitions. The most appropriate meaning of BUM in this situation is
butt/buttocks, back end, backside, behind, bottom, bum*, derrière, fanny, fundament, gluteus maximus, haunches, hindquarters, posterior, rear, rump, seat, tush.

Maybe it's best for the Chinese racists to migrate to America, the land of opportunity that is on the brink of bancrupcy if not for the help from the US government approved by Obama.

America is 233 years old and will turn 234 on July 4, 2010. Malaysia will be 53 years old this coming 31st August 2010. Obama is a black that only became a US President after America is 233 years old. I bet DAP is motivated by America for having a black (who used to be slaves in America, no pun intended) President that they are building castles in the air about Lim Kit Siang becoming Malaysia's Prime Minister. Over my dead body, you minority should prove yourselves to be a true Bangsa Malaysia first by giving up your racist vernacular schools. If you are not willing to do that, then to hell with you! Maybe you should go to your alternate universe where the government is the minority rules.

Every country that practices democracy follows the majority. The government formed will be because of the majority voted for them. Not because of the votes of the minority or because the minority voted them in. So why the hell should we listen to your crap? If you so want to be under the rule of the Chinese people, go back to your China or migrate to Singapore. Why stay and cause chaos here? Oh yes. I forgot. You have bad intention, right? You want a minority to be the Prime Minister right? So that you can chase out all the Malays from Malaysia? Let's see if the Malay racists will ever allow that to happen.

Don't play with fire if you are not prepared to get burned. If another racial riot occurs because of the ultra kiasu doing, you will know your fate when the Malays have lost their patience and ran amok. We are not scardy-cats or Yes Man like Hang Tuah but more of a fighter like Hang Jebat. We will fight for our right when you had tried too far. So keep on playing with fire, ok? I can't wait to act accordingly when the time comes.

The Malays have always been tolerant and considerate towards the minority here in Malaysia. Not like the discrimination imposed by the developed countries towards their Muslim minority. We do not go killing minorities on our whims and fancies unlike some defamation by certain quarters that we had been doing genocide towards the Indian. If we are doing that, then why can I see Indians everywhere I go. Why aren't they dead yet like in the Holocaust? And the Holocaust is only the exageration from the Jews so that it will provide them with a reason when they are doing exactly the same thing to the Palestinian Muslims.

The Christians are cheering because they have lost the crusade when the war between the Christians and the Muslims occur before. If you are too lazy to read history, watch the movie The Kingdom of Heaven.

Read the report on Violence Against Muslims here.


  1. I like the movie Kingdom of Heaven. It tells that MAJORITY forces deserved to lead the world. Same way to political field. I like your articles about chinese SJK and america.

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  2. It's utter and sheer nonsense to say that the majority has to follow what the minority wants. Those saying so are subversive blokes. They may be communists.

    It's only the communists who think and claim they practice democracy but of the type where the minority rules. Yes, in China it's the minority who rules. It's the Communist Party of China that rules China. It's the CPC Politbureau that decides and determines policies. Go see how they select and nominate so-called representatives of the people. It's utterly undemocratic. Their People's Congress is certainly not representative of the people in the true sense of the word.

    Now these blokes saying the majority must follow the minority are plain skewed, warped and communistic in their thinking. They must not be allowed to propagate that kind of concept.

    Malaysia is a democratic country, the Constitution is based on the principles of democratic government known and applied in many parts of the world for hundreds if not thousands of years before the advent of Marxism and communism.

    The Communist methods of gaining power had always been through violence and anarchy. These subversive people in their hitting out at everything that represents authority in this country - the Government, the Police, MACC, the Army etc - hold illegal demonstrations and then blame the Police for being water-cannoned etc. They are being anarchistic and want to cause chaos and disorder in the country. Then they offer salvation to the very people they cause hardship and misery like the communists terrorists did for scores of years. These people with that kind of thinking must be checked and where appropriate stopped.

    I also support ISA. The Government should use ISA. The Government cannot afford liberalism of the kind that will break up the moral fibre of a multi-racial country like Malaysia. The Government has to be firm and act on subversive fellows before to prevent racial flare ups of the kind in 1969. ISA was meant for the communists and the subversives. Use it.

  3. it is just another rhetoric when we talk about Democracy... Majority vs minority... it's just another 'once upon a time' bedtime story... in reality, it won't become reality, in fact, it is just a tool for power-hungered politician to played with...

  4. So what is your suggestion Cucu Tok Wan, to improve the situation?

  5. back to the basic... ukhwah Islamiyyah and the malays should know better because they're a Muslim!

  6. How to go back to basics as you had insinuated when the leaders in PAS are the ones that are breaking up the unity of the ummah in Malaysia?

  7. Does this Cucu guy know what he is talking about? He should say something more in order for us to know what he is talking about. He should explain himself a bit instead of saying merely generalities.

    How about it, Cucu? Let's have a meaningful dialogue.


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