Monday, June 20, 2011

Selangor is now the current Thailand

Pakatan Rakyat had not proven itself to be a working government when in Selangor it was reported that there are only 60 licensed massage centres in the whole of Selangor.

So, why is it that what had been said is totally different from the reality of what we can see in Selangor where we can see massage centres supposedly illegal since only 60 were licensed had not been closed down by the authorities?

Read more about it here.

Ronnie Liu, the same person who had been arrested for trying to stop the authorities from catching and closing down a hotel in Puchong for supposedly illegally actitivities of becoming the place for hookers to service their customers said that Pakatan Rakyat had not issued out new licenses for massage centres.

What was he doing there? Was he the taico for the business or did the taico contacted him to get some help to stop the authorities from doing their job???

I am sure that is true because for one to start a business, have to go through a lot of documentation and process.

So the easy way and to gain more profit, is to start the massage centres business illegally so that they can get more money by offering sex services by foreign nationals who actually works as hookers besides the service of massaging the customers.

Since the DAP have links to underworld gangs, surely some of the profits will be directly chanelled for the party as well so that the illegal business can carry on without any authorities bothering them.

Looks like Selangor had turned worst ever since Pakatan Rakyat took over... Thank you voters for voting in Pakatan Rakyat in Selangor. I sincerely hope that in the next General Election, you will do the same so that it will be easier for you to solicit a hooker and take over from Kelantan to be the number 1 state with the most citizen with HIV.

It will be better for Selangor since Selangorians don't have to cross over to Golok, just go to any illegal massage parlour.

Let's put Anwar Ibrahim as the Prime Minister soon too because I am sure once he becomes the Prime Minister, not only prostituting will be legalised, so will butt fucking since he can do both in his Prime Minister's Office. Go faggot!!!

Tun Dr Mahathir will surely be devastated to find out that the PMO had been turned into an oral office.

If he dies a heart-broken man, I will find you and kill you Al Juburi!!! If that happens, you better run away to the Turkish embassy a.s.a.p. and fuck some gay Turks.

So, are you with me or against me???


  1. Fuck the bastards! We Selangorians who do not vote 4 these bastards are made victims because some Selangorians chose to vote in these imbeciles. My vote will n forever be with BN. Yeah! they may have made numerous mistakes in their administration but these new bastards take the cake.I m no racist n would like 2 see Selangor be rid of these bastards at the next election. Khalid Gagap n u Ronnie the PIG must go!!!

  2. Bro/Sis Anon 7:29 PM. You are the only one who said that. But the majority of the Selangorians voted for the Pakatan Rakyat. So you are the minority in Selangor.

    Tell me the truth. Do you honestly believe UMNO Selangor can wrestle back Selangor from Pakatan Rakyat?

  3. this good news or bad news for selangorians? thanks to those morons who voted for pakatan riot last GE. VOTE FOR CHANGE. so this is the change they get? so pathetic..
    tepuk dada tanya iman laaa ye..

  4. ANTI DAP. Sendiri undi sendiri tanggung la beb. Gua tak bertanggungjawab.

  5. you? you tau kan di turki lelaki mandikan lelaki. so....maybe sebab itu la anwar lari ke sinun heheheheh

  6. Bro/Sis Anon. you? mestilah i tau. anwar kan suka sangat kalau lelaki mandikan dia. kah kah kah


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