Friday, June 11, 2010

The demonisation of Perkasa by an underworld leader

The Star is owned by the MCA party. MCA party is a chinese based party. We know that the Chinese will be racists kiasus whatever name their party is; be it MCA, Gerakan or DAP although some of them are in the component party of the Barisan Nasional.

I have read stories published in The Star which demonised UMNO leaders when they are involved in personal or work problems that is aimed to degrade the image of the leaders. What is the motives behind all these revelations if it is not to belittle their image?

In The Star dated 11th June 2010 in an article titled "Liu: Attackers wore Perkasa T-shirts, made racist comments" is another one of the examples of a news that slurs the image of the Malays in the eyes of the people. Ronnie Liu, a person that is involved with the underworld will give any statement to demonise the Malays.

“The people who attacked them wore Perkasa T-shirts and made many racist statements when assaulting Lim. They should be duly dealt with,” Liu told a press conference yesterday.

“The police appeared to be afraid of the Perkasa members and did not act professionally. This cannot be accepted,” said Liu.

This article is one of the example of demeaning the Malays involved in the NGO Perkasa and belittling the credibility of the police force.

Isn't Ronnie Liu the person who had connection with the gangsters which before had tried to stop local law enforcement agencies from raiding an illegal massage parlour established at a hotel in Puchong? Can we believe the words coming out from someone trying to stop the law enforcement from doing their jobs?

Why had he tried to stop the law enforcement officers from doing their job? Does he have a share in that illegal business or is his cronies involved in it?

An article published in The Malay Mail dated 10th June 2010 titled "Perkasa denies members attacking councillor" rebutted what was reported in The Star.

The Chinese from a charity group called the Yee Lan Sheng Hui Association had been trying to bring down a billboard in front of a Malay reserve land.

Syed Hassan Syed Ali, Perkasa secretary-general had denied that Perkasa, a Malay based interest group had given orders to violate the law by beating up a Selayang councillor at Taman Industri Bolton, Batu Caves, Sri Gombak.

In various Chinese dramas, the opposing party will even hurt themselves in order to accuse the other party of hurting them so that they can sabotage others. So, we are not surprised if this thing happened in real life as well because most of what is potrayed in the dramas are taken from incidences from the real life.

Gangsters or the persons involved with the underworld will be sadistic to their own so that they can accuse others of doing it as in the case of Teoh Beng Hock who had agreed to be the witness for SPRM but later found sprawled and dead after falling from Plaza Massalam.

Who will benefit from his death when he is ready to expose the wrongdoing of the DAP leaders? Surely the one who will lose out from his disclosure of the wrongdoings!


  1. Chinese opera in malaysian politics....

  2. The bangsa who does does not practice "DI MANA BUMI DIPIJAK, DI SITU LANGIT DIJUNJUNG" can actually be called as Bangsat, what more if that bangsat is also racist.


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