Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DAP will relinquish the special rights of the Malay

This is the analysis from Time after the incident of 13th May 1969.

Western observers such as Time attributed the racial enmities to a political and economic system, which primarily benefited the upper classes: “ The Chinese and Indians resented Malay-backed plans favoring the majority, including one to make Malay the official school and government language. The poorer, more rural Malays became jealous of Chinese and Indian prosperity. Perhaps the Alliance's greatest failing was that it served to benefit primarily those at the top. ... For a Chinese or Indian who was not well-off, or for a Malay who was not well-connected, there was little largesse in the system. Even for those who were favored, hard feelings persisted. One towkay recently told a Malay official: "If it weren't for the Chinese, you Malays would be sitting on the floor without tables and chairs." Replied the official: "If I knew I could get every damned Chinaman out of the country, I would willingly go back to sitting on the floor.

This is what is happening in Thailand now when the armed forces had to impose a curfew due to the abandonment of the Red Shirt demonstrators who are anti government.

"But the rioting and fires continue to sweep the city. An 8pm curfew has been imposed in the city tonight to restore order."

We, as peace loving Malaysians rejects any form of violent outbreak by any quarters. We do not want a curfew imposed by the Thai security forces to happen here as well. And it could happen if the racism by the ultra kiasu party is left unchecked.

Do we want this to happen to Malaysia?

Read this excerpt on how the 13th May 1969 occur. It occured because of the arrogance of the ultra kiasu that cast mockery at the Malays just because they had won quite a substantial number of seats in the General Election held on 10 May 1969.

On 12 May, thousands of Chinese marched through Kuala Lumpur, parading through predominantly Malay areas, hurling insults which led to the incident. The largely Chinese opposition Democratic Action Party and Gerakan gained in the elections, and secured a police permit for a victory parade through a fixed route in Kuala Lumpur. However, the rowdy procession deviated from its route and headed through the Malay district of Kampung Baru, jeering at the inhabitants. Some demonstrators carried brooms, later alleged to symbolise the sweeping out of the Malays from Kuala Lumpur, while others chanted slogans about the "sinking" of the Alliance boat — the coalition's logo. The Gerakan party issued an apology on May 13 for their rally goers' behaviour.

If we don't want a repeat of this bloody 13th May, the racists statement that is uttered by the ultra kiasu leaders should be stopped in whatever way we must do to ensure the prosperity of our country to continue to flourish without any fear in the hearts of the people. Malays are not like those ultra kiasu who don't have any manners.

Now we are still putting up with the pressure and the provocation from the ultra kiasu party and their accomplice, but let me remind you that even a little kitten if it is being abused everyday to a boiling point, it will scratch out at you to defend itself. Please continue with the provocation but remember that you have to bear the consequences when the Malays have lost their temper and run amok like Hang Jebat.

No other country in this world had given so much to their minority as much as the Malays had given to the minority in this country. So take heed of my warning. When you have an axe to grind, until you had to come up with an ethnic cleansing bull, when the minority Chinese is controlling the economy of Malaysia, and every minority in this country have their own rights, why are you beating around the bush?

Drastic times call for drastic measures. That is why we have PERKASA to defend the Malays from the ultra kiasu. The minorities have many parties to defend their rights like DAP, Gerakan, MCA, MIC and many more. Maybe it's time for the Malays to have a new party that is ultra Malay and fights for the rights of the Malay since UMNO is heading the wrong way and helping the minorities which are the real masters of the economy of our nation.

Last but not least, I flip the bird at all the ultra kiasu and their cohorts. If you don't understand what flip the bird means, look it up in Google.


  1. Hapuskan hak melayu? Stupid... If they really dying when talk about it, then move to Singapore lah.

    This is the DISADVANTAGE of Malay leaders. I need to say this because they were too kind, too much give than take, too much considerations when dealing with snakes (as what I've to call em). At the end, we get monkeys. This could be the Chinese way of appreciation.. don't you think?

    We shouldn't entertain them like what we did to our own .... by right we should have equal number of business opportunities to those so-called hak samarata DAP political fighters. Hapuskan Hak Melayu to some of us meaning is Hapuskan yang nak hapuskan Hak Melayu. Well honestly if this kind of agenda getting successful in my country, I will be much happier than other person to stand in the first line having war with them.

  2. The ultra kiasu racists in DAP is playing a dangerous game. Be careful when you play with fire that will only make you get burn.

  3. Yea, NEP will should just bring wealth to just MALAY and who cares about other races! They are here just to pay taxes and feed us! So wht if they pay 80% of taxes, if they r gone, we can always depends on Petronas or worse still we can tanam padi!! I sounding a bit racist? I don't think so, we have freedom of speech...

  4. Anon. Do you have the percentage of how many of the Chinese out there paid the taxes? I had personally spoken to some Chinese people and most of them are doing business that does not require them to pay taxes.

    So what have you to say about that? Don't think that the Malays are that stupid. We know that the Chinese businessmen will do whatever it takes to avoid paying the taxes.

  5. Hi fellow malays,
    I sense a lot of hatred & envy here. Why is that?

    I'm earning a competitive, decent living. I have many Malay, Chinese, Indian, Mixed colleagues. The business environment is competitive, so we all need to work hard, regardless of who you are.

    Our top executives at the corporation make big amounts of $$$$. Though many of the top executives are chinese, we have top malay executives too. & I've seen these executives work. They are dead serious when it comes to work. They work hard. Commit extra hours. Try different approaches. Sometimes they fail, but they never give up.

    This is the reason they are "living in the lap of luxury". Not because of their skin colour. Nobody gave them any of the money they earned. The worked hard for it. They fought for it. They took risks for it. Malays can "live in the lap of luxury" too, if we work just as hard. Heck we can be richer even. Wealth is colour blind.

    The fact that some of you here hate the chinese community so much makes me & my friends feel embarrassed sometimes. May I ask those who are hateful:

    "Has the chinese stole from you?"

    "What have they done to you except quietly doing their work & paying taxes?"

    "If Ah Beng works triple shifts to save up for his family, he deserves to be hated?"

    "Americans have high income & make a lot of money, should we hate them too?"

    "Do you really think umno, perkasa, gertak is really fighting for you? Or are they just using you?"

    I am even more embarrassed when some of my malay subordinates would disappear from work the very day after they get their salaries. When I call them, they refuse to pick up. Do you know what I had to do?? I called a few chinese/indian subordinates. They agreed to help out, although i offered them less pay.

    My friends, you don't have to end up in some sort of hate club. All you have to do is work hard, be your own man. Be proud of your own effort. Isn't this kind of honor & respect worth working hard for?

    I'd like to ask those of you who hate the chinese so much one question:

    "Why be weak & insecure when we can be strong?"

    & yes, i know some of you are getting really worked up & angry now that I've called you "weak & insecure". Some of you might be even calling me pengkhianat bangsa now.

    But I'm sure for every little man that gets angry of my comments, there are 1000 proud Malays that agree with me.

    That we Malays are a strong, confident race, we don't need this.

  6. Anon. You can read my answers to your questions


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