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A world wide conspiracy to promote Holocaust

The KKK: Nazi salute and Holocaust denial

Mahmoud Abbas, a co-founder of Fatah and president of the Palestinian National Authority, who earned his Ph.D. in history at the Moscow State Institute of Oriental Studies, with Yevgeny Primakov as thesis advisor, was "The Secret Connection between the Nazis and the Leaders of the Zionist Movement". In his 1983 book The Other Face: The Secret Connection Between the Nazis and the Zionist Movement, based on the dissertation, Abbas wrote:

“ It seems that the interest of the Zionist movement, however, is to inflate this figure [of Holocaust deaths] so that their gains will be greater. This led them to emphasize this figure [six million] in order to gain the solidarity of international public opinion with Zionism. Many scholars have debated the figure of six million and reached stunning conclusions—fixing the number of Jewish victims at only a few hundred thousand."

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Here is an experience of some Malaysian citizens in an International Conference on 'Islam and the West'.

"I was very upset 2 weeks ago on Friday 15 June when Zariani and I attended the International Conference on `Islam and the West' with well known English author Karen Armstrong as the main speaker.

One of the other foreign speakers was the German lady, Dr. Beamte Winkler, who is currently Interim Director of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) based in Vienna. She was very gentle and polite in her speech.

So I approached her personally at the end of the afternoon session during the coffee break and asked her in her capacity with FRA can she do something about the case of the Holocaust deniers like Ernst Zundel - why is there no freedom of speech and why an elderly 67 year old had to face imprisonment. And I questioned her further why do the Jews get privileged treatment?

Instantly she became harsh and refused to talk further. She cut short and said there is no question on the Holocaust. You go to Auschwitz and see for yourself and she walked off. It left me horrified to discover the way she reacted on this issue as compared to her polite appearance on the stage.

This incident was made worse the next day during Karen Armstrong's talk which was open to the public, and after her speech and Q&A session I got a second shock when a German journalist from Berlin who was pleasant at first started creating a scene and shouted at me when I asked him about the holocaust and when I said he did not have an open mind but rather cramp in his views he pointed with his finger at me like a mad man calling me 'You are a fascist'

I was stunned but I answered in a civil manner. No. I am a muslim.

Then an elderly 80 year old Indian lady looking at both of us tried to calm him, she said forgive and forget. I left him alone and let him being attended by the elderly lady. Zariani said he complained to the lady like a child saying I accused him of having a cramp mind. Indeed he certainly has!

While we still lingered around talking to other friends and other people at the talk, Zariani approached Dr Winkler and gave her opinion. I tried to take her picture with Zariani from a distance and when she saw me she waved and walk off quickly.

With such bad incidents it put me off wanting to know any German or European. It is very upsetting.

I will send the pics of the rude german journalist and Dr Winkler when the pictures are scanned.

Best Regards


I am surprised that the person involved in propogating Holocaust felt attacked when they are being questioned about the authenticity of the Holocaust.

Read an open letter to Helen Thomas published in The Jerusalem Post here.

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  1. Was holocaust to the horrible scale as been told? What made Hitler did what he did, exterminating the Jews?

    Or was it just the spins and propaganda successfully done by the media controlled by the Jews?


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