Sunday, April 24, 2011

What is PAS doing? Zero

Mahathir: Foundation to send aid to Palestine

PETALING JAYA: Perdana Global Peace Foundation (PGPF) has pledged to deliver humanitarian aid to Palestine.

The aid includes food and materials for the reconstruction of water and waste treatment facilities in the Gaza Strip.

PGPF president Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the foundation would send help to prevent outbreaks of fatal waterborne diseases.

The foundation, he said, would highlight illegal siege and violation of human rights across the globe where the victims needed urgent help.

“Our objective is to spread the idea that war is a crime and action must be taken against the aggressors,” he said after launching the foundation which was previously called the Perdana Global Peace Organisation.

Dr Mahathir said the campaign to achieve world peace would take a long time but the foundation was ready to help change the mindset on war and violence.

PGPF is a vehicle to raise sustainable funds for humanitarian aid missions and conferences aimed at criminalising war.

Dr Mahathir said a ship called Spirit of Rachel Corrie would take food, medical supplies and construction materials to Gaza, but he did not mention the date the aid would be delivered.

After the launch, UiTM vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Sahol Hamid Abu Bakar presented to Dr Mahathir a cheque for RM92,206.15 donated by UiTM students.

The Star

This is so great! I don't see PAS who vocally praises itself as being more Islamic than any other Muslims in this country doing that or sending their volunteers to Palestine to fight the Jews. Just admit that you are afraid to die.

That is why even Nik Aziz do not dare to go to Southern Thailand where Muslims are being systematically murdered there. You said that you are the champion of Islam. Yet you are afraid to fight for Islam. Is there a paradox here?

This proves that it is easier said than done. Everyone have a big mouth and they can say whatever the hell that they want but most will not do the things that they condemned others of not doing which they themselves are not doing it. So just shut the fuck up will ya?

What about PKR since they are so vocal in saying that they want a reform. Any PKR AMK members willing to go and die for Islam or are you afraid to die?

One more thing. Mat Rempit is ready to die on the road by racing against each other. Do you dare to go for Jihad, helping other Muslims oppressed and killed by the Jews in Palestine? At least you will die and go to heaven if you die while defending Islam and Muslims being massacred there on a daily basis!

Fuck you PAS! Fuck you PKR! Fuck you DAP! I hope that you are happy fucking each other.


  1. hmmmm...i m not sure they are happy fucking each other since the dominant one is motherf*%#er dap..i m sure only that motherf*^#er dap will get all the pleasure and the ultimate sensation of orgasm while that stupid a%#holes pas and pkr just have the chance to lick the juice very badly...hehehe

  2. Bro/Sis Anon 12:10. True. The motherfuckers are happy sodomising PAS since PAS allows itself to be fucked in the behind by PKR.


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