Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just Say 'NO'

Ministry gets ready to receive first of asylum seekers

PUTRAJAYA: The first batch of asylum seekers under the refugee swap agreement between Malaysia and Australia is expected to arrive here early next week.

Although no exact date has been announced, officials at the Home Ministry are said to be making preparations to receive them.

However, it could not be confirmed how many refugees would be in the first batch.

A ministry official said that upon arrival, the refugees would be temporarily placed at a centre about 100km from Kuala Lumpur.

“The centre is a former resort,” the official said.

“The refugees will be housed there for up to 45 days where they will then be screened by the UNHCR to determine their status,” he added.

The selection of the former resort as the centre was agreed by both governments.

In Melbourne, Australia, the group that was due to be sent to Malaysia were said to be on hunger strike.

A refugees advocate movement said the group arrived on Christmas Island on Thursday.

The group includes 18 minors or people claiming to be minors. Up to 14 of them are unaccompanied.

Refugee Action Coalition spokesman Ian Rintoul claimed that the movement received a distress call from one of the asylum seekers on Friday.

“The short call said: We are in a bad way; we need help. We are starting a hunger strike',” Rintoul was quoted by the Australian Associated Press as saying.

He called on the Australian Government to give the group access to lawyers.

“The asylum seekers have committed no crime but are effectively being held incommunicado,” Rintoul said.

Taken from The Star

Now, what the hell is this? Why are we agreeing to be the dumping ground of the asylum seekers with Australia???

Before this, the Aussies have proven themselves not to be trusted because they demanded that the sodomy case of Al Juburi to be dropped!!!

Malaysia is an Islamic country. Not a sodomist country like SODOM!!!

Let Al Juburi become the Prime Minister of Aussie instead if they so loved him because they are as gay as him.

And what is this about Lynas? Why are the Aussies making Malaysia the dumping ground of everything that they considered trash?

The Malaysian government should not be so accomodative. Just say 'NO'.

It's not that hard to say 'NO'. NO! NO! NO! Don't be a YES DOG to the whites.

If someone who is stupid bullying you at work, say 'NO' to him and quit. Have some honour and don't let people use you like a dog!

Don't be a hypocrite and smile at him when you are bashing at him behind his back. Be direct like the English, if you don't like something, say it.

Don't sugar coat it so that other's won't be hurt. Who cares if you are hurt? Care more about yourself than others.

So, do you support or are against the asylum seeker from Aussie to come to Malaysia? I am against it.

This country has enough immigrants who are giving social problems to Malaysians. Stop taking in the NIGGERS who are mostly drug traffickers posing as private universities students.

The NIGGERS are just as bad as the keling pariahs. I say that because Datuk Sosilawati Lawiya had been murdered by a pariah.

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