Monday, August 8, 2011

Don't be drug mules

Nigerian drug mule enroute to Malaysia dies on plane

NEW DELHI: A Nigerian drug trafficker on his way to Malaysia to deliver the contraband died aboard a plane on Tuesday, after the drug-filled packets he swallowed burst in his stomach.

The Lagos-based Daily Sun newspaper reported today that Chilaka Ogbonna Emmanuel, 25, died onboard a Qatar Airways flight enroute to Malaysia via Doha.

"When he developed complications from the ingested drugs, the crew tried to assist him.

"But when his condition deteriorated, the airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in India to give him proper medical assistance," reported the newspaper.

According to the daily, the suspect was confirmed dead in a hospital in Mumbai.

Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) spokesman Jarikre Ofoyeju said a post-mortem revealed Emmanuel had ingested narcotics and his death was due to complications.

But Nigerian authorities did not reveal the quantity or type of drugs the deceased was attempting to smuggle to Malaysia.

The NDLEA revealed 68 suspected drug traffickers were detained at Lagos Airport in the first six months of this year. -- BERNAMA

The Malaysian authorities should stop letting in those nigger who are actually drug mules or drug traffickers who cheat Malaysians to be drug mules to and to suffer death penalty in China or other countries.

Be a bit clever okay. Who would pay for free airplane ticket overseas if they do not want something in return like for you to take a package or a bag containing drugs so that you will be a drug mule for them???

It's better to work in Malaysia for a little salary than being in jail overseas for being such a greedy pig when you are offered a huge sum of money to bring it out.

Every action has its consequences. When you are in jail for being foolish enough to be a drug mule, don't go crying to the government because you are the one who did it.

Therefore, before doing something, think of the pros and cons especially if someone offered you an all expense paid ticket to bring something for them.

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