Monday, June 13, 2011

Pandikutty is rich let's donate to him out of pity

Anwar Ibrahim had been spending loads of money to track down Mohd Saiful Bukhari. The source that had revealed this is Darul Ehsan Today.

There had been news that had been leaked by a PKR AJK Cabang Shah Alam that Anwar had been paying a private investigator close to RM100,000 and to gangsters about RM50,000 without missing a month from the time Saiful had sworn an oath (bersumpah mubahalah).

The PI had been instructed to track down Saiful and kidnap him and bring him to meet Anwar so that he can bribe Saiful with a large sum of money so that Saiful can retract his accusation that Anwar sodomised him.

That is why Anwar had been making up excuses to postpone his case. This is because the PI he had hired told him to make up excuses to postpone the case until he can bring Saiful to meet him.

Anwar lawyer, Sivarasa and also Saifuddin Nasution are aware about the payments. Surely they might think it is better for Anwar to pay them that amount of money rather than paying that PI and the gangsters who had until now failed to bring Saiful to him.

Now, I wonder where did Anwar Ibrahim got his resources? Could it be that the Jews had been donating generously to him? Or is he making up sob-stories so that his supporters will donate their money to him? He had done this before during the 1st sodomy trial.


  1. donate to pkr? f*+k off!!!
    i wont give a single cent.
    only an extreme moron will donate their hard earned money to someone for political reasons.

  2. Bro / Sis Anon. Well, you might not know but many people donated to Anwar out of pity since he had been conspired against in 1997/1998.

    I know because one of my relatives donated the money to him and asked my parents to do the same. Stupid assholes!


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