Friday, June 11, 2010

PKR parti Freemason

PKR Parti Freemason

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  1. Some call it Illuminati. Others simply Freemasonary. Its a dark conspiracy bent on evil since the seventh man from Adam (Cain in the Bible). After the flood, the first Mason was Nimrod. His conspiracy was to subjugate all men under one nation - his nation - but God thwart that diabolical scheme, and Freemasonary went underground.

    In ancient Egypt, this movement revolved around an "ancient fertility cult", a cult based on human and animal reproduction, worshiping false gods such as Bales and Shimas whose rites revolves around sexuality. No difference today.

    Jews, the prime movers, head the higher hierarchy in Freemasonary. It forms, adepts and blends itself according to the needs and demands of the ages in order to infiltrates any form of divine arrangements and to corrupts it.

    Muslims should not forget Lawrence of Arabia who carried out the agenda af Freemasonary and the destruction of the khilafah (and of course in reducing Arabia into a pathetic Saudi Arabia - a satelite state of the West) and later recommended that Iraqis be gassed for having the nerve of rebelling against British colonialism. Freemason propagandists constantly preach tolerance -- forcing their New World Order agenda and irreligious beliefs on others in the name of intellectualism and superiority. The reality of said tolerance is that almost anyone can become a Mason because it's its own religion with deity, mythos and secrets, and rituals of worship.

    It was said that Singapore was given to the Chinese by a Freemason. And now this .... PKR and b****y Anwar the denizen of hell.


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