Friday, June 11, 2010

Arms deal continue despite UN sanction

Al-Jazeera reports that the UN Security Council's sanctions against Iran's nuclear programme is just a move to convince Iran to start negotiations.

United Nations is just a tool of the Illuminati to control the world. Therefore, can we really believe in whatever USA and Israel have to say since they are the biggest terrorist of the world?

They can produce large amounts of weapons, and even have nuclear weapons so that they can bully others, but when other nations want to develop the nuclear power for peace, they forbid it.

There are 33 sections to the United Nations inner emblem logo.
11, 13 and 33: The Illuminati \ Freemason's Signature

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Nonetheless, Russia is still adamant that they had come out with a statement that the new UN sanctions do not forbid the delivery of S-300 air-defense missiles to Iran. Russia has not delivered the missiles they had agreed to sell in 2007.

Last Wednesday, the United Nations Security Council had passed as resolution banning Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons, investing in nuclear-related activities and buying certain types of heavy weapons.

Interfax news agency reported that the S-300 contract would be frozen because of the new UN sanctions but Andrei Nesterenko, the spokeman for Russian Foreign Ministry that it does not apply to air-defense systems, with the exception of mobile missiles.

Russia had warned that they will retaliate if the new UN sanctions lead to separate sanctions against Russian companies or individuals.

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