Monday, June 13, 2011

Benevolence state my foot!

PAS is akin to NATO. No action talk only. And they like to talk bullshit that makes me want to vomit!

PAS now had left their aim to establish an Islamic country but are now gearing towards a so-called "negara kebajikan" or benevolence state.

Don't talk cock when you can't even look after the interest of the people in Kelantan and Kedah who had stupidly voted you in where in Kelantan it's been 2 decades.

Before talking big about being virtuous, have PAS leaders even been virtuous towards those who had voted for them so that they can now administer 2 states into total chaos.

PAS said that the benevolence state is the same as the Islamic state. But how can it be the same when PAS had given up on the setting of an Islamic state when they had been warned by Karpal Singh to step over his dead body first before doing just that?

The government had done everything for the people including giving the people a highway to make it easier for people to travel from North to South.

However, the motherfuckers in PAS said don't use the highway but just use the old road or use the East Coast road to go to the North from KL. That shows how brilliant they are!

PAS leaders even had the gall to admit that they had not build even one mosque in Kelantan. So where is their Islamic upholding and virtue to put Islam in the highest place?

However, they can allow the biggest Buddha statue to be build in Tumpat, Kelantan. Sleeping Buddha, sitting Buddha, and whatever kind of Buddha statue there is.

What the fuck? PAS are filled with leaders whose character and moral are questionable. The most obvious example is Mat Sabu 121.

So, don't talk about upholding the Islamic religion when you are selling out Islam to the highest bidder which is DAP communist and the sodomiser.

Since Nik Aziz had been too easy to give heaven and hell to anyone he wishes, well I tell him to go to hell okay since you are not God.


  1. since they have abolished Islamic state and now gearing towards benevolence state, why not change the name to PKS = Parti Kebajikan Semalaysia as well?
    so the evil Pakatan Rectum will comprise of PKR,PKS,DAP

  2. Bro / Sis Anon. PAS will definitely not do that. If they do that, they won't have any capital to lie to their followers who wants Islam but are actually to dumb to realise that they are being conned by politicians using Islam as the stepping stone towards power.


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