Monday, June 20, 2011

Those who play with fire get burned

What's the fuss about the above cartoon which had been published in Utusan Malaysia?

The cartoon is only sarcastic to those petty minded 'ulama' in PAS who can't think out of the box. The Malay saying "Siapa makan cili, dialah rasa pedas" applies in this case.

Islam is a religion for all era and the 'ulama' must be parallel to the scientific development that could be used to gain evidence in rape or sodomy or sexual assault cases.

There is this thing called "DNA" you know? And surely, a person who wants to rape another person will not do it in public where the public can save the victim.

Please use your brain before it gets rusted due to your stupidity in believing whatever crap that comes out of the foul mouth of the PAS leaders who are actually politicians selling the verses of the Quran to lie to people.

Compare it to the cartoon below.

There are no 'ulama UMNO' in UMNO but there is 'ulama setan' in PAS who uses the religion to belittle others from the same religion.

Don't feel so high and mighty because you too don't know whether you'll be in heaven or hell.

So don't be arrogant that you can condemn those who does not support you to be in hell and those who voted for you to be in hell.

That is pure bribery and those who gives and receive bribes will both be in hell according to a hadith.


  1. yup...
    it is PAPER after ear, no eye, no feeling..

  2. hmmm..
    some say zina (adultery) and rogol (rape) are different entities, thus it needs different solutions.
    some say rogol is indeed a form of zina.
    i have no further comment. let the religious expert discuss about this.

  3. ANTI DAP. Just because we are not religious experts doesn't mean we can't discuss about this. We are Muslims after all.


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