Monday, June 13, 2011

Al Juburi doing the economic hitman job

The latest brouhaha brought about by the planned illegal demo by Bersih who are not so clean is one of the obvious way for the opposition to sabotage our economic stability.

The illegal demo planned by election watchdog or scabby dog who has flea will be held on 9th July 2011 will surely cause major jam in Kuala Lumpur, not to forget, will cause problems to taxi drivers and business operators.

Hence, those who will be affected by their illegal demo should held a demo too on the same venue and date to show that they do not appreciate stupid fools who will make them lose their income for that day.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Warning had issued another stern warning which I doubt will be heard by those who planned the illegal demo. I just laugh at you for being a clown that kept giving warning after warning. You should go join a circus instead of become the Home Minister.

Dirty politician and weak politician should resign and if they do not want to do so, should just be kicked out of the government so that the laymen can respect the government for having clean politician.

This is the workings of an unseen hand, doing an economic hitman at a smaller scale. Big or small, their aim is one, to create chaos and economic instability in the country.

The bigger scale of the economic hitman can be witnessed when Al Juburi raised the interest rates during the Asean economic depression in 1997 and 1998.

More about that can be read here.

Anwar Ibrahim had recently been in Hong Kong. It could be a meeting with the unseen hand or those who will give him instruction on how to destabilise Malaysia's economy. Maybe an economic hitman had given him a tutorage on exactly how to do that.

Read more about it here.

This fag who is also a CIA agent cum the slave of the economic hitman should be arrested under I.S.A. for treason. We should never forget how he conspired with IMF during the 1997/1998 economic crises to enslave Malaysia via economic control by the IMF on Malaysia.

When will this motherfucker die? We should be grateful if he died sooner than later.


  1. i dont know what the ministers are doing.
    with so much power in their hands, nothing has been done to curb such activity but giving warning again and again.
    i wonder they do really have no balls..
    hey wake up you morons up there!

  2. Bro / Sis Anon. With so much power, they are more concerned about making themselves richer. They love to dream in their sleep so how can they wake up?


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