Sunday, April 24, 2011

Malays should unite regardless of party

'1Melayu, 1 Bumi' idea will not hamper 1Malaysia concept

SERDANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak is confident the government is making continuous efforts to promote the 1Malaysia concept despite claims by certain quarters the recent "1Melayu, 1Bumi" idea by Malay daily Utusan Malaysia is blatantly challenging the concept.

“That is the personal opinion of the writer. From the government’s point of view, our vision is clear and we will continue our efforts. For the Malay people, it is important to support Umno.

If we want to unite from a political viewpoint, give your support to Umno,” he told a Press conference this morning after launching the Farmers, Livestock Breeders and Fishermen’s Assembly this morning at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park (MAEPS) here.

On the public’s outrage of the RM50 million 1Malaysia email project by Tricubes Bhd, Najib said: “Let them (Tricubes) explain. It’s their proposal."

Najib reiterated the 1Malaysia email was a private sector initiative and did not involve the public’s money.
At the same function, Najib highlighted the importance of the agriculture industry in contributing to the nation’s transformation.

“Do not think the focus is only given to the corporate sector or the Klang Valley only. Changes and a huge transformation like this must also cover the rural areas in the country.”

Najib said there was a need to emphasis on food security to prevent a food supply crisis and increases in food prices.

"In line with the food security policy, we must look at how we can give a new injection to the agricultural sector so that it will be more dynamic and fresh in terms of its growth and image."

The two-day event, which will gather about 10,000 participants, also saw the launch of Kor Tani and the AgriBazaar portal.

Also present was Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Minister Datuk Seri Noh Omar.

The Malay Mail

Oh yes. '1 Melayu 1 Bumi' is so dangerous because if the Malays are united, then they will be stronger and the Chinese will not be able to get control of the political power of Malaysia.

That is the one and only reason the Chinese or Indians are rejecting that. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!

Hey! This is a free country. If you fucking Chinese kiasus and racist Indians can do and say whatever the fuck that you like, SO CAN WE!

By the way, notice how MALAYsia is named. Before indepandence it was known as TANAH MELAYU not India or China.

If you think that I am racist, so what the hell! Do you think I care anything about what you think of me? Go back to China and India if you are not satisfied.

It's okay for you to be racist and united with each other of the same race, but when there are hints about Malays getting united, well you will make brouhaha about it.

FUCK YOU! You can bet that I am racist because you are that as well. I don't see any Indians or Chinese defending the rights of the Malays so only Malay leaders and other Malays will do that.

You fucking Chinese and Indian racists can go to hell for all I care. But if you go back to China or India, that would be better.

I don't whether you want to kill yourself or go back to your own country which is China or India, I care about the Malays.

So, what are you going to do about it? Just fuck off, okay? But personally I think that the most stupid bastards and bitches are the Malays who are the members and leaders in DAPig communist. Are you dumb?

Why on Earth would you be in a party which upholds communism? Have you forgotten what the communist had done to the Malays during the Malaya Emergency?

Stupid fucking assholes! Just go and die together with the other communist.


  1. sheeehhh...
    thats a good statement in early morning.Fight for your right.Damn with the communists and their Melayu baruas..

  2. Nice chose of words bro for those deserving bastard out there..100% with you.

  3. wow...
    sarcastic words bro..
    but i like it.. :-)

  4. It looks like the Chinese are in standby mode to fight to rule Malaysia. The Chinese in Malaysia are already united for this.
    The stupid Malays are quarreling among themselves via UMNO, PAS and PKR which is just what the Chinese wants all this while.
    When the Chinese manage somehow to gain control of Puterajaya, there will be a Civil War between the Chinese and the Malays.
    The Chinese will depend on Singapore to help them out.
    The Malays will depend on the Arm Forces to help them since 99% of the personnel are Malays.
    The rich Chinese will run away overseas. All the Chinese businesses will be grabbed or destroyed by the Malays.
    Singapore and its allies will bombard Malaysia just like in Libya and hope to get the Malaysian oil resource as the price of oil is very high just now.
    Its what the Malaysian will pay for not wanting to share the governing of this country.
    The Chinese pay for being wanting all and not getting anything.
    The Malays pay for loosing all in squabbling among themselves.
    Allah forbids ...........

  5. Bro/Sis Anon 6:56 AM. Surely Malays who love his own kind will be just as passionate as I am on this matter.

    Bro sgray. I am sure you can choose those words too for those kiasus.

    Bro/Sis Anon 12:02 PM. Everyone have their own sarcasm. You can be sarcastic too, I am sure of it.

    Bro Mohd. You are so right.

  6. the Chinese will never agree in what we(Malay) do, so we can deny them as well

  7. Bro/Sis Anon 5:52. The Chinese and Indians were brought in by the English to Tanah Melayu to disunite and weaken the Malay unity.


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